5 Cheapest Print-on-Demand Products to Boost Your Store Value

5 Cheapest Print-on-Demand Products to Boost Your Store Value

Offering affordable products can positively impact your business as people tend to choose the less expensive item. 

Adding inexpensive merch to your store will help you hook potential customers with an offer they can’t ignore. 

Let’s go over the most affordable products for your print-on-demand business.

5 of the Cheapest Print-on-Demand Product Categories

We selected five of the best print-on-demand categories available at Printify according to price, quality, and demand. We’ll go over the most-affordable bestsellers from our Catalog and take a look at their quality points, like materials and fabrics.


Since Print Providers, manufacturers, and the market change prices often, we may update the following prices without warning. Our commitment to offering the lowest prices on print-on-demand quality merch remains the same.

5 of our Cheapest Print-On-Demand Products - T-Shirts

T-shirts are some of the cheapest products available on print-on-demand marketplaces and deserve special attention on our list. Of all the products in our Catalog, unisex tees are the best-selling items with the most competitive prices while delivering superior quality. 

The most affordable tees’ prices start from $7.39. You can choose the merch by the fit (retail, classic, relaxed, eurofit, and more), material (cotton, preshrunk cotton, polyester, or mixed materials like tri-blend), and how well they sell. 

There are various printing options, from direct-to-garment (DTG) to all-over-print (AOP) – to ensure the final product meets your own brand standards but is still affordable.

These are the best-selling t-shirts in our Catalog: 

  • Starting from $9.96, the Bella+Canvas 3001 is the best-selling in POD. It comes in retail fit with side seams, ensuring a flattering look. The BC3001 is made in light airlume combed and ringspun cotton (4.2 oz/yd² (142 g/m²), meaning it’s very soft and comfortable while preserving resistance and overall quality. 
  • The Gildan 64000 is the most-affordable t-shirt from the bestsellers. It starts from $6.81, and while keeping a eurofit similar to the retail fit, it’s made in tubular construction with no side seams. That makes it more affordable than other options, although less stylish than the BC3001. Finally, this t-shirt is produced from ring-spun cotton in light fabric (4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²)).
  • The Gildan 5000 is a bestseller, classic-fit tee priced from $7.39. Produced in a tubular shape in a cotton medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²), it’s heavier than the previous options but delivers increased resistance and quality. Also, it’s recommended for all body types. 

Consider diversifying your fit and fabric options – look into other best-selling brands and options like American Apparel or Delta, with prices ranging from $8.76-13.90.

5 of our Cheapest Print-On-Demand Products - Hoodies

Hoodies and sweatshirts are clothing items people get attached to – a good custom hoodie will see people through university, break-ups and make-ups, sports days, and more. These items could easily be some of your best-selling product lines, given you find the sweet price spot.

Printify offers hoodies starting from $19.04 for the Nublend@ Jerzees 996MR, followed closely by the bestseller Gildan 18500 at $20.15 and the full zip Gildan 18600, starting from $23.69. 

  • All of these pieces are produced in a 50% cotton, 50% polyester medium-heavy fabric with loose or classic fits. There will be no doubts regarding their quality, as these fabrics are made to last. 

Typical sweatshirts are even cheaper – the best-seller Gildan 18000, for example, starts from an impressive $13.76 – that’s cheaper than many t-shirts. 

Spice up your eCommerce store by adding premium hoodies or eco-friendly options at higher price points, starting from $26.37. Returning customers satisfied with the quality of your best-selling, cheaper merch will feel more confident to invest in premium options, while additional customers would be interested in the added quality.  

3. Mugs

5 of our Cheapest Print-On-Demand Products - Mugs

Everybody has a favorite mug that says a lot about its owner’s personality and fits every niche. Mugs can be customized with slogans, vintage or modern art, seasonal content, or a business’s custom branding, to mention a few – your creativity is the limit.

Even better, mugs are some of the cheapest print-on-demand products you can offer in your online store. A lot of the mugs in our Catalog, for example, cost about $5. Their printing quality is sky-high, and they’re always in great demand. 

