Custom Pillows

Our custom pillows and pillowcases are ready to deck out your bed in elegance, style, and even some fun. Take a look at all the great custom pillows Printify has to help you make money today!

custom pillows

Make your own custom pillows

Everyone needs a pillow

A wide variety of pillows and pillowcases for everyone’s needs.

No minimum order required

Order as few as one pillow.

Easy designing process

Free and easy to use mockup generator for designing.

Why sell personalized pillows?

Personalized pillows liven up beds, sofas, and just about anywhere you can put a pillow! According to Statista, the worldwide pillow market is over $15bn, and that doesn’t include sofas or outdoor pillows. Used for fun and for fashion, custom pillows show off decorating skills and personality.

Our custom pillows

Spun polyester square pillow

The spun polyester square pillow is great for sofas, chairs, and even beds! Get both sides printed with your fantastic designs. Keep it looking great with the concealed zipper. Spice up your customer’s rooms with this custom pillow and make the statement on your bottom line you’ve been looking for.

  • 100% Polyester cover
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Polyester pillow included

* Check out our stand-alone spun polyester square pillowcase if you want to sell just the pillowcase without the included pillow! 

custom printed pillow

Faux suede square pillow

Just like the spun polyester square pillow, this faux suede square pillow comes in a square but also in suede! Help your customers make those special spaces more elegant with suede pillow. Our suede is soft and ready for quick naps on lovely, sunny patios and binge-watching videos! Pillow comes in various sizes.

  • 100% Faux suede cover
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Polyester pillow included

We also sell our faux suede square pillowcase, if you would like to have only case without a pillow.

Microfiber pillow sham

This soft, comfortable custom pillow is a microfiber pillow sham that feels as great as it looks. It comes in two sizes, King and Standard, and a barely visible envelope closure. It has a frill and adds elegance and sophistication to every bed!

  • Lightweight woven microfiber
  • Multiple sizes
  • Envelope closure
  • Cream color back
custom pillow sham
custom pillow pet bed

Custom pillow as a pet bed

Our one-sided print, polyester and cotton pet bed will be loved by your pets as much as you love them! Fuzzy and comfy on the printable side, this is an irresistible nap spot for…Spot! It’s washable and comes with a zipper, so you can keep it looking great, year after year!

  • 100% polyester print area / 100% cotton bottom
  • For indoor use only
  • Zipper closure
  • Shape retaining insert

Custom pillowcases

Need a pillowcase without the insert cushion? Try our faux suede and spun polyester custom pillowcases. They are not only easy to customize, they are easily removable and washable without taking up a lot of storage space. To add a soft velvety touch to every room, simply switch the pillowcases and voila you have cool custom photo pillows. These highly practical beautiful indoor pillowcases come in an easily customizable square shape and size that can serve as a statement piece in any creative room.

  • 100% Polyester cover
  • Double-sided print
  • Concealed zipper
  • Pillow cushion not included
custom pillowcase

Got questions about custom pillows and pillowcases? Well, we haven’t fallen asleep on the job, here are your answers:

The first step to making your custom pillow or custom pillowcase is signing up for your Printify account. Select the product you want to make into your new custom pillow for your store. Use the Mockup Generator, our easy to use creation tool, and put your graphic or design on the custom pillow or pillowcase. Once you’re satisfied, order a sample and if it looks as great as you thought, publish your new custom pillowcase to your store!

Each print provider’s location is displayed, and you can use it to help estimate your shipping times.

These pillows and pillowcases are high quality and should last through many washes if cared for correctly. See below for our care instructions!

You absolutely can! Personalized custom pillows and custom pillowcases can be made by using our Printify API. You can let your customers choose their own design and apply it, then ship it to themselves! All without ever touching a product. It’s beautiful.

Take a look at the average production time for each supplier on any of our products. When you’re choosing your product, the average production time is listed, and you can see which supplier is the quickest for any given product. You can also take a look at our shipping options to get an idea of all of the shipping options.

Of course, prices are subject to change, but the answer is no! Custom pillowcases and custom pillows aren’t expensive at all. Prices range from around $11 to just over $26 for our printable pet bed pillow.

