The Best White Label Products for 2021

The Best White Label Products for 2021

What’s a white label product, and why should you be interested in them? White label means you can make something yours – your brand’s, your designs, your label. Other manufacturers make a product, then you customize it and sell it as your brand’s own product. Sounds interesting? 

It should! As the market for private label products approaches 20% of the entire retail market, according to Statista, you should be tempted to dip your toe in the water. People are buying white label products in the billions without even realizing it. You’ve probably even got white label products in your own home right now, without even knowing that you do. 

With a market this big, the potential for sales of white label products for small and independent brands to carve out a niche is huge. You can start a brand and operate within a niche in just a few clicks – especially if you’re ready with designs. 

Today, we’ll talk about the products you can use to get your white label business started with Printify.

What Are White Label Products?

How To Start A Clothing Line First Step

White label products are products produced by a manufacturer (the producer) and then branded by another company, usually a distributor or reseller. The finished product is sold under a different label or brand name from the original manufacturer. 

White label products include store brands in major retailers, corporate brands, team sports apparel, and more. White label products are a blank slate, ready for you to imprint your brand on them.

What’s the Advantage of White Labeling?

For white label producers, getting access to the huge networks of many different resellers is an easy way to sell their products. They don’t have to identify customers and their buying habits. They just need to work with quality reselling partners that can help them get their products to the final customer. 

Resellers and distributors can use these products to easily expand their own offerings, experiment with new product types without building a new production line, or build an entire brand based on the white label products. It’s a win-win for producers and resellers.

Example of White Labeling

1. Company TeeShirts makes blank t-shirts and sells them to a print provider, BigPrinter. The print provider puts designs and custom graphics on these tees. BigPrinter provides printing services to companies all over the country.

2. YourCorp works with BigPrinter to print white labeled products for its customers. YourCorp operates a clothing line that includes custom designs on white labeled tees, among many other products.

3. BigPrinter produces and ships YourCorp’s designs and tees directly to their customers as they are sold.

Remember: anything from t-shirts and shower curtains to coffee cups can be white label products. The only thing they have in common is the fact that the product is not unique until you add your designs.

Choosing Your Products

While looking into white label products, you might find a couple of different terms to describe these types of products. Be careful! The below terms mean very different things, and you could be heading down a road you may not want to if you pursue private labeling or wholesale products. Let’s take a look.

White Label Products vs. Private Label Products vs. Wholesale Products

When you’re researching, you might hear a few different terms for white labeling, but there are differences between private labeling, white labeling, and wholesaling. 

Private labeling is a good option if you’re ready to carry stock of products but not quite ready to go totally custom made. Like white labeling, private-label products are sourced from a manufacturer and then sold exclusively. The difference in private labeling is the reseller is involved in the product’s creation and often solicits for the product to be made initially. 

Private label products are usually only made for one customer and sold only in their stores. “Generic brands” often found only at certain large retailers and grocery chains are good examples of this.

White label products are produced by a manufacturer for multiple retailers, both with physical and online stores. Remember: private labels are usually only available at one retailer, the one involved in their creation.

Wholesale products are a third similar type of transaction, but they are more transparent. A manufacturer or producer makes a product, a distributor or reseller purchases the product in bulk. Once and sells it through their sales channels. It’s clear to everyone that the reseller isn’t involved in the production of the product in any way.

Type Available everywhere Reseller involved in creating the product Reseller branding on the products
White label - -


Private label -




- -

White Label

Reseller branding on the products.

Private Label

Reseller involved in creating the product.


Available everywhere.

What About Labels and Branding on the Product?

Merchants often ask about garment labels and tags or provider labels that sometimes come with white label products. Let’s take a look at a few types of labels that you will come across when using Printify providers.

Sewn-in Label

Sewin-in labels are sewn into the garment, like a patch, as is the case of our women’s crew neck sweatshirt by Gildan. The provider’s label will be visible to the client. This is very common for white label products.