  • The choice ranges from classic ceramic to camping enamel metallic mugs. The best-selling White 11oz (0.33 l) Ceramic Mug prices start from $4.40, with many Print Providers offering competing products at similar prices. 
  • They are closely followed in terms of demand and affordability by Accent Mugs (from $5.52) and Black Mugs (from $5.97). 
  • There are well-priced, quality options for store owners in Europe, the UK, and Australia – for instance, Standard White Mugs (11 oz) with prices starting at $5.43 or 11oz/15oz Ceramic Mugs from $5.27.   

Expand the profit potential by selling family and friend sets or pairing them with other print-on-demand merch. Enamel Camping Mugs, for instance, are slightly pricey (from $9.93), but are always in demand, offer increased quality, and pair nicely with embroidery beanies.

4. Posters

5 of our Cheapest Print-On-Demand Products - Posters

Posters are a medium of expression. They decorate spaces, reflect personalities, and are constantly in demand. However, creating and selling posters via offline retail channels can be costly and may not always meet desired quality standards.  

Creating and selling inexpensive custom posters with a print-on-demand store opens a new world of digital printing and customization options.

Sellers from Australia and New Zealand can offer Unframed Prints from an astonishing $0.6, but there are plenty of options worldwide. Prices start at less than $4, giving a range of options from Uncoated and Satin to Premium Matte Posters in various sizes with the same high printing quality. 

Showcase your artwork or offer popular designs inspired by ideologies and slogans, marketing materials, custom labels, films, comics, pop culture, music, games, or fashion. 

5. Canvas

5 of our Cheapest Print-On-Demand Products - Canvas

Selling art canvases adds finesse to your product line and answers to a constant demand for home decor 

Print-on-demand canvases are far more affordable than traditional art and benefit from the best Print Provider’s resources – like printing with water-based inks, sustainable materials, and cost-effective shipping. 

Moreover, print-on-demand lets artists sell a popular design more than once, reduces production time and other monthly costs, and diminishes the painters’ exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals.

Artists and enthusiasts who usually sell offline can offer significant discounts by shifting their strategy and working with print-on-demand companies. 

  • Our best-selling canvas range from $8-10 and are available in several sizes and quality materials, from cotton Canvas Gallery Wraps to polyester Satin or 0.75″ stretched canvases. 

Get more insights on how to make money as an artist on our blog.

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Using Affordable Print-on-Demand Products to Increase Sales

Price isn’t always the most important factor when shopping online, but it’s one of the most significant in decision-making. With budget-conscious custom merch in your inventory, you gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Offering a good range of quality products in your online store will not only attract customers but also establish a loyal client base. Return customers will be more likely to spend more on expensive goods, driven by trust in the brand quality and psychological factors like impulse buying.

Price Properly

Printify lets you select quality print-on-demand suppliers offering budget-friendly prices. 

However, pricing is one of the trickiest things when running a business. Merchants must develop a solid pricing strategy to make their sales skyrocket while keeping good profit margins. 

To price your products right, start by researching competition and market trends. Add your production costs to the final product and adjust your prices to cover every cost – still give a profit margin of around 30-40%.

To decide the range of your final price, you can consider many pricing strategies – check out our article about t-shirt pricing to go deep into the topic. 

For starters, two main strategies can help offer reasonable product costs on your print-on-demand site: 

  • A smaller profit margin helps you get an advantage by diminishing your final price even more. In the end, you’ll profit by selling larger quantities. This strategy will work fine with some target audiences, like students and young people, who consider low prices the most important factor when buying.  
  • A profit margin on the higher end may increase the product’s perceived value. This strategy works well with niches made of established professionals and people who put quality over price. Still, it will require a thought-out marketing strategy to justify the prices compared to competitors – emphasize the product quality to profit with this method.   

The key factor to finding the optimal pricing range is adapting to your niche while keeping a financially sustainable and profitable business. 

