Guide to Starting a Business in Australia With Print on Demand

Guide to Starting a Business in Australia With Print on Demand

Are you dreaming of starting a business in Australia but feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of managing inventory, shipping, and manufacturing? Well, buckle up, mate, because we’re about to embark on a journey into the world of Print on Demand. 

With POD, you can create your own unique brand and sell custom products without stressing over the nitty-gritty. In fact, print-on-demand is an excellent choice for budding entrepreneurs in the vast Australian market. Put your own designs on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone accessories, or even dog beds.

This comprehensive guide explores everything you need to know about starting a dropshipping business using print on demand and Printify. From the legal aspects to choosing the best fulfilment partners, online marketplaces, and customisation options, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Start Your Business With POD in Australia?

Smiling businesswoman holding an Australian flag.

The rapidly growing Australian eCommerce market offers a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rising demand for personalised print-on-demand products – making it the perfect time to embark on your own business journey.

Booming eCommerce Market

The Australian eCommerce market is expected to reach $43.21 billion in 2023, demonstrating the country’s strong appetite for online shopping. This thriving market provides fertile ground to grow an online business, especially in the print-on-demand sector.

High Internet Penetration Rate

With an internet penetration rate of 91% in 2022, Australia’s well-connected population makes it easier for businesses to reach their target audience online.

Strong Consumer Demand for Personalisation

A recent study found that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay more for personalised products, indicating a significant market for customised items. 

With the flexibility and customisation options offered by print on demand, businesses can tap into this growing demand and offer quality products.

Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Australians are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, with 38% stating that they’re more likely to purchase eco-friendly products.

The print-on-demand model helps reduce waste by only printing products upon receiving an order, an attractive feature for environmentally conscious customers – no unsold products, no waste.

Lower Startup Costs

Print-on-demand businesses require minimal upfront investment compared to traditional retail models. 

There’s no need to maintain an inventory or invest in expensive equipment, making it a financially sound option for aspiring entrepreneurs to get their amazing designs in front of consumers.

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How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business in Australia

This section will take you through the key steps in setting up a successful print-on-demand business in Australia. From understanding the local market, creating a solid business plan, selecting the perfect niche, and setting up your online store, we’ve got you covered.

Research the Local Market

Person looking at a map of Australia on their tablet screen while doing market research.

It’s crucial to understand the Australian market and its unique nuances. Take the time to analyse consumer preferences, purchasing habits, and potential competitors to help you craft an effective business strategy.

  • Consumer Preferences. Determine what appeals to Australian consumers. Investigate popular trends, colours, designs, and themes that resonate with the local audience. This information will help you design products for your brand that cater to their tastes and preferences.

Where to look? The Australian Bureau of Statistics offers comprehensive data on retail trade and consumer behaviour.

  • Purchasing Habits. Understand Australians’ purchasing habits, such as when they shop, what influences their buying decisions, and how they prefer to pay for their purchases. This knowledge will help you tailor your marketing efforts and create a seamless customer shopping experience.

This report provides valuable data on Australian consumers’ online shopping behaviours and preferences.

  • Local Competitors. Identify potential competitors by analysing their strengths, weaknesses, product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Uncover market gaps your business can fill by performing a quick Google search with relevant keywords or exploring social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Seasonal Trends. Australia’s unique climate and seasonal variations may affect consumer behaviour.

Be aware of seasonal trends, such as increased demand for certain products during summer or winter, and plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

  • Cultural Insights. Australia’s diverse and multicultural population offers many opportunities for niche markets. Research cultural groups and their interests, and consider creating designs that cater to specific communities or celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity.

Create a Business Plan

A solid business plan is the backbone of your venture. Outline your objectives, target market, branding, and financial projections. This blueprint will guide your business growth and help you secure potential investors or loans.

Look at this comprehensive guide on how to write a business plan to get you closer to your dream.

Get to Know Legal and Tax Requirements in Australia

Woman working on taxes on her laptop.