Tear Away Label

The label is a thin, paper-like material that tears away from the garment or product without damaging it. In the case of white label products, it will be down to the client to remove the label. Once this is done, there is no other branding from the provider on the product.

Custom Print Label

Want to customize your product for your brand? Print your own label on the inside of the garment. Once the tear-away label is removed, only your custom printed label remains. This is not so common with white label products as it requires more customization than usual.


This is a merchant’s next best option after custom printed labels. The item comes with no tags or labels. Our women’s cut & sew casual leggings are an excellent example of this. Our providers will print your designs and then ship them to your customer directly, with no branding at all.

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The Best White Label Products to Sell in 2021

Let’s look at some of the best white label products to add to your store in 2021. From custom phone cases to all over print activewear, there is a white label product that fits your store.

As the world tries to reduce the amount of plastic waste, more of us turn to eco-friendly alternatives for carrying food and liquid. Adding a customized white label water bottle to your store shows that you are thinking about the environment and that your brand message is a positive one.

White label phone cases are another fantastic product to add to your store. As phones get more expensive, there is a greater need to protect them with great looking cases. Choose from snap cases and Flexi cases. They all come unbranded and ready for your customization. 

With so many phone models on the market, Printify has done the hard work in selecting the most popular models for you.

There are few better ways to customize white label products than by using all over print. Leggings check this box perfectly. Coming with no labels or tags, by the time you have added your custom designs to this product, your customers will only be talking about your brand.

How many towels have you come across that look exactly the same? From each hotel to every spa you visit, every towel looks almost exactly the same. This is a great example of white label products. But that doesn’t mean your beach towels need to follow the same boring trend. 

Add some color and personality to your beach towels for a product that will set your customers apart on a crowded beach.

Shoes are a huge opportunity for white labeling, and we have many here at Printify. Shoes are bought to coordinate outfits, help to change a mood, and also for their many different functions, from hiking to a night out on the town. 

With so many different opportunities and types of shoes, white labeling these products can be done in almost any different store or clothing line. From elegant to outrageous, shoe design has no limit. Put these in your stores, and hopefully, you will enjoy unlimited sales!

Backpacks and, of course, the comeback king, the custom fanny pack are also ripe for white labeling. Almost no other product is so consistently visible on the wearer as the backpack. It’s worn over a jacket, a T-shirt, or hoodie, and it can be a clear-cut expression of the personality of its owner. 

Give your store and your customers expressive, confident designs that they can show off to everyone they see, and they might reward you with some sales.

Aprons are a great white label product, especially if your store is already selling cooking or food-related products. Cooking is an increasingly important activity at home, and more and more people are embracing cooking and eating out less. 

Give your customers some fun or elegant ways to help them stay motivated in the kitchen, and maybe entice some helpers to join in from around the house. You can also consider targeting a niche like restaurants, chefs, or cafés.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity that underwear represents for white labeling because almost everyone has an underwear drawer full of all different types of underwear. 

From funny and silly to every day, nighttime sexy, white labeled underwear products can add to the well-rounded wardrobe to bring it to perfection.

Tapestries and wall coverings have been around for centuries. Originally for helping drafty houses to stay warm, they’re now a decorative accent piece for modern homes and spaces. 

Tapestries are excellent showcase pieces and help define the decor of the room around them, as they’re usually the most visible piece in the room. Make your designs dramatic, bold, and inspiring.

Ceramicware and bowls are normally white or monocolored, and sometimes with a flowery pattern. These everyday items are in need of a makeover. Give them some personality and introduce an element of fun or fancy into your customers’ daily lives with these enameled beauties. 

These are wonderful picnic bowls or kitchen supply storage containers, but they also can be used for pet bowls or candy dishes. Nearly everyone has a kitchen and uses bowls on an everyday basis, so your designs and inspiration can reach almost all market segments.

Baby clothes are a multi-billion dollar industry and one that relies heavily on white label products. Most baby clothing is white label, which gives you the chance to produce some really fun, cute designs that your customers will love. 

