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Boxer briefs are one of the most comfortable things anyone can wear – take it from the ladies who steal briefs from their fellas. People are constantly looking for an extra pair to wear or give as a novelty gift. Printify brings you excellent custom boxers that are comfortable, stylish, and sell extremely well. Get busy and start designing.

Custom Boxers With Face
Custom Boxers Printify

Consistent Demand

Custom boxers are solid best-sellers, needed by every man every day. They also serve as excellent gifts for any occasion.

All-Over Print

The age of old, boring designs (plaid) is over. Design boxer briefs with stunning all-over patterns for the “wow” factor.

Quality Where it Counts

Your customers will love our extra light fabric that's soft, long-lasting, and holds printed designs beautifully.

Why Sell Custom Boxers Online?

Printify offers high-quality men’s briefs that will stay bright wash after wash. Besides, custom boxers are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Start Selling Selling Custom Boxers

Whether as a birthday gift or any other holiday, a pair of quality classic boxer briefs with your design will put a smile on people’s faces and money in your pocket. Get a 20% discount on every item in our catalog – subscribe to Printify Premium and earn even more.

up from

$12.5 billion

men’s underwear industry research anticipates almost a twofold increase in market value by the end of 2031.

The market is predicted to grow at a strong CAGR of 5.3% over the next three years.

How to Sell Custom Boxer Briefs in Four Easy Steps

Custom Boxers - How To Create Boxers
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1. Sign Up With Printify

Working Printify is the easiest way to start selling personalized boxers – we will do all the heavy lifting for you. You only need to sign up and create an account.

2. Choose a Product

When your Printify account is ready, visit our catalog of over 800 beautiful custom items and choose men’s boxer briefs

They are made from super soft material while being durable and strong at the same time. Made of 100% polyester, they’re super comfy and can be worn all day long, even at the gym.

3. Create Your Unique Design

Even though eye-catching designs are essential for the success of custom boxer shorts, it does not mean you need to be a professional designer.

You can if you’ve got the skills, but another way is to hire a freelance artist. There are numerous platforms for finding an artist that matches your ideas.  

You can also take advantage of our collaboration with Shutterstock to choose from among thousands of pictures to use for your custom apparel and accessories.

4. Customize Your Product

Once your designs are prepared in a suitable format, you’re ready to create custom products with our Mockup Generator, which is straightforward and easy to use.

  • Select the product.
  • Play around with your uploaded designs. Remember, our personalized boxer briefs are printed in all-over-print or AOP technique, so you will want your design to wrap around the whole product.
  • Make use of our text editing tool to add custom text.

5. Connect to eCommerce

After designing your boxer shorts, it’s time to list them on an online marketplace or platform.

Printify has made it as simple as the press of a button. Our partners are the most prominent online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms – Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Etsy, and others. You choose which is best for you and easily integrate.

Start Selling Custom Boxers Online!

Tips for Selling Personalized Boxers

1 - Choose the Right Design for your Audience

Start by finding the niche for your brand. Are your designs funny or moody? Who are you targeting – animal lovers by putting cute pets on the custom boxer shorts? Or maybe avid fishers or golfers? Design products that fit the chosen niche to reach your desired target audience and leave them impressed.

2 - Price your Custom Boxers Correctly

This next part can make or break your business: setting the price. In our catalog, you will find two prices for each product – a regular price and a Printify Premium subscriber price. That is how much the product costs you. For example, for our premium subscribers, the men's boxer briefs cost $16.67. Now think about how much you want to charge to win over your customers and earn profits.

Custom Boxer Shorts Design Ideas

Form-fitting boxers are a great medium to showcase your creativity. Personalize our briefs with photos, cool texts, abstract patterns, or animal faces. Promote your brand or website by printing your logo. Want to go even further? Offer your customers to send in their photos and create truly personal custom boxers to surprise their loved ones.

Custom Boxers - With Name

Custom Boxers with Name

There are many ways our text editor can come in handy while designing your custom underwear. ‘Property of_______’ shows ownership over a specific bottom. Custom boxers are great gifts for weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. Men appreciate personalized funny gifts, so underwear with their sweetheart’s or even best bro’s name will hit the spot.