Understanding Australia’s legal and tax requirements is one of the main tasks for operating a compliant and successful print-on-demand business. Let’s look at the most important legal elements you will be dealing with.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST). In Australia, a 10% GST applies to most goods and services. As a business owner, you must register for GST if your business has a GST turnover of AUD 75,000. When selling products through Printify, local taxes will be charged on sales made within Australia.

For example, if you sell a t-shirt for AUD 30, Printify will add the 10% GST (AUD 3) to the total cost, making it AUD 33.

  • Australian Business Number (ABN). To operate a business in Australia, you need to have an ABN. This unique 11-digit number identifies your business to the government and the public, allowing you to claim tax credits and interact with various Australian government departments.
  • Income Tax. As a business owner, you must report your income and pay income tax on your profits. The income tax rate depends on your business structure, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, or company.

For instance, if you operate as a sole trader, you’ll be taxed at individual income tax rates, whereas if you run a company, the current flat tax rate is 30%.

  • Record Keeping. Maintain accurate financial records, including income, expenses, and other business transactions. This information is essential for completing your tax returns, monitoring your business performance, and ensuring compliance with Australian tax laws.
  • Tax Invoices. When you sell a product, you may need to provide your customer with a tax invoice. This document must include specific details like your ABN, the date of issue, a description of the goods or services provided, and the GST amount, if applicable. Tax invoices are crucial for claiming GST credits.

Printify charges local taxes on sales within Australia. Registered businesses can reclaim these taxes, making the transition to the next step even smoother.

Register Your Business and Set Up Your Finances

Register your new print-on-demand business with the Australian authorities and set up your financial systems, including bookkeeping, invoicing, and tax management. 

This step will help you stay organized and compliant as your business grows. 

  • Business Registration. First, choose a fitting business structure, such as a sole trader, partnership, or company. Register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN) from the Australian Business Register.
  • Taxes. Depending on your business structure and turnover, you may need to register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other tax obligations. Check the Australian Taxation Office website for specific requirements and guidance.
  • Bookkeeping. Implement an effective system to track income, expenses, and other transactions. This system will help you monitor your business performance, manage cash flow, and make informed decisions.
  • Tax Management. Establish a system to manage your tax obligations, including calculating and remitting taxes owed and claiming eligible tax deductions to help you comply with Australian tax laws and avoid penalties.
  • Bank Account. Open a dedicated business bank account to keep your business finances separate, making it simpler to track transactions more efficiently.

Find a Niche Relevant to Australian Audiences

Australian man looking at his phone while holding a surfboard.

Choose a niche that resonates with Australians, such as local sports, unique wildlife, or Aussie humour. Consider aligning your product offerings with significant Australian holidays like:

  • Boxing Day
  • Christmas
  • King’s Birthday
  • Melbourne Cup Day

International celebrations from around the world are gaining more popularity, thus consumer spending.

Australia is very connected to the Internet and in the know about trends and happenings, so choose a niche that can go beyond their continent.

Create Your Print-on-Demand Products

With Printify’s Mockup Generator, you can easily turn blank products into amazing design masterpieces to catch the Australian eye. 

What are the most popular print-on-demand products that have sold well and keep selling? 

  • Custom t-shirts are always in high demand. Choose from many styles, materials, fulfillment partners, and colours to create unique t-shirts that resonate with your potential customers.
White t-shirt with a round green image of the Australian map and the words “Australia” written around it.
  • Personalised phone cases are a great way to show style and protect our phones. You’ll find various phone cases in our Catalog to design for both Apple and Android users.
Biodegradable phone case with an Australian flag design.
  • Nothing says comfort and style louder than custom hoodies and custom sweatshirts, especially with your beautiful designs and ideas. From simple cotton hoodies to mesmerizing all-over-prints on polyester blends, the choice is yours.
An image of a woman wearing a hoodie that says “Bondi Beach Surfers Sydney”
  • Custom tote bags are a practical and trendy choice for eco-conscious shoppers. 80% of Australian consumers claim that they are concerned about the environmental impact of their shopping habits, and over 40% prefer to shop with retailers that offer sustainable options.
Woman carrying a tote bag with a design of various Australian animals and their names.
  • Custom mugs made with the latest digital printing methods make great gifts. Design mugs with your own brand logo, unique prints, quotes, or patterns that appeal to various tastes or groups.
A white mug with an image of an echidna.