There are no upfront costs! If you use Printify, then you don’t have to worry about paying for anything until your product actually sells. Once it’s sold, we’ll automatically be paid and the production process will start! Don’t worry about the transaction, it couldn’t be more seamless, just sell an item, and have it shipped directly to your customer.

Create custom pillows and pillowcases with no minimum order

Don’t worry about extra inventory, lying about in your house or office. There’s no need for any inventory at all with Printify and print on demand technology. Our custom pillows and pillowcases are sold with no minimum order.

Order as few as one custom pillow at a time, no questions asked! Our providers will print and ship all of your products, and there’s no need to worry about managing a pesky inventory scheme or shipping supplies.

Design your own elegant pillows and fun new accents

Get inspired and use your imagination to design some of your very own personalized pillows. Some of our products are even double-sided – meaning you can print on both sides – which means your imagination can run wild!

Our Mockup generator will allow you to preview all of your products before you ship them. Don’t worry if you don’t have much design or fashion experience – you just need some basic computer skills.


Our print providers will literally print the design on your custom pillow or pillowcase, using print on demand technology. Pring on demand or POD technology prints high-quality graphics and designs onto your garments and products. This is done in much the same way a printer prints a document!

If you’re already connected to stores or platforms like eBay or Etsy, or use your own Shopify or Woocommerce account, you’re already on your way. We integrate with these platforms so that we can make publishing and selling your products as easy for you as they are to print for us!

Custom photo pillows

You can always find a new level of personalization even in the world of customization. Now you can help your customers decorate their space with photo pillows that are uniquely theirs. Help them not leave beautiful photos of their families and friends in the archives of their phones.

With custom photo pillows, you can turn their favorite digital pictures Into soft pieces of art.


Custom photo pillows are arguably the most personal gifts anyone can share. By allowing your customers to share their love in the most personal way, you share in spreading joy with your creations. Other custom photo pillow ideas to make include:

  • City landmarks and skylines
  • Traditional landscapes
  • Local attractions and views
  • Pet photos
  • Seascapes, harbors, and beach scenes
  • Wildlife

Caring for your custom pillows and custom pillowcases

Your customers will find it just as easy to care for their custom pillows and pillowcases as they do garments they have in their wardrobe.

Just remember to:

  • Pretreat any stains with warm water, soap, and a soft brush
  • Machine wash, warm or no more than (104°F or 40°C)
  • No machine drying 
  • Iron or steam on low heat
  • No dry cleaning
  • Fluff to reshape

And that’s it! You’re ready to wash and renew those awesome looking custom pillows.

custom pillow with design

How to make custom pillows with the Mockup Generator

Many times when we hear customizing or designing we think of complicated software that costs a lot of money and takes years of use to perfect. Well at printify, you can start and finish designing your custom photo pillows with a few clicks of a button. In fact, here’s a quick guide for you to use the free Printify Mockup Generator.

To design custom photo pillows, pick the custom pillow you would like to sell. Upload your personal photos from your computer or select one from your Printify account library. Make sure that your designs fit the requirements for a high-quality print. Every product on the mockup generator has the size requirements indicated at the bottom right of the user panel. Once you’ve made sure you’ve picked the best pixel size for a high-quality print, apply your design on the pillow. You can choose to preview your custom photo pillow as you go, to countercheck the placement and sizing. Once you’ve made sure it looks exactly how you want it, wait for a sale and it will go to production. Printify goes the extra mile to make sure you have the highest quality. That is why we also do quality checks for each of your products and we will let you know if it does not meet the printing standards.

Design inspiration for custom pillows

Pillows are nearly everywhere in a house. You’ll find them on sofas and chairs, on beds and even on the floor for doggos. Think about it: how many pillows does the average household have? We bet the number will surprise you.

Your design should be all about your brand or your store if you operate in a niche. If you’re going for a more subject or platform site – then you should be more comfortable in putting a lot of designs on different products to experiment a bit more.

Custom pillows and custom pillowcases are almost as unlimited in their potential for design as t-shirts or worn garments, so there’s no need to limit yourself or your imagination! Just think of a room in a house and the type of person that might live there, and go!