Custom Boxers with Face

If a name seems too vague, face the truth: a printed photo on the front or back of custom boxers is the way to go. ‘Personalized boxers with face’ is among the most popular search queries regarding novelty gifts – actors, musicians, politicians, and other celebrities are a gold mine for this product to surprise a husband, brother, or co-worker.

Custom Boxers - With Face
Custom Boxers - With Pictures And Pattern

Custom Boxers with Pictures

Offer your customers to have their photos printed on a pair of personalized boxers: pets, hobbies, favorite travel destinations, and more for a truly personal and memorable present. Our mockup generator allows you to play around with up to five layers, guaranteeing a unique outcome every time.

Custom Valentine Boxers

Valentine’s Day is the day of personalized boxers. For him, it’s the perfect gift: practical, funny, a gift from someone he loves (even if it’s his best bro). Shape this special day – customize our briefs all over (except the waistband) with sweet or sexy designs, from adorable heart motifs to sexy words and funny quotes to adding a photo all over the garment.

Custom Boxers - Valentines Printify

Start Selling Custom Boxers Online!

Here's What You Need To Keep In Mind:

Custom Boxers Selling With Printify POD

Design Costs

If you hire someone to help personalize your product designs or purchase stock images, you need to consider these expenses. You want to scale your business, but it will be nearly impossible if you set your prices too low by not considering these costs.

Shipping Rates

Thankfully, personalized boxers are a lightweight product, which means fast shipping at a relatively low cost for you and your customers. If you decide to offer your customers free shipping when setting the price, includie the cost of shipping in the product price to make a profit.

Advertising Costs

Let's be honest: in a saturated market, it's hard to stand out unless a) you have a huge following or you set a budget for marketing your designs. There are advertising options on every platform and marketplace we have integrations with. You can go as low as a couple of dollars per week to show higher in the search results. If you believe boxer shorts will become your primary business, you can devise a solid advertising budget and strategy.

Profit Margin

After calculating the above costs, it's time to set the end price for your customers, including the profit margin. When working with the print-on-demand business model, you have no upfront costs. You only pay when you make a sale. When the customer buys a pair of printed boxers from your store, you pay the cost in our catalog, and the rest is profit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Boxers

It’s simple:

  1. Sign up for Printify.
  2. Choose the product from our catalog.
  3. Use the mockup generator to upload your designs.

Create product mockups to publish to your eCommerce store.

It depends on how soon you can produce designs. When you have your designs ready and uploaded to the mockup generator, publishing them to your shop takes mere minutes. Add prices, descriptions, and size variants, and you’re good to go.

Printify has no order minimum. Even if you only want to order one pair of quality custom boxers with pictures of your pets or family members, you’re free to do so. The same goes with a maximum: you can sell as many pieces as your customers need.

It is, without a doubt. You don’t need any start-up funds to start a POD business, meaning that every item your customers purchase turns into profit for you. You can make a lot of money if you price your items correctly. Moderately priced goods like printed boxers can help generate a nice cash flow.

Custom boxers are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to show off their personality, sense of humor, and style for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion. The best time to sell boxer briefs is now and always.

A Fully Functional Personalized Boxer Business – in Minutes

Starting a boxer shorts business takes less than an hour to set everything up, thanks to our smooth integrations with the biggest eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. When you have your designs ready, uploading and then adjusting them on a virtual product model in Printify’s Mockup Generator takes just minutes.

There are virtually no upfront costs. POD is a booming industry because every year more people seek unique items over mass-produced ones. People are becoming increasingly eco-conscious (POD means no overproduction, no waste; your goods are only printed when a sale is made), and like to stand out from the crowd. Unique is cool. Unique is profitable.

When you team up with Printify for your printed boxers business, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Not only do we produce, package and ship the end product to your customers, but we also provide 24/7 merchant support should any issue arise. 

So roll up those sleeves and start designing a line of custom boxers for the modern man (or woman).

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