10 Affiliate Marketing Events to Attend in 2024

10 Affiliate Marketing Events to Attend in 2024

Attending affiliate marketing events is great for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the world of affiliate marketing. These events allow you to gain valuable insights and offer networking opportunities, making them a must-attend for any serious affiliate. And let’s not forget about networking parties since all work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy.

We’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing events happening in 2024. They focus on topics ranging from digital marketing and the gaming industry to performance marketing and emerging trends. No matter your interest or specialty, there’s an event on this list that’s sure to have something for you.

1. Affiliate Summit West

January 15-17: Las Vegas, the United States

Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West is the largest affiliate marketing conference and the biggest meetup of industry leaders and innovative minds in the affiliate and eCommerce marketing world.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting your affiliate marketing journey, ASW is an event you don’t want to miss. This conference promises to propel the industry forward and provides a platform to learn both professionally and personally.

  • Affiliate-centric approach. ASW emphasizes putting affiliates at the forefront. With free access to every session, meet-up, and party, it’s a paradise for media buyers, content publishers, and various affiliate experts.
  • Limitless partnership opportunities. Attendees will find many potential partners, ranging from mass media publishers to innovative tech experts. Develop meaningful connections and explore new avenues for growth.
  • Diverse learning experience. Explore multiple topics focused on different partnership types that will guarantee valuable insights and strategies.
  • Unparalleled networking. The conference facilitates a staggering number of meetings and connections, making it an ideal venue for exploring new business opportunities.
  • Leilani Han, Executive Director, Commerce – Wirecutter
  • Jessica Seib, VP – Rolling Stone
  • Cooper Schwartz, Head of New Business and Growth – Money Group

February 6-9: London, the United Kingdom

iGB Affiliate

iGB Affiliate London is another key event for your calendar – it’s a journey into the heart of the iGaming affiliate world. This conference is an essential stop for anyone in the industry, especially those looking to make a mark in the iGaming sector. It promises new insights, innovative strategies, and endless opportunities for business growth and networking events.

  • Exclusive iGaming focus. Tailored to the iGaming affiliate community, it offers a great opportunity to delve into the specifics of this dynamic sector.
  • Free affiliate pass. iGB Affiliate London offers free passes to affiliates, encouraging a broad spectrum of participants from small traffic handlers to global lead-generation experts.
  • Wide-ranging participation. With over 6,500 attendees and over 200 exhibitors, this event is a major gathering of industry experts, from SaaS providers and affiliate networks to media buyers and publishers.
  • In-depth learning and networking. Prospects for learning new tactics in affiliate marketing, growing business networks, and exploring new sectors. With over 50 networking opportunities, it’s a goldmine for anyone aiming to drive quality traffic or expand their affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Rachel Fitter, Director of Affiliate Partnerships – The Game Day
  • Rebecca Jiménez, Casino Site Manager LATAM – Game Lounge
  • Sachiko West, iGaming Product Specialist – Growth Leads

February 28-29: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Affiliate World Dubai

Affiliate World Dubai is designed to be the offline meeting place for the world’s top affiliates. It’s the perfect venue for anyone looking to enhance their skills, expand their network, and take their affiliate marketing endeavors to new heights. Affiliate World Dubai is ideal for all levels of experience in affiliate marketing, offering key takeaways for seasoned professionals and newcomers.

  • Mastermind-level content. Expect presentations from leading affiliates, delivering great insights and data-driven strategies.
  • Extensive networking. Learn from top figures and engage with industry leaders and peers, fostering valuable connections and partnerships. Acquire the latest insights and trends to grow your affiliate marketing business.
  • Diverse marketplace. Explore various affiliate programs and opportunities tailored to different niches.
  • Vibrant social scene. Enjoy happy hours, rooftop sunsets, and a dynamic nightlife, blending business with pleasure.
  • Sarah Lamine, Co-Founder and CEO – Convergen Agency
  • Jason Akatiff, Founder and CEO – A4D Performance Network
  • Jon Lender, President – Secco Squared

March 19-20: Online

Amplify Summit

The Amplify Summit is one of the top affiliate marketing events. It’s free to attend and helps expand the performance of affiliate experts and managers across various industries.

The Amplify Summit will delve into all aspects of digital, partnership, and affiliate marketing, leaving attendees with a comprehensive understanding of current trends and future directions. As an added bonus, more than 20 hours of live and on-demand content will be available for 12 months post-event.