How to Create Products With Printify’s Mockup Generator

Example of positioning a design of a koala on a navy blue shirt in Printify's Mockup Generator.
  1. Browse Printify’s Catalog and select the product you want to customise; you’ll see available printing options.
  2. Choose one of our partner facilities that will supply the product and click Start Designing to open the Mockup Generator.
  3. Upload your design files or create new designs using the Custom Text option, Shutterstock stock image gallery, or free Graphics tab.
  4. Position your design on the product using the layer guidelines and snapping features for precise alignment.
  5. Preview the final product, save realistic images, and add the customised product to your online store.

Pro Tip

Did you know Printify offers best-selling products at lower prices? This means a higher profit margin for you. Subscribe to Printify Premium to save even more – up to 20% off the Catalog price.

Set Up Your Online Store

Printify is an eCommerce platform that has it all. Its seamless integrations make setting up your online store and selling print-on-demand products a breeze. 

Start by connecting your Printify account to eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. You can open a Shopify store with a fully customised storefront or choose online marketplaces and platforms like Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or WooCommerce

Navigate to My new store and click Add new store in the top right corner. You can utilize multiple platforms.

Learn how to connect an Etsy store to your Printify account:

Consider the Shipping Costs

One of the main things to consider when starting a print-on-demand business in Australia is shipping rates. We recommend using printing partners with fulfillment facilities in Australia to keep expenses low and ensure faster delivery. 

Printify currently has five companies on our printing partner network that print and ship from Australia:

  • The Print Bar – They offer DTG printing with non-toxic, biodegradable inks and excellent print quality. The Print Bar ships their print-on-demand products in a plant-based, home-compostable satchel.
  • Prima Printing – Print-on-demand products from Prima Printing are shipped in sturdy, self-sealing cardboard envelopes, ensuring that they’re well-protected during shipping.
  • Jondo –  They ship orders sealed in plastic wrap and placed in a hard cardboard box made from recycled materials, using 28% less cardboard than industry standards.
  • WOYC – This print-on-demand company prioritizes sustainability, shipping products in eco-friendly, protective, minimalistic packaging. Each water-resistant bag is recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Shipping costs depend on several factors:

  • Package weight and dimensions
  • Shipping destination
  • Shipping method
  • Carrier
  • Fulfilment centre location
  • Customs, duties, and taxes
  • Express shipping 

To find our printing partners and their products, use the Catalog filters, check the shipping rates page, or visit the Print Providers page.

Create a Marketing Plan

A group of young professionals brainstorming about a marketing plan in front of a laptop.

Developing a well-thought-out marketing plan will put your print-on-demand business on the map. 

Start by defining your target audience and creating customer personas to better understand their preferences and needs, helping you tailor your marketing messages and product offerings.


When pricing your products, set higher profit margins to include your marketing efforts in the end product price.

What marketing strategies are the most effective?

  • Content marketing. Create engaging posts, videos, and social media content that resonate with your audience and showcase your print-on-demand products. Quality content can drive organic traffic to your online store and increase brand awareness.
  • Social media advertising. Use Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your online business through targeted ads. Make sure to use eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to attract potential buyers. And don’t forget the hashtags!
  • Email marketing. Build an email list and send regular newsletters to your subscribers. Offer exclusive discounts, free shipping, deals on bulk orders, share new product releases, and provide valuable content to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Influencer marketing. Partner with influencers in your niche to promote your products, help you reach a wider audience, and increase trust in your brand.

Track the performance of your marketing efforts and adjust your strategies accordingly to maximize your return on investment.

Manage and Monitor Your Online Business

Two men working on their laptops from the comfort of their home, with a dog next to them.