Earn With Impulse Buying

People are often drawn to lower prices and tend to act in the moment. This way, your affordable items will be more tempting than high-value products. For instance, buying candies at the checkout in the supermarket with no previous planning or reacting quickly to a discounted tee advertisement received by email showcasing a beloved brand. 

You may capitalize on impulse buying by offering bundles, seasonal promotions, or limited offers to create a sense of urgency.

Cheap Does Not Mean Poor Quality

There’s a stigma that the word cheap carries a sense of inferior quality. That’s often not true. Most consumers consider cheap products one of two things – good value or low quality. 

That will depend mainly on the print-on-demand services you partner with and their priorities. 

Printify is committed to offering quality custom products at the best prices compared to other platforms. Printify’s Quality Promise means that we strive to achieve:

  • High quality Every product passes quality assurance checks when the blank products arrive at the printing locations, before starting printing, and after printing when the merch is compared against the original design. 
  • Transparency Every Print Provider is constantly monitored, evaluated, and ranked. The score is based on quality, production speed, and stock reliability. 
  • Quality service – Items that don’t meet our quality standard will be reprinted for free, following the Terms and Conditions. Printify’s 24/7 Merchant Support goes the extra mile to assist merchants with any issue and offers the best print-on-demand experience.  
  • Continuous improvement We constantly add new features and review the old ones, following various benchmarks and considering customers’ feedback through live chat, email, and social media.   

Choose Inexpensive Quality Products With Printify

Choosing Your Products Over Others 
in the Low Price Market

Printify is the cheapest print-on-demand company – and by cheap, we mean affordable. We strive to help our merchants make more money with less effort, providing help and guidance every step of the way.

850+ Products

Choose among various categories and browse our many affordable print-on-demand items, from bestselling t-shirts and hoodies to eco-friendly items with zero plastic packaging. Pick the items that suit your brand the best.

No Minimums

Print-on-demand sites require no minimums, and with Printify, some products may be eligible for bulk discounts from various Printing Partners. Reach out to our 24/7 Merchant Support team for more information.

Budget Friendly

Merchants are our main priority. Printify goes the extra mile to provide you with reasonable product and shipping rates, plus stellar quality control. Now cheap can mean both good value and product quality.

Easy Design

Make your low-cost print-on-demand merchandise stand out with a quirky design. Add your own photo or integrate high-quality images from the Shutterstock library for free with the pay-as-you-sell mechanism. Our design tools have made this process easier than ever.


If you want to gain a further edge on the market, consider our Printify Premium and Enterprise plans. Being the cheapest print-on-demand company, we give an additional 20% off all prices for our Premium members and offer customized solutions for Enterprise partners. 

You can always pass this saving on to your customers or offer this as a bonus as part of a social campaign.

Choosing Your Products Over Others in the Low-Price Market

You should always keep in mind that your customers are buying into your brand. While the price point may have an impact, it’s your designs that will ultimately get the sale. Customers won’t buy your products just because they’re affordable, they still need an emotional connection

Entice customers through your design. When it comes to creativity, no idea is too big or small. 

  • Do some research on already existing products, the most popular picks on Etsy or another online platform, and all the latest trends. 
  • Think about your target audience first and then offer them affordable print-on-demand merchandise. 
  • Customize an existing idea or create your own design from scratch. 

It’s all up to you. Pick a free image on Shutterstock or upload your own piece of art to create the best low-cost merch for your consumers.

Avoid designing custom products with the price point in mind. Designing the cheapest print- on-demand products for your store should be done with the same thought process as designing the most expensive ones. If a customer can see that you’ve put the same effort into designing your whole range of products, you’re more likely to get higher-value sales.

To Summarize

It’s time to change your mindset in terms of selling custom products. Cheap means value with the best print-on-demand service.

From t-shirts and mugs to canvases and posters, offer your customers the best print-on-demand services – quality products for a reasonable price – with Printify.

Count on us to make your eCommerce journey profitable.

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