Create Custom Dog Bandanas

We can all agree that our canine companions deserve the absolute best – from tender love and care to fashionable attire for your dog’s neck. 

For this very reason, we’ve made custom dog bandanas available for you to design. Make your pup stand out with these personalized bandanas today.

Personalized Custom Dog Bandanas Print on Demand
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Design and Sell Customized Dog Bandanas With Printify

Bandanas for All

Canines come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our custom dog bandanas. With no minimum orders, create designs for one gentle giant or multiple tiny pooches.

All-Over Print

Design your own dog bandana with vibrant colors and patterns – the only limits are your imagination and the product boundaries.

Pet-Friendly Fabric

Our print-on-demand dog bandanas are made from durable and non-irritable polyester materials, which are soft and gentle on your pet's skin.

Create Your Own Personalized Dog Bandanas

Customized Dog Bandanas With No Minimum

If you want an eye-catching accessory for the park or a subtle style for wearing at home, we’ve got you covered – from personalized bandanas and scarves to custom pet tags and dog collars.

Since we have no order minimums, you can purchase any number of personalized bandanas with Printify. Make fun and cute customized accessories for your own dogs, or create a catalog of custom pet merchandise to sell online.

Customized Dog Bandanas With No Minimum

Design Custom Dog Bandanas in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1

Sign Up

Create a Printify account to design and order custom dog bandanas. There are no monthly subscription fees or production overheads. We only charge you when an order is placed.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Browse our Catalog to find your favorite customizable dog bandana and other POD pet products. On each product’s page, you’ll see its key features and care instructions to ensure your bandana lasts as long as possible.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Use our Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator) to upload your designs on custom-printed bandanas for dogs. Drag and drop your design, and apply our editing tools to add additional graphics like a pet name, logo, pattern, and illustrations.

What Personalized Dog Bandanas Do We Offer?

A custom pet bandana is a great accessory for special occasions, like your furry little buddy’s birthday, a Christmas pet gift, or for even cuter photos. 

It’s also perfect for everyday wear – why not look stylish while snoozing on the porch? With all-over-print colors and soft-spun polyester fabric, it’ll look great and feel comfortable on any dog.

This bandana sports an adjustable black collar with a sturdy plastic buckle. It’s made of polyester duck fabric and offers a sublimation print on one side. It’s available in sizes small through large to fit most pets.

The make-up and printing are durable enough to last through many wash cycles, and the adjustable strap collar will hold the dog bandana in place even during the wildest of playtimes.

Make Your Own Custom Dog Bandanas

Design Ideas for Custom-Printed Dog Bandanas

Not all furry pets love wearing vests and sweaters, and surely not at the same time. Easy to put on and non-intrusive, your pooch will rock a custom dog scarf in comfort.

From cute and helpful to fun and playful, here are just a few personalized design ideas to inspire your own custom dog bandanas.

Custom Dog Bandanas With Playful Patterns

Our furry friends are best matched with cute, colorful, wild, and energetic themes. Creating a custom dog bandana collar with patterns that reflect playfulness and protection may be the greatest way to showcase your pup’s personality.

Custom Dog Bandanas With Playful Patterns
Custom Dog Bandana With Logo

Custom Dog Bandanas With Logo

If you want to promote your pet business, our bandanas are great for daycare companies, dog groomers, trainers, or pet supply services. Try a patterned or monogrammed dog bandana with your business logo – it’ll be excellent for branding and advertising.

Custom Dog Bandanas With Name

One of the most popular designs for both gifts and merchandise is pet names. Prepare bandanas with the most popular names or offer custom options with the owner’s contact information to ensure the pup stays safe.

Custom Dog Bandanas With Name

Why Sell Custom Dog Bandanas Online?

People love dogs – watching, playing, or cuddling them. People also love buying toys and accessories for them, including custom collars, tags, vests, boots, and dog bandanas. 

Bringing custom dog bandanas to your eCommerce store means your customers can express their dog’s personality with the perfect, high-quality pet garment. 

There’s a strong demand for pet accessories – you can offer the supply.

Increasing Global Demand for Pet Products

Current data shows that 65.1 million households own a dog in the United States alone. Some of the most popular pet product categories are shirts and tops, increasingly followed by pet accessories and weather-protective attire.

With that in mind, the pet clothing market is expected to grow to

$7 billion

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Why Choose Printify?

Print-On-Demand Merchandise For Your Fans Printify

Best Prices

Get the best bang for your buck. We partner with vetted Print Providers to bring high-quality products at the lowest prices in the industry.

Free Design Tools

Access beginner-friendly design tools in our Product Creator. Utilize its various features, such as the Text Editor or AI Image Generator, to create the perfect dog bandana.

Quality Prints

Our sublimation prints create impeccable wrap-around designs, ensuring our products stay vibrant for years to come.

No Inventory

Our Print Partners create your products to order and send them directly to your customers, so you don't need to keep inventory.

24/7 Customer Service

We have a dedicated Merchant Support Team ready to assist with your questions at any time of the day or night.


Printify has automated integrations with some of the most popular eCommerce platforms for entrepreneurs of all experience levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a dog bandana from our Catalog, drag and drop your design, and generate product mockups. You can order samples for your pooch or add them to your store to sell as branded pet accessories.

Use Printify to create custom dog bandanas with our free design tools. You will only be charged production and shipping costs after an order is placed. If you’re selling them online, fulfillment is covered by the end customer, requiring zero investment or inventory expenses. View all up-to-date production pricing and shipping costs on the product page.

Check all shipping rates and estimates for Printify’s custom dog bandanas. Note that products fulfilled in the US for expedited shipping may take longer for international deliveries, especially during the holiday season.

We have no order limits, so you can purchase as few or as many bandanas as you need – we’re not here to tell you what to do. You’re welcome to order in bulk or purchase one as a special gift.

Absolutely. High-resolution mockups are available in the design process. You can also order samples, which we strongly encourage to ensure you’re happy with the final product. Check out more info on how to order a sample.

Create Your Own Personalized Custom Dog Bandanas