Maximize Profits With Printify Express: Your Fast Track to Success

Maximize Profits With Printify Express: Your Fast Track to Success

Standing out in a crowded market is no easy feat, but it’s possible with the right resources. Printify Express is a powerful tool – the service offers more than just fast shipping; it’s a gateway to enhanced customer satisfaction, a stronger competitive edge, and higher profit potential.

Offering Express Delivery sounds like a luxury feature on its own, but how does it impact your print-on-demand strategy with actionable steps and reliable results? Let’s dive in to find out.

What Is Printify Express?

Printify's Catalog showing the t-shirt section with the “Express” filter applied under the shipping section.

Printify Express Delivery is the response to the evolving landscape of eCommerce, where speed is synonymous with excellence. In practical terms, it’s an advanced order fulfillment option that provides production and delivery in 2-3 working days.

As online sales growth outpaces in-store shopping, customers seek the same experience of instant gratification they would typically receive after purchasing in a physical store. Fast shipping times, such as 2-day or same-day delivery, influence most shoppers’ purchasing decisions.

We’re expanding the availability of Printify Express to offer more sales opportunities. Currently, it’s available for our two bestselling t-shirts – Bella+Canvas 3001 and Gildan 5000. The service charges a $7.99 shipping fee, only $3.24 more than standard shipping

On top of that, the costs for any additional products ordered will remain under $2.40 on top of the standard shipping price, encouraging larger purchases with discounted delivery expenses.


Express Delivery is available for manual orders made on the Printify website, the Printify Pop-Up Store sales channel, as well as two of our integrated eCommerce partner channels – Etsy and Shopify.

Benefits of Offering Express Delivery

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Ten Strategies for Promoting Express Delivery

Visibility and clear communication are key. Here’s how you can make Printify Express an irresistible part of your store and leverage more value from the quick shipping aspect.

Product Listing Optimization

Express Delivery is not just a feature – it’s a selling point. As you optimize product listings with relevant keywords, navigational tags, descriptions, and titles, ensure that your text clearly highlights Express Delivery and mentions its benefits directly for the customer.

Product Listing Optimization

Etsy listing of a crafting box with the mention of fast 1-3 day delivery in its product description.
Source: Etsy

Inform customers with phrases like “Opt for Express Delivery at checkout and receive your item in just a few days” or create an acronym in the title for a quick-view highlight.

Visual Promotions

Nothing grabs attention like a well-placed badge or banner. Adorn your product images and website storefront with visuals that scream “Express Shipping Available”. Display these options prominently on your homepage or product pages for maximum impact.

For example, add a small, distinct icon on the top page of your store to indicate express availability, ensuring it’s noticed immediately without being too intrusive while browsing.

Customer Communication

Highlight the availability of Express Delivery when marketing or discussing relevant topics through commercial channels and direct messages. From FAQs to shop announcements, make it a value proposition that’s an integral part of your brand.

FAQ section about Shipping on the Ralph Lauren website, answering questions about delivery options, shipping costs, and more.
Source: Ralph Lauren

Consider incorporating Express Shipping mentions in automated order confirmation emails or chatbot scripts to communicate the feature across various channels.

Leveraging Reviews

Customers naturally trust their peers more when discussing a service. Don’t forget to show off reviews whenever you get them, especially the ones that rave about how fast your products arrived. Echoing reviews are gold for prospective buyers.

Feature reviews on your homepage or social media. Interact with positive mentions to bump comments to the top of your feed and display reviews as testimonial banners.

Social Media Promotion

Create engaging social media posts that emphasize the speed and reliability of Express Delivery. Turn to the value it brings your audience, showcasing the joy of receiving products swiftly and how it can make life easier, from transparent promotions to memes.

As an example, post a countdown for a special event like Mother’s Day – “Only 3 days left to buy your mom a present” and “Express love to your dad with Express Delivery”.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Existing customers don’t always appreciate brand promotional emails, but a well-timed message with a good deal can be a powerful nudge. Send targeted emails to promote Express Delivery, especially before peak shopping seasons or holidays.

Make sure your email leads customers to take the right action. Use CTA statements and direct links to encourage readers to engage with your offer.

Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal sales are your key to high profits, which combines extremely well with the value offered by Express Delivery. Attach fast shipping guarantees to your holiday marketing campaigns and leverage the sales boom.

Try promoting free Express Shipping as a limited-time incentive to encourage new customers. Bringing in more traffic at a small initial loss can be a great investment.

Bundles and Discounts

Another way to get more bang for your buck is by encouraging larger purchases with added benefits. Offer discounts or bundle products with Express Delivery enabled to sweeten the deal with the perception that a higher purchase is exponentially better.

Chord Files “Make your own bundle” listing, where it says that one gets 30% off and free express shipping if they buy 6 or more items.
Source: Chord Files

Creating offers such as “Buy 3 Get Express Shipping Free” is a great way to encourage bulk purchases and move more products while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Personalized Rewards

Craft exclusive offers for repeat customers through your email campaigns or your store page accounts. Integrate Express Delivery as a special feature in your loyalty programs as a free upgrade or a subscription model for continued discounts on future purchases.

2(X)IST website stating that their Diamond tier 4 members in the US get free express shipping.
Source: 2(X)IST

For instance, send personalized emails to repeat customers, offering them a one-time Express Delivery upgrade. This is a gesture of appreciation for their continued support and interest.

Why not provide a second feature as well? Printify’s Packaging Inserts are branded additions to your packaging that promote your store and various offers. Promote Express Delivery in your packages for their next purchase, potentially with a discount code.

Packaging inserts are a way to remind a customer about your brand in everyday life. Including discount codes for faster delivery will keep your buyers from throwing it out.

Best Practices for Implementing Express Delivery

When conducting any strategies with the Express Delivery feature, follow our list of best practices to maintain consistency in the offer and carry out your message successfully.

Success Stories

Take a more intimate look with our Printify Express Delivery success story:

Follow Lihn and Hoa’s rise to business success. See their recent highlights of bringing more value to people looking for last-minute birthday gifts, finding the speed of the delivery far outweighing the costs, and improving their brand perception for a bag full of five-star reviews.

This is more than just a positive testimonial; it’s a blueprint for success. Find more merchant Success Stories for insight into the flair needed to achieve high print-on-demand profits in eCommerce.

Parting Words

Express Delivery is a powerful tool for boosting profits and elevating your business, packaged neatly in an integrated order delivery feature. We encourage you to start experimenting with the strategies discussed to discover what best resonates with your unique audience and brand.

As we wrap up, remember to join our Rockstars group on Facebook to share your experiences and learn what works best for others. Here’s to delivering a quick success!

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