How to Make Magnets at Home: A Quick Guide for 2024

How to Make Magnets at Home: A Quick Guide for 2024

Curious about how to make magnets to sell? You have two options: create them from scratch or use the print-on-demand (POD) order fulfillment method.

In this article, we take a look at both of these methods and guide you through making magnets to sell with ease.

Let’s get started!

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How to Make Your Own Magnets: The DIY Way

Three plain gray magnets placed in a row.

If you want to make a magnet from scratch, you’ll need to know the principles of magnetism and make sure you have all the necessary materials.

You can make magnets at home by exposing ferromagnetic metals (for example, iron, nickel, or steel) to magnetic fields.

A simple temporary magnet, like a light-weight paper clip, can be easily made with a refrigerator magnet – rub the paper clip against the magnet in the same direction to temporarily magnetize it.

Quick Tip

Test them by picking up other paper clips or bigger objects. Check how long the paper clip stays magnetized and try different types of metal to see which makes the longest-lasting magnet.

It’s possible to create permanent magnets, too. However, they require certain materials – iron, nickel, cobalt, or metal alloys; a strong magnet, preferably from rare-earth materials like neodymium or samarium; and safety equipment.

While making DIY magnets is fun, it’s not the most efficient. Gathering materials can be time-consuming, and the process itself requires precaution, patience, and time. 

If you want to launch a custom magnet business, POD provides an easier way to get started.

Learn How to Make Custom Magnets to Sell With POD

A woman learning how to make magnets at home.

With POD, anyone can quickly design and create custom magnets without combing hardware stores for materials or studying lengthy tutorials to produce a professional product fit for selling.

POD is an order fulfillment method that allows people to design and sell custom magnets without any inventory or logistical troubles.

The best part? You pay for a product only after you make a sale, so there’s no risk of losing money due to unsold stock.

After a customer buys a magnet from you, the POD company takes care of the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping.

Quick Tip

Find inspiration for starting your own business by exploring our Success Stories of people who use POD.

With all these benefits in mind, here’s how to start a custom magnet business in seven easy steps.

Step 1: Create a Printify Account

Sign up for a Printify account to access all the tools and resources you need to start a business. Our platform is 100% free, beginner-friendly, and available to everyone, everywhere, to design their own magnets.

Quick Tip

We don’t have any minimum order requirements, so if you need just a few for yourself, friends, or family, you’re welcome to order today.

Step 2: Pick a Magnet From Our Catalog

In the Printify Catalog’s Magnets and Stickers section, you’ll find a wide selection of magnets in various materials (vinyl, porcelain coating, and metal), finishes (glossy and matte), and sizes.

Each magnet is different, so carefully read their specifics to make the right choice. Some are for indoors, and others are specifically created for outdoor use.

Simply browse through our collection, select the magnet in the shape and material you prefer, and click Start Designing on the right side of the screen to begin.

Step 3: Apply Your Magnet Design in the Product Creator

In our Product Creator, you can upload graphics, illustrations, add text or create an entirely new design from scratch. Our beginner-friendly design tool is free of charge, allowing you to experiment as much as you like.

A few of our Product Creator’s features:

When your designs are ready, we provide realistic mockups for your store and social media.

Step 4: Connect a Sales Channel

We offer seamless integrations with all the big eCommerce players – Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, and TikTok Shop.

Alternatively, the Printify Pop-Up Store is great if you want to start selling right away. With this option, there’s no intricate storefront setup, domain, listing, or subscription fees. Just make a store page, receive a unique link, and share it with your potential customers.

Whichever option you choose, our Help Center provides step-by-step integration guides, so you can get started and connect a store today.

Step 5: List and Price Your Magnets

Here’s what you should take into consideration when pricing your magnets:

If you set a lower price than your competitors, use high-resolution images to highlight the quality of your magnets. If you choose to go higher – explain why your magnet is worth the price tag.

Quick Tip

Consider offering bundle deals (for example, with stickers) or discounts for larger orders to entice customers to purchase more.

Step 6: Market Your Magnets

A person working on their magnet business marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing your custom magnet business, there are several options:

In addition, don’t neglect search engine optimization (SEO) – it’s a must for every eCommerce business.

While the optimization steps will differ for each marketplace and platform (following their guidelines is key), incorporating the most popular keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and throughout the store can help increase its visibility, no matter the sales channel.

Start by performing keyword research with tools like Semrush or Ahrefs. Afterward, incorporate your findings throughout your store, including in product titles, descriptions, and image alt-texts.