To help you get started, we’ve come up with some use cases that, we hope, will inspire you to design. These are just a few of our ideas, you’re of course welcome to come up with some more custom pillow ideas on your own!

nature pattern pillows

Pillows with nature theme

Nature and bio themed decor is huge right now! Zero waste and zero impact living has never been bigger, and people are looking for more ways to inject a bit of mother nature into their home for an outdoor aesthetic. 

Design some leafy, tree inspired or even jungle pillows and take advantage of these growing decor trends and lifestyle choices!

Fun and funny custom pillows

Funny designs on custom pillows go hand in hand. These are the silly little cartoons and other “internet culture” inspired designs that you might see online or in a funny email from a colleague. A particularly popular option? Make a cartoon of a popular photo or meme online, and see if you can get fans to buy it! 

This is a huge market for custom pillows, so don’t forget your sense of humor when you’re designing!

custom pillows patterns

Stripes and patterns

Custom pillows are also about change – from one set of sheets to another, from one idea to another. The look and feel of an entire room can be changed in an instant. Elegant pillowcases and patterns can tie a room together from season to season or from wall color to wall color. 

Give your customers the gift of your inspiration and help them to realize the room of their dreams! This is a huge market for custom pillows, so don’t forget your sense of humor when you’re designing!

Personalized pillows with quotes

Let’s face it – when are you most likely to use a pillow? When you go to sleep! This is precisely the space that you might find yourself in need of some inspiration. When going to sleep after a long difficult day, or when you need a pick me up in the morning so you can hop out of bed. 

The bedroom is ripe for these types of motivational or inspirational quotes! Get inspired and help your customers and your sales!

custom pillow with quote

Why choose Printify for custom photo pillows

Wondering who to partner with for your brand new custom photo pillow business? Wonder no more. Printify is one of the most preferred print on demand platforms in the world. Join the more than 300,000 online sellers who choose Printify to produce and sell thousands of products through print on demand.

Printify opens your business opportunities to a truly global market. We connect you to our network of 15 print providers with more than 90 printing factories with the latest printing technology and machines in the US, Europe, and China. We also have a catalog with over 230 items ready for you to customize.

With Printify, you also get a direct channel to popular online store platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, where you can confidently use all their resources while your store remains fully integrated to provide ease of use across these platforms. Choose Printify, and take your custom photo pillow business to the world.

Selling personalized pillows

Your options are only as limited as your imagination, so what type of custom pillow are you looking to sell? It might be difficult to decide at first, but custom pillow selling should become a bit easier with just a bit of forethought.

What is your target market at the moment? Do you cater to college kids, soccer moms, or elegant interior designers? This will help you choose the type of designs and products you want to offer, and of course, how you would like to sell them.

College Student – College students are looking for funny, ironic sayings for their bedroom. Generally, they’re looking to impress their friends with their wit and express themselves with the products they buy and choose to use. Try looking to comedians or pop culture sayings for inspiration for this group!

Children – A big potential market is the children’s room. Fun animals are the norm here, as children can easily become attached to their favorite characters and animals. Animated characters are also a great bet, so if you have a few already, this is a good place to start!

Interior Designers – If you’re going after interior designers, either amateur or professional, this is still is a great product. Throw pillows and accents make all the difference in tying together a personalized design, and custom pillows or pillowcases can make a room from dull to divine!

Design your first custom pillows

Are you ready to get going on the next addition to your merch empire? Custom pillows and are a great sales opportunity for anyone looking to increase their online income. These are design ready products – ready to be sold today! Follow the steps below to get started today on the next exciting chapter of your sales journey!

Choose a pillow

Take a look at our catalog and decide what pillow is right for you or your store. We have several options and sizes for you to choose from, just pick the one that works best for you.

Put your design on it

Use our Mockup Generator to design your product. Pay attention to any quality warnings, and preview your product with your design on it. Then, on to the next step…

Start selling

Now send it over to production! You can order a sample at this point (recommended) or you can publish it to your store. Your product will go through quality assurance and then be made and shipped!

Start selling custom pillows