Running a successful business and selling to Australian customers requires ongoing management and monitoring. What does that include?

  • Customer service. Provide excellent customer support by responding to inquiries and addressing concerns promptly. This helps improve customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases.
  • Inventory management. Keep track of your product offerings and ensure your designs are up-to-date and relevant to your audience. Regularly review your best-selling products and consider expanding your product line.
  • Analyse data. Utilize analytic tools like Shopify Analytics, Google Analytics and others to monitor your store’s performance, including sales, traffic, and customer behaviour. This information can help you identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.
  • Regularly update your online store. Keep your website or storefront fresh and visually appealing by updating product images, descriptions, and promo banners. This simple maintenance step can create a positive user experience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

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Why Sell Products in Australia With Printify?

Printify is the best print-on-demand company for starting a business in Australia. Not only is the platform super easy to use from both desktop and mobile devices, but the Printify team has thought of virtually everything to make your life easier and help you earn more by doing less.

Local Partner Facilities

The Printify eCommerce platform works with carefully vetted and proven Australian-based print providers and fulfillment centers in their global print provider network – ensuring faster shipping times, lower costs, and reliable service for Australian businesses and shoppers.

AUD Support

Printify supports Australian Dollars (AUD) as a currency, making it easy for Australian merchants to manage their finances without worrying about currency conversions and exchange fees.


With Printify’s geo-routing feature, discontinued or out-of-stock custom products are no longer an issue. Your orders will automatically be routed to the closest of our partner facilities at no additional cost, reducing shipping times and costs for you and your customers.

Large Product Variety

Printify’s Catalog is home to over 850 print-on-demand products that serve as a blank canvas for your unique and diverse designs – create a t-shirt store or add multiple products.

Custom Branding Options

Printify provides custom labels for selected print-on-demand products, such as t-shirt neck labels and shipping labels (custom packaging inserts are coming soon!), to help you create a cohesive brand experience for your customers.

No Upfront Costs

The beauty of Printify and Print on Demand is that there are no upfront costs, so you can start selling custom products with almost no financial investment. You pay the Catalog price only after your customer orders something.

FAQ: Best Print-on-Demand Solutions for Australia

Yes, print on demand can be a profitable business in Australia. Like any business, the key to success is offering high-quality products, effective marketing strategies, and excellent customer service. 

With Printify’s support, local printing partner facilities, diverse product selection, and custom branding, merchants can create a profitable and sustainable print-on-demand business that caters to Australian customers.

Starting a print-on-demand business in Australia is legal, but you must comply with all local business regulations, including taxes and licensing requirements. Always respect copyright and trademark laws when creating and selling custom products.

Start Your Print-on-Demand Business in Australia Today

There has never been a better time to start a print-on-demand business and sell custom products in Australia. With Printify's extensive range of white-label items, local print providers, custom labels, and user-friendly platform – you can create a successful online store tailored to the needs of the Australian market.

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  1. T. Goma
    April 5

    Is there a step by step guide or tutorial for Australian sellers, to help them navigate the confusing currencies (Final retail price being displayed in USA dollars on Printify, while the shipping and production costs are displayed as AU)? Only to have the USD retail price display as AU on the personal website and markets like ETSY?

    Why isn’t there just a clean data entry for either currency set?

    I’ve just spent good time with support and I’m still confused. The latest shipping updates haven’t helped…I’ve been adding production costs and shipping costs (display calculated in AU)…and having them translate to what appears to be US in the final retail price, only to see those figures are displaying as AU on my website and my ETSY store…I’m going nuts.

    Printify is stating the retail price remains set to US, regardless of any other currencies being used. How do we calculate anything accurately?

    1. Ariel Summers
      May 17

      Hi there,

      You would need to convert the currency yourself and then enter this amount as your retail price on Printify. Let’s say you want to sell your product for 20 AUD, then you should simply enter 20 USD on Printify as your retail price and it would be displayed as 20 AUD on your sales channel.

      Thank you for your feedback!


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