Custom Baby Blankets

Create cute baby blankets for yourself, or sell them online. Customize designs, upload and adjust them in minutes. No upfront costs or minimum orders.

Custom Baby Blankets Printify
Custom Baby Blankets Print on Demand with Printify

Make Your Own Custom Baby Blankets

No Minimum Order

A print on demand baby blanket requires no minimum order. Print providers will customize the blanket with your designs after the online store receives an order, or when you choose to get something for yourself.


AOP with sublimation guarantees full coverage of one side of the blanket with vivid designs and vibrant colors.

Free Design Tools

Create personalized baby blankets for free with our user-friendly Mockup Generator. Upload the design, adjust, save and publish with no costs.

Create Your Own Custom Baby Blankets!

How to Customize a Baby Blanket in 3 Easy Steps

Preparing a personalized baby blanket with Printify is a straightforward and intuitive process. Here is how to create adorable blankets in no time:

Step 1

Choose a Baby Blanket From Our Catalog

Go to the product catalog and pick the cutest blanket for the little ones.

Step 2

Add Your Design

Upload a design, position, adjust and resize it in our Mockup Generator. It’s fun, easy, and cool – you can check how the blankets will look in real life.

Step 3

Order and Enjoy

That’s it – your custom baby blankets are ready. Save the product, order for yourself, or sell them online.

Best Personalized Baby Blankets

Printify’s custom baby blankets are soft and smooth. Made of polyester fabrics of different densities, all ideal for sublimation printing. All models are pre-constructed items measuring 30 × 40 inches/76.2cm × 101.6cm, with a possible variation of +/- 1″.

Best Personalized Baby Blankets Printify
Best Personalized Baby Blankets POD

From USD 22.16

From USD 17.07 with Printify Premium

This custom swaddle blanket is 100% jersey polyester. That makes it super soft while allowing sublimation printing of crisp, vibrant colors. 

A personalized swaddle blanket is a good gift option with quotes and names or funny sayings. The clear printing makes it especially suitable when creating custom baby blankets with pictures.

The light canvas makes it perfect for spring and summer or indoor use.

Key Features:

From USD 19.03

From USD 14.66 with Printify Premium

Besides being super soft, fleece is also warm and practical all year round, particularly during colder seasons. These personalized baby blankets are helpful for inside and outside use and are the best match for cute blankets.

The microfiber construction of 100% polyester guarantees excellent results with sublimation printing for soft and vibrant colors alike.

Key Features:

From USD 14.03

From USD 10.80 with Printify Premium

The toddler blankets are personalized blankets with an extended lifetime. The medium-heavy fleece fabric ensures the same comfort as baby blankets with increased durability, suited for babies and toddlers alike. 

A one-sided print polyester canvas guarantees quality printing with vivid details and vibrant colors. Use it to create custom baby blankets with names, quotes, or colorful pictures.

Key Features:

Create Your Own Custom Baby Blankets!

Design Ideas for Custom Baby Blankets

Custom Name Baby Blankets

Parents love baby monogrammed items. They are a way to remember and celebrate the arrival of the little ones. Offer blankets with the most popular names of the year, or give your customers the option to customize the item entirely, choosing the name, fonts, and background.

Design Ideas - Custom Name Baby Blankets
Design Ideas - Cute Baby Blankets

Cute Baby Blankets

Everyone agrees – kids are adorable. Create blankets highlighting this essential feature of being a baby. Blankets reminiscent of puppies and animal costumes are best sellers – teddy bears, bunnies, kittens, or puppies. 

That blanket will remain a favorite item even after the kids have grown up. Pick a Soft Fleece Baby Blanket or Toddler Blanket for extra smoothness and extended use.

Funny Baby Swaddle Blankets

Fun environments bring joy to everyone, but they’re also crucial for the baby’s social development. Create fun blankets that make everyone laugh and look good in photo props. 

Think, for example, of blankets with a wrapped-up baby resembling a burrito or a sushi roll, a little bird (or a dino) inside an egg.

Funny Baby Swaddle Blankets
Design Ideas - Custom Baby Swaddle Blankets With Quotes

Custom Baby Swaddle Blankets With Quotes

Custom baby blankets could also include different slogans.

Humorous phrases, jokes, or meaningful quotes can help soothe the parents during sleepless nights or struggling days while remembering what matters. 

Consider using life philosophy quotes or religious scriptures, depending on your target audience. Parents will love creating adorable accessories that reflect their unique values.

Family Themed Designs

Family-themed blankets are popular as they allow specific family members’ gifts to get noticed and remembered. 

A custom blanket saying “Grandma loves me” will stand out as gifts pile up and get confused with one another in baby showers or similar events. 

Family gifts have the potential to outlive their practical purpose and become a cherished possession throughout a child’s life.

Design Ideas - Family Themed Designs
Design Ideas - Nature Themed Designs

Nature Themed Designs

Animal or nature-themed patterns give a blanket a classic but still adorable aesthetic. Almost everyone appreciates custom baby blankets featuring plants, animals, or even starry-sky designs. 

Such blankets are suitable for daily use, harmonizing with other nursery elements.

Pastel palettes are often preferred for this type of blanket. However, depending on your customer base, don’t be afraid of using vibrant colors.

Create Your Own Custom Baby Blankets!

Sell Custom Baby Blankets With Printify

Sell Custom Baby Blankets With Printify

Printify is the ideal partner for your business. Create an online store with one of our integrations and focus on designing and creating custom baby blankets. We take care of production, inventory management, and delivery.

Partnering with Printify to create custom baby blankets means:

We offer a free plan with unlimited products and up to five stores per account.

Our vast print provider network and geo-routing function ensure delivery worldwide.

Benefit from stellar customer support that will have your back in any situation.

Create an online store with Etsy, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, or Squarespace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Baby Blankets

  • Go to our product catalog and pick the cutest blanket for the little ones.
  • Upload a design, position, adjust and resize it in our Mockup Generator. It’s fun and easy and lets you check how the blankets will look in real life.
  • That’s it – your custom baby blankets are ready. Save the product, order for yourself, or sell them online.

It depends on the blanket. They start at around $19 plus shipping, which will vary according to the location of who is ordering. 

You can hire a professional graphic designer or agency with the Printify Experts program to create specific designs for custom baby blankets, from $30-80 per hour.

Sign in to your Printify account, choose one of the custom baby blankets available in the baby accessories section of the catalog, and click Start designing to access the Mockup Generator. Then, click Add design to upload your creations. 

Selling custom baby blankets is profitable as it benefits from a growing worldwide market for baby products that moved more than $67.35 billion in Q4 2021. In particular, producing customizable print on demand swaddle blankets offers a good custom benefit as it requires little upfront startup costs.

It’s always recommended to order samples before offering a product in the online store for quality assurance. To do so, sign in to your Printify account, choose the store in the upper-right corner, click on the Orders menu and then Create order. You’ll be charged only with production and shipping costs. 

Create Your Own Custom Baby Blankets!