How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples

How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples

In our quest to explore how Printify Express Delivery assists sellers in growing their businesses, we sat down with two merchants from Vietnam. 

Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the benefits of using Printify Express Delivery for your business and see whether it can enhance your day-to-day business processes.

Let’s Introduce Our Merchants

Hello! My name is Hoa. I’m the leader of the team responsible for the order fulfillment system. Our company was established three years ago, and we have a commercial business model. Linh here is also a part of the team.

Hi, I’m Linh, and I work for a subsection of the organization. Our side of the business was established two years ago, and our business model is eCommerce with print-on-demand items like apparel and stickers on various eCommerce platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and TikTok Shop.

How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples 1

What Products Do You Sell?

Hoa: We’re currently selling in the US market, and our products are clothing pieces as well as some home decor items, like ornaments, which are essential products for the holiday season. We sell these on various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and TikTok Shop.

How Has Printify Express Delivery Positively Impacted Your Business?

Hoa: We’ve been using Printify Express Delivery for a long time and have seen how much it has changed how the public sees us. We’re very satisfied with the quality and the speed of Printify. Recently, we’ve integrated two additional variants that we use, specifically the Express program, because it has helped with the delivery time and scope. 

Printify Express Delivery is a fulfillment option that offers more for no additional cost. So, for $7.99 and faster fulfillment, it beats standard shipping. Quotes from other platforms consistently range from $15 to $20, and the fulfillment time is still long. Meanwhile, with Printify Express Delivery, the print and delivery are within just two to three days, which I think is amazing.

How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples 2

Any Customer Feedback On Printify Express Delivery?

Linh: Yes, my customers are very satisfied with the Printify Express Delivery service. And they’ve given me a lot of five-star reviews. They’ve generally been very pleased to receive their products early, all thanks to Printify Express.

Have You Seen A Shift In Your Brand Perception?

Linh: Yes, our customers expect us to maintain high-quality products consistently. With Printify Express Delivery, we’ve been able to deliver high-quality products with a remarkably low rate of errors.

How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples 3

How do You Adjust Pricing When Using Printify Express Delivery?

Linh: The shipping cost with Printify Express Delivery is only $7.99, which is significantly cheaper than other factories. This has proven to be cost-effective for my business. Therefore, Printify Express Delivery has helped us considerably save on business expenses.

Any Example Of How Printify Express Delivery Helped You Meet A Tight Deadline?

Hoa: In my team, I remember that during the last holiday season, many customers bought products as gifts. We got an order, and the customer asked if we could deliver it in just four days. It was risky because this was also during the Christmas season, which is very busy. The customer ordered on the 20th!  But with Printify Express Delivery, we were able to deliver on Christmas Eve, just in time for Christmas.

How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples 4

Linh: Regarding my team, I remember one time we had a returning customer who ordered ten pieces for an upcoming birthday party. However, due to an oversight, she placed the order quite late. She was desperate to have the products delivered before the birthday. Given that priority shipping takes about seven to eight business days, she was certain the items wouldn’t arrive on time. Fortunately, Printify offers Express Delivery service, significantly shortening the order processing time to only three to four business days. So the order arrived just in time for the birthday party.


Linh and Hoa praised Printify ExpressDelivery for its fast delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. They also shared how Printify Express Delivery streamlined shipping processes, saved time, and increased profit margins. 

We hope their experience proves that adding Printify Express Delivery to your business model will be a great move this year.

The transcript of our conversation has been shortened and edited.

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