For many parents, the baby and infant clothing market is an area they let loose with the purse strings, typically buying new items on a monthly if not weekly basis.

Tote bags and reusable bags are here to stay in 2021. Tote bags are the perfect white label product. All you need to think about is what makes yours different from the rest? 

You will need to come up with some catchy designs, slogans, and patterns that will have your customers doing their bit for the planet and looking good at the same time.

You can’t get much more white label than journals and stationary. That’s the reason they make such a great addition to your store. Despite living in an increasingly digital world, there is still a need for stationary, and you had better be sure that customers are looking for some of the best designed stationary on the market.

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Where to Sell Your White Label Products

Suppose you’re already operating a website and a store. In that case, you can easily integrate Printify with your website if you’re using popular solutions such as Shopify, Wix, Prestashop, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. But what if you’re not operating a website right now? That’s ok too.

Open a store on popular eCommerce platforms like Etsy and eBay to get started without all the growing pains of starting your own website and store. This will also give you an easy way to market and test out your design concepts. This way, you know what will end up being popular and selling – without all the extra effort to start up a store and manage all of a modern website’s various functions.

What About Shipping Labels and Packaging?

Printify White Label Shippind And Packaging

Printify is a white label service, which means that we do not rebrand or place our branding on any packaging, products, or labels. 

In truth, if you really want to stand out in the marketplace, you should consider updating your shipping labels – yes, Printify allows you to add your store name and shipped from address, adding an extra level of customization to your shipping experience.

Pros and Cons of White Label Products

While it’s easy for us to sit here and say how amazing white label products are, the truth is there are both pros and cons. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons, but it would only be fair for us to address the cons so that you, as a merchant, have all the information you need. 

As we have been busy telling you how great white label products are, we will start with some cons to this method before finishing off with some of the best things about white label products.


No Control Over the Manufacturing Process

For many, this is the biggest drawback to using white label products. Merchants are at the manufacturer’s mercy, both in terms of quality and supply of the products.

Imagine a scenario where you have 50 orders to fill, and the provider suddenly decides not to manufacture the item any longer. This would cause your brand serious problems, and although this is rare, it can happen.

No Brand Equity

Using white label products does not help your brand to really build any equity as a business. Because you don’t own anything other than a website, it’s harder to scale your store and build up capital in the business. In truth, for many merchants, this is not a problem. However, it’s something to seriously consider when you start to get more and more orders.

Slightly More Expensive Than Private Labels

It might seem a little backward, but buying white label products can work out to be more expensive than buying private labels. The reason for this is because when you buy privately, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, allowing you to negotiate rates and terms.

This is a more involved process, but it’s the most obvious way forward for brands that want more control over their products.


Products Are Tested

If a product is being white labeled, there is a very good chance that it’s been tried and tested by some of the industry’s biggest players. This is good news for you as a merchant. It means that the product is ready to go to market and that most of the supply chain issues have been resolved. If a t-shirt brand is white labeling their product, it most likely means that they have quality control correct, the fit is right, and the colors are the ones most likely to sell.

Think of white label products as items that have already been approved by the industry. The big brands are already using the products and selling them to their customers. All you need to do is join them.

It’s Speedy

Due to the nature of white label products, the manufacture and supply are fast. This means getting your products into your customers’ hands is also fast, and everyone loves quick delivery. With Printify, your products are shipped by the provider directly to your customer, which means that production and shipping speeds are as fast as possible, sometimes in as little as three days.

Boosts Visibility of Your Brand

All merchants love to see their brand grow. Usually, the thing that stops them is not being seen or found by customers. White label products can help, how? Well, for starters, you will be using the same blanks as some of the industry’s biggest players, which means that you can be confident in the product you are selling. It also means that you can be one of the first sellers to offer new colors, fits, shapes, and products as you learn more about the industry.

Start Your White Label Journey Today

Printify has all the tools you need to get started immediately white labeling your products. From our online design tool to real-life product mock-ups, you can get your store up and running in just a few clicks.

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