Cut & Sew vs Sublimated Shirts

Cut & Sew vs Sublimated Shirts

So far you have experience creating shirts with your design on a print area approx. 15×19 inches. Having a defined canvas range for your custom shirt has been print on demand industry standard for a while. It has been (and it still is) a great way to showcase your brand, statement, ideas and values. But now we want to give you the opportunity to expand your designs on even wider printing areas.

All-Over printed shirts make it possible to display your designs at their maximum potential. But as with all things in life, impressive results don’t come easy. Before you create your All-Over printed shirts, let’s take a look at a simple guide which will help you to reach perfection with your new All-Over printed garments.

What Is the Difference?

We at Printify just launched new AOP shirts and we currently have two models available: Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee and Women’s AOP Cut & Sew Tee. These are either sublimated or cut and sew products. How are they different and which one should you choose?

The main difference between Cut & Sew vs Sublimation shirts is that for Cut & Sew shirts garments are sewn together after your design is printed on the fabric, while for Sublimation, print providers use already manufactured shirts for printing.

Both Cut & Sew shirts and Sublimation shirts are All-Over printed and RGB colors are available for both – which allows you to get more vibrant and saturated colors for the printed shirt.

Sublimation shirts are usually cheaper and the production time is faster since the production process for Cut & Sew shirts is more complex.

On the other hand, Cut & Sew shirts allow more accurate placement of graphics. If it’s important for some design elements to have the exact placement you imagined, then the Cut & Sew shirt is the way to go. There are also no white streaks around the seams of a t-shirt, as is often the case with Sublimation shirts. That’s why we recommend you to have a light background color if you are designing for a Sublimation shirt.

Why to Choose Cut & Sew Shirts?

Cut & Sew shirts allow you to achieve the finest quality and most accurate placement of graphics – without the white streaks around the seams, which is typically an issue with All-Over printed shirts.

If your design has a colorful background, we advise you to choose the Cut & Sew shirt – so that your custom shirts don’t have white streaks.

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