Print-On-Demand Underwear – Say Goodbye to Boring Undies

Print-On-Demand Underwear – Say Goodbye to Boring Undies

Underwear no longer serves as just the functional part of everyday dress. You can now bedazzle panties and boxers to fit different needs, styles, and occasions.

From bridal showers and fun bachelorettes to birthday parties with a twist. Print-on-demand underwear enters the industry with spicy options for unique designs.

Create for yourself or ship worldwide – bring your personal wardrobe or online store to the next level with custom underwear.

Pick a Product to Design

Keep an eye on our extensive and ever-growing Catalog for new product types and mockups. It stores print-on-demand underwear for men and women – patiently waiting for your world-renowned designs.

Women's Briefs

Women's Briefs

Custom underwear is an excellent way for women to elevate their attire. 

While labeled as a daily necessity, panties can serve as unique accessories for customers worldwide. Design them for everyday use or special occasions – ideal for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or bachelorettes.

Crafted from light polyester and available in six sizes, these panties will be favorites in every woman’s wardrobe. They include custom labels with care instructions and rock an all-over print, adding extra flair and quality to your image, text, or pattern.

Men's Boxer Briefs

Men's Boxer Briefs

Men’s underwear is a billion-dollar industry, with boxer briefs taking the lead. And rightfully so. With the right design placement and extra light material – boxer briefs provide space, comfort, and support, enhanced with unique images or patterns.

Revolutionize your online store with unique designs on simple yet extraordinary products. Sell custom boxer briefs to modern men who value great products combining style and comfort. 

Whether wearing them around the house or on daily out-and-abouts, these all-over-print boxers will be guaranteed favorites among men worldwide.

Select a Sales Channel

Select a Sales Channel

Printify has extensive eCommerce partnerships – adding ease and convenience to your print-on-demand journey. Whether you want to build your own store or use an existing marketplace, we’ve got integrations that will match your needs.

eCommerce Platforms

A platform is basically a tool allowing you to build your own store. They typically include full customization options for your product mockups and listings, along with various features and extras you can add.

Printify integrates with:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • BigCommerce
  • PrestaShop

eCommerce Marketplaces

Marketplaces won’t have full customization options, but they do come with their own built-in tools and audiences, meaning it’s easier for buyers to find you and your product listings.

Printify integrates with:

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Walmart

Make It Happen Today!

Sell Print-On-Demand Underwear While We Handle the Rest

Sell Print-On-Demand Underwear While We Handle the Rest

Sell custom underwear with Printify and forget about keeping stock or handling orders and logistics yourself – we do it for you. 

In the meantime, you can focus on marketing, outsource artists for new design favorites, and grow your business and product scope while our automated processes guarantee your purchased orders get fulfilled.

And, in case of trouble, doubts, or uncertainties, our Support Team is at arms reach to make sure your products are handled – from design and print to delivery.

Why Sell Custom Underwear?

Why Sell Custom Underwear
  • The global underwear market size reached $88.32 billion in 2022.

In case you’re not convinced yet, let us take you through more facts about selling custom-printed undies. And trust us – it’s worth it. 

  • Men spend over $2.6 billion on underpants every year.

World-famous brands like MeUndies, ON THAT ASS, and Cheeky have proven that selling epic designs on custom underwear is a goldmine.

  • The above-mentioned companies offer underwear subscriptions, sending a new pair in custom packaging every month. Earning up to $200 million in annual revenue.

Custom panties and boxers, available in every size, color, and cut, are sought after for their convenience, style, and comfort. So join the global sales and grab your share of the billion-dollar market.

And, with Print on Demand being 100% free, you can save yourself the money and hassle of handling orders by trusting our Print Providers to do it for you.

Tips for Successful Print-On-Demand Underwear Design

Tips for Successful Print-On-Demand Underwear Designs

Go For Witty

Let loose and have a little fun with your design. You can afford to be cheeky and a bit naughty – it’s print-on-demand underwear, after all. Add a funny text, image, or pattern that will make both the wearer and admirer burst out laughing.