  • Expert-led insights. In-depth panel discussions and master classes taught by experts will provide practical strategies, enhancing your understanding of the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.
  • Actionable and practical guidance. The summit offers direct advice from companies managing substantial revenues through performance marketing.
  • Strategic planning for the year. Gain priceless insights and develop a clear, focused strategy for growing your affiliate program.
  • Networking and partnership opportunities. Connect with a diverse group of industry professionals, from online marketers and SaaS entrepreneurs to chief marketing officers and affiliate network employees.

April 16-18: Miami, USA

Pi Live

Pi Live 2024 is an extraordinary event that will unite over 1,200 of the industry’s most significant brands, retailers, media owners, tech companies, agencies, and publishers. 

It will focus on performance marketing and dive deep into the latest strategies and innovative insights. It’s a landmark event for anyone involved in performance marketing, offering a blend of learning, networking, and strategic growth opportunities.

  • A diverse range of information. Find out more about affiliate, influencer, performance, and partnership marketing. Each avenue offers an honest perspective on the latest tactics, from commerce advertising to result-driven influencer marketing.
  • Networking opportunities. With the help of an AI-driven networking app, attendees can easily connect with industry leaders and potential business partners. 
  • Award ceremony. The US Partnership Awards is one of the highlights, celebrating the best campaigns and teams in the industry, adding to the overall importance of the event.
  • Expert speakers. The conference showcases game-changing speakers from various backgrounds who are leaders in their respective fields, offering proven strategies and insights.
  • Abhishek Kumar, CTO – Virus Positive Technologies
  • Adam Weiss, Founder – Weiss Digital Consulting
  • Alexa Vogue, SVP – FamFluence

April 23: Brighton, UK

Affiliate Huddle

Affiliate Huddle is regarded as one of the top affiliate marketing conferences offering extensive learning and networking opportunities. The event will provide insights and strategies for online marketing professionals. 

Whether you’re experienced or are a beginner in affiliate marketing, you’ll benefit from unique possibilities to gain knowledge, share it, and find fresh business prospects.

  • Comprehensive learning. Affiliate Huddle brings talks and panel discussions with industry experts, providing insights into current affiliate marketing methods and industry trends.
  • Network like there’s no tomorrow. The event focuses on networking, where marketing specialists can connect with other advertising companies, affiliates, and agencies.
  • Engaging format. A vibrant mixture of scheduled appointments, informal chats, and social networking activities designed to promote business development and branding.
  • Inclusive and welcoming. Affiliate Huddle is a friendly event where everyone is encouraged to bring positivity and add to its success.

July 12-13: Barcelona, Spain

Affiliate World Europe

Affiliate World Europe is the place for ideas, strategies, and networking. Attend to gain new insights, meet leading affiliate marketers, and discover the most prominent affiliate marketing trends. 

Whether you know the affiliate world by heart or are just starting out – this conference offers a platform to gain knowledge, network with peers, and learn strategies from some of the best and brightest in the industry.

This affiliate marketing event will be held at Fira de Barcelona, a renowned convention center. Note that the dates of this conference are subject to change.

  • World-class speakers. Hear from industry leaders and digital marketing experts, offering insights and data-driven strategies to scale your business.
  • Diverse marketplace. Over 210 advertisers and networks in attendance, offering unparalleled opportunities for business development.
  • Global event. Entrepreneurs and marketers from Spain and worldwide make this a diverse and inspiring international gathering.
  • Innovative app for networking. AW Networking App enhances business opportunities and facilitates connections.

July 29-30: New York, USA

Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East is the biggest affiliate marketing event on the East Coast. It will gather over 3,500 advertisers, eCommerce sellers, publishers, affiliates, content publishers, networks, and tech suppliers in one place. This annual conference is a hub for creating partnerships, launching sales, and growing businesses in the affiliate world.

  • Diverse insights for varied interests. Affiliate Summit East offers specialized content for different participants – from content publishers to lead buyers, affiliates, and eCommerce entrepreneurs, catering to a wide range of industry professionals.
  • In-depth learning and growth. With over 60 sessions, ASE provides masterclass content across various niches. It’ll help attendees amplify tracking, web traffic, and conversion rates with tried-and-tested strategies by executive-level guest speakers.
  • Networking opportunities. The unique Meet Market setup of Affiliate Summit East offers a fast-paced, speed-networking environment – perfect for generating quality leads and building partnerships among attendees, including digital marketers and eCommerce brands.
  • Cutting-edge discussions. The agenda includes discussions on regulations, third-party data, driving quality traffic, and consumer spending trends. This makes it a must-attend for eCommerce marketers, affiliates, and media buyers.
  • Jackie Goldstein, VP – Commerce at NY Times
  • Albert Murillo, Senior Director – VerticalScope
  • Ronak Shah, CEO – Obvi

September 12-15: Bucharest, Romania

AWSummit Bucharest

AW Summit Bucharest is one of Europe’s largest hubs for affiliate marketers, digital companies, and content creators. It attracts a diverse group of over 3,000 attendees from more than 85 countries while featuring over 300 companies, 800 affiliates, and 700 creators.