Quick Tip

Check out our SEO Masterclass for Driving Sales to learn how to do keyword research.

Step 7: We Take Care of Production and Shipping

When your designs are ready, magnets published, and marketing campaigns running, take a breather – our Print Providers handle all the heavy lifting for you.

After a sale goes through, they’ll print, package, and ship the magnets straight to your customer’s doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about inventory, logistics, or unsold stock.

Start Your Own Magnet Business Today!

Why Sell Magnets Online?

As decorative as they are practical, magnets have found their home on metallic surfaces worldwide. After all, the global fridge magnets market size reached $1.3 billion in 2023.

In addition, personalization trends are gaining popularity, which significantly adds to their appeal. According to Google Trends, the term “custom magnets” has a high search volume worldwide.

A few reasons why individuals and businesses love them:

While small, magnets can have a big impact. They serve as thoughtful keepsakes of special moments shared between family, friends, and colleagues. Whether you design funny, witty, or cute magnets, they’ll stick around for a long time, bringing smiles year-round.

While a business card can be easily misplaced, magnets – if beautifully designed – won’t get lost that easily. Your customers can stick them on their fridge or any other metallic surface, ensuring your contact information is always easily available.

Magnets not only add a personal touch, but they also serve a functional purpose by holding photos, notes, grocery lists, and reminders. They’re versatile and affordable, effortlessly blending style with utility.

Custom Magnet Design Ideas

Whether you make DIY magnets or use POD, pay close attention to their design. With the right one, you can turn a simple magnet into a small piece of art.

Magnets With Artwork

A square fridge magnet with floral artwork.

If you’re an artist, selling custom DIY magnets with artwork is a great way to earn additional income and add a little color, charm, and character to your customers’ fridges. They’re also great for sharing your creativity with others.

Magnets With Photos

A round fridge magnet with a photo of a happy family.

An easy way to add personal flair to any metallic object, whether a fridge or a filing cabinet. They make great gifts for people who enjoy decorating with family pictures or scenic travel destinations.

Magnets With Text

Round magnets with the words “I give up” printed on them.

Add inspiring sayings or phrases that appeal to your target audience. Whether witty or motivational, such cute magnets are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

How to Make Magnets: FAQ

You can make a temporary magnet, like a paperclip magnet, at home if you rub the paper clip against a fridge magnet in one direction repeatedly until it becomes magnetized. While you can make a permanent magnet too, it’s a relatively complicated process.

However, the easiest way to make a magnet at home is by using POD. Simply sign up for a Printify account, design a magnet with our easy-to-use Product Creator, and we’ll print, package, and ship the magnet directly to you.

  • Rubbing method. Rub a strong magnet repeatedly in the same direction along a ferromagnetic object, like iron or steel, to create a magnet. However, it won’t stay permanently magnetized.
  • Electricity method. Passing an electric current through a coil of copper wire wrapped around a ferromagnetic material temporarily magnetizes it. Once the current is turned off, it may retain some magnetism. This method is used to make an electromagnet.
  • POD method. Using a POD service to design and order custom magnets without needing any equipment.

Different types of magnets will require different materials. Here’s the list of ingredients for two simple magnet types:

Electromagnet. You can make an electromagnet with an iron nail, thin coated copper wire, a source of electricity (a D-cell battery), small magnetic objects (paper clips or pins), wire strippers, and masking tape.

Paperclip magnet. Paper clips, a refrigerator magnet, and a small metallic object like a nail.

You can make fridge magnets quickly and easily with Print on Demand. Just sign up for a Printify account, select a magnet from our Catalog, and click Start Designing.

No, but take a look at how to use the Product Creator to get the best results. Most importantly, position your design accurately, cover the entire template to be on the safe side, and avoid any unprinted areas.

Closing Thoughts

While crafting DIY magnets is fun, it’s time-consuming and requires various materials, patience, and time. It’s much easier with POD. It provides everyone with an opportunity to start a small business.

A quick recap of the steps you should take:

  1. Register for a free Printify account
  2. Select a magnet from our Catalog
  3. Apply or experiment with designs in our Product Creator
  4. Choose and connect a sales channel
  5. List and price your magnets
  6. Magnetize your business with marketing
  7. Let us take care of printing, packaging, and shipping

With great designs and the right approach, anyone can start their own custom magnet business from the comfort of their home.

Start a Custom Magnet Business Today!

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