Add Names and Phrases

Don’t just think images, the power of text and captions can also turn your print-on-demand underwear store into a bestseller. Names, titles, days of the week, or silly phrases fit exceptionally well on underwear. They’ll be great reminders, conversation starters, and truly one-of-a-kind gifts.

Create Something Unique

White underwear is by far the most common (and boring) color. Add some sparkle to your collection with really funky designs. Think garish prints, lots of color, and striking graphics. From neon animal prints to zig-zag patterns and tie-dies, be unique and specific to your target audience or person in mind.

Don't Forget Special Occasions

Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween, birthdays, weddings, bachelorettes, and more. The year is filled with one special day after another. Use that to create epic designs for a whole collection of holiday-themed undies.

Think About the Couples

Matching his and hers underwear – yep – that’s a real thing. Couples are buying matching underwear to show their true love to one another. Usually, for a bit of fun, couples are looking to surprise their partners with anything from their names to their faces printed on their underwear.

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Designing Print-On-Demand Underwear Has Never Been Easier

All signs point to an industry that is getting stronger by the day. With women’s briefs and men’s boxers taking the lead among favorites to customers worldwide.

Learn the latest trends and competitor tricks to create a truly great product in every size and style – for free with Printify. 

Save time and money, unleash your creativity, and grab your slice of the billion-dollar market pie with custom-printed underwear.

Make It Happen Today!

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  1. Ros
    May 13

    I am annoyed that the products on this page don’t actually seem to be an option. I will be using a different company and feel deceived.

    1. Martha Simmons
      May 15

      Hi Ros,
      Thank you for bringing this up! This article is currently being updated, so feel free to circle back to this in a couple of days. Nonetheless, the links that lead to the products in our catalog are active, so feel free to check those out.

  2. John
    March 30

    Anyone complaining about the price of the boxers needs to reevaluate their brand. If you think you cant sell mens underwear for $30-$35 a pair, thats not a problem with your price, its a problem with your brand. I sell them for $35 and sell a ton. I also sell all over print hoodies for $65-$80 and they are my best selling product. If all your stuff is priced super cheap, people will assume its cheap quality and junk. If its priced medium ranged or higher, they will assume its higher quality materials and products. Also, if you have customers who like your brand, they will buy your products regardless of the price. Look at Supreme, Full Send, Teddy Fresh, etc. All high priced clothing that sells out in minutes, sometimes seconds.

  3. Octavis Branch
    December 19

    They are great to design on, yet the price gage. If they are from China why do they cost so much? How is anyone going to make a profit on them.

  4. fox
    August 23

    way to expensive to make a profit, $20 dollars for boxer briefs you would have to sell them for $35 to make any sort of profit unreal whose gonna buy boxers at $35 dollars.

  5. pistol pete
    June 11

    I love to wear printed underwear all day long because it provides me confidence and provides me a sexy and appealing look. I have purchased many printed mens underwear from I love to wear underwear that are pocket friendly and comfortable.

  6. JudaJames
    April 10

    Print underwear for men is looking awesome. Really I would like to buy this type of underwear. Please share this type of more post. I buy my underwear from Be-Brief generally.

  7. Edwin Collins
    April 7

    These printed bikinis are a new trend nowadays. I like them very much. Thanks for sharing these amazing printed undies in your article. You can check the latest collection of printed mens underwear from

  8. Custom Print creator
    February 19

    I am asking the same Question in their help chat messages

    1. Elina Stafecka
      February 19

      Hi, unfortunately, as a safety measure due to the on-going coronavirus outbreak, and as per the Chinese govt directory, all our China-based supplier products, including underwear, are temporarily out of stock. They will be back when the suppliers resume normal operations. Please check-in at a later time and thank you for your understanding.

  9. Jesus
    February 19

    Is this no longer offered?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      February 19

      Hi, unfortunately, as a safety measure due to the on-going coronavirus outbreak, and as per the Chinese govt directory, all our China-based supplier products, including underwear, are temporarily out of stock. They will be back when the suppliers resume normal operations. Please check-in at a later time and thank you for your understanding.


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