The AW Summit Bucharest is an unparalleled affiliate marketing event, offering the perfect environment for sharing priceless insights and exploring new business opportunities. It’s a gathering that promises to advance the industry forward, making it an essential stop for eCommerce brands seeking to expand their reach.

  • High-level networking. An unmatched opportunity for lead generation and forging connections in various sectors like eCommerce, finance, and streaming. With special events like the Executive Lounge and VIP Business Dinner, you can create meaningful connections with key industry professionals.
  • Expert-led learning. Gain insights from industry-leading workshops, enhancing your affiliate strategies and digital marketing knowledge.
  • Broad industry reach. Covering niches from dating to gaming and social media, the summit provides a comprehensive look at affiliate and digital marketing trends.
  • Anna Gita, CEO – MaxWeb
  • Stefan Muehlbauer, Founder – Affpal.net
  • Uzair Kharawala, Co-Founder – SF Digital

September 18-19: Cologne, Germany


DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference), Europe’s most prominent event in digital and affiliate marketing, is a platform for digital and affiliate professionals. Offering industry insights relating to data-driven strategies and opportunities to develop business. 

By attending this affiliate marketing conference, you’ll be at the center of industry-forward movements and shaping the future of digital business and marketing. DMEXCO is a beacon for the latest in digital marketing, affiliate marketing strategies, and technological advancements, attracting diverse professionals and industry experts.

  • Networking hub. Expand networks with investors, business partners, and key players in the digital business landscape.
  • Expert-led discussions. Attendees can immerse themselves in keynote panels, masterclasses, and debates led by renowned figures in digital marketing and business.
  • Global and local focus. With both globally informed and locally focused content, the event provides insights relevant to a wide range of marketing professionals and digital marketers.
  • Business and knowledge platform. Ideal for decision-makers looking to extend their knowledge, get inspired, and forge significant contacts and deals in the digital economy.
  • Sarah Ostkam Unilever
  • Tomas Duhr, VP – Ad Alliance GmbH
  • Tobias Schichtel PHD Germany

4 Reasons to Attend Affiliate Marketing Events

Attending affiliate marketing conferences can be a valuable experience for any professional in the industry. They offer a great opportunity to learn from affiliate world experts while enhancing brand recognition. 

We’ve included a few more points showing how affiliate marketing events can benefit you and your business. 

1. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends and Strategies

The affiliate marketing space is a dynamic one where technology developments or new strategies crop up every day. Affiliates must keep tabs on current trends and strategies to remain competitive and successful.

Visit affiliate conferences to pick the brains of industry leaders and discover new tips and trade secrets. Stay updated by attending workshops and panel discussions.

2. Connect With Other Affiliates and Professionals

Affiliate marketing events are great for connecting with industry professionals. These events provide a chance to exchange ideas and best practices, as well as to build new business connections.

Make the most of these opportunities by utilizing networking apps, preparing questions beforehand, and researching who will be in attendance. Pitch your own unique selling points to ensure a knowledgeable exchange, and remember to follow up with interesting leads.

3. Learn From Industry Experts

10 Affiliate Marketing Events to Attend in 2024 1

Attending affiliate marketing events can give eCommerce brands and affiliates an advantage by providing access to industry trends and expert insights, which may not be widely shared online. Such events feature cutting-edge techniques, and attending them can give you a competitive edge by exposing you to these trends early. 

Industry experts often reserve their most valuable knowledge for those willing to pay for access, so attending events can give brands access to this valuable information.

4. Discover New Tools and Resources

Many affiliate marketing events feature exhibitors showcasing their products and services. This provides an excellent opportunity to discover new tools and resources to help you succeed in the affiliate world and facilitate business growth. 

Understand where improvements are needed within your organization beforehand, and keep an eye out for potential solutions.


These affiliate marketing events offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities for eCommerce brands. Meet digital marketing gurus and like-minded people from all over the world. Affiliate conferences and other events can help generate leads and provide insights into affiliate marketing trends. 

Discover new eCommerce brands and their strategies, find new friends and business partners, and enjoy a priceless experience.

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