Print on Demand Cut and Sew T-Shirts

Print on Demand Cut and Sew T-Shirts

Cut and sew t-shirts are the perfect option if you’re looking to design and sell high-quality garments with cutting-edge prints and vivid colors.

They’re made using the all-over printing method that covers the entire surface of the product – you can add your graphics to the front, back, and both sleeves. Whether you want to print graphic designs or photos, you can make any idea come true.

With Printify, there are no minimum order limits, and there’s no need to order t-shirts in bulk since all products are printed on demand. When someone purchases your t-shirt, we send it to production and ship it directly to the buyer.

We’ve got everything you need to start your new POD business.

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What Is Cut and Sew?

What Is Cut and Sew

Cut and sew is an apparel manufacturing process where the print is applied to the garment before being sewn together.

Designers, recognized brands, and clothing stores often order apparel from wholesalers and then apply their print to the fabrics in-house, but this can limit the final product design. With cut and sew, you have more control over the final look of the t-shirt and its overall quality.

Pros of Cut and Sew Printing

All-over printing lets you build any shirt design you want and cover the entire surface of the garment with your images.

Whatever graphic or image you’re using, cut and sew allows you to place tiny design details accurately on the fabric.

Since the print is applied to the garment before sewing, you don’t need to worry about any white streaks appearing around the seams.

RGB lets you create printed products with more saturated and vibrant colors.

Cons of Cut and Sew Printing

Since it’s more complex to produce cut and sew shirts, the process takes longer.

These t-shirts are slightly more expensive to produce than others.

Despite the few cons, the quality of cut and sew shirts is unmatched. This is the way to go if you want your awesome design to cover the entire shirt, including the hem, collar, and sleeves. You can place your design elements exactly where you want them, and your visuals will have vibrant colors.

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Custom Cut and Sew T-Shirts With POD

Our catalog offers several cut and sew tees made out of lightweight materials and comfortable fabrics, allowing you to showcase your awesome visuals right up to the edges of the garments.

There are no upfront costs or minimum order limits when you start building your print on demand t-shirts with Printify.

Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee

Your images will pop right off the Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee. It’s made out of light 100% polyester, microfiber-knit fabric and is highly breathable. The shirt has an elastic ribbed collar and twill tape covering the shoulder seams to prevent it from stretching.

Designs are applied by using industry-leading water-based ink, the all-over print covers the entire surface of the shirt. You can pick between two seam colors. Prices start at $20.81 ($16.02 with Printify Premium), and all shirts are printed in the USA.

Women's AOP Cut & Sew Tee

Your female customers will love the Women’s AOP Cut & Sew Tee. This 100% polyester shirt has a rib-knit collar with a seam and twill shoulder tape, preventing the fabric from stretching and helping retain its original look.

All-over printing lets you apply any design you want to the fabric, and you can pick between several shirt and seam colors. The tees are printed with water-based, eco-friendly inks. Prices start at $17.13 ($13.20 with Printify Premium).

Design Ideas for Custom Cut and Sew T-Shirts

You can use the entire surface of the shirt as your canvas to create a unique look. Try out all-over pattern designs, go for different sleeve colors and contrasting collars, make wrap-around visuals, or use large-format images. You’re in control of every detail, giving you the perfect opportunity to come up with a range of tees that the world will crave.

Repeated AOP Pattern Designs

Repeated AOP Pattern Designs

Pattern styles have been around for awhile and are still popular as ever. When creating your design, consider the target audience or the theme you want to focus your print around.

You can come up with holiday-themed patterns like a candy cane shirt for Christmas or a spooky pumpkin lantern design for Halloween. Buyers also love silly patterns with cartoon characters and puns. You can’t go wrong with classics like tie-dye, animal prints, geometric designs with shapes and lines, polka dots, and much more.

Colorblock Designs

Colorblock Designs

Thanks to the construction of all-over print shirts, you can design a tee with two different colors on the front and back or use contrasting colors on the sleeves. This way, you can attract attention to specific parts of the t-shirt, for example, to highlight specific design elements. Think of the garment as your canvas for your printed masterpiece.

Custom Logo Designs

Custom Logo Designs

There are several ways you can apply logos to the fabric of a t-shirt. For example, you can go with the classic look of a small logo printed on the chest and a large image on the back. You can place the logo wherever you want – try adding it to a sleeve for a unique look or come up with a pattern design.

How to Start Selling POD Cut and Sew T-Shirts With Printify

1. Create a Printify Account

Start by signing up with Printify. It's free.

2. Pick a Product and Add Your Design

Pick a product from our catalog and use the Mockup Generator to add your designs, change the colors of the shirt, and get a high-resolution preview.

3. Set the Price

When you're done with the design, set the price of your product. The margin between the production plus shipping costs and the final amount you charge will be your profit.

4. Choose a Sales Channel

Connect your Printify account with the sales channel of your choice. We offer several integrations, including Etsy, Shopify, Wix, and more.

5. Publish Your T-Shirts and Start Selling

Publish the products in your online store and start selling. Once an order comes in, we'll send the shirt to printing and deliver it directly to the buyer. All you need to do is focus on growing your business and promoting your site.


Cut and sew is an apparel manufacturing method where the print is applied to the garment before it is sewn together. This makes it possible to create a superior end product and gives you more control over the final design.

Yes, you can download product templates. When working on your shirt in the Mockup Generator, select Download design template.

When designing your t-shirt, remember that solid colors and repetitive patterns work best on all-over prints. 

We don’t recommend placing detailed visuals on the collar of the t-shirt, since the cut and sew production technique is manual, and the design may shift a bit during printing. It’s not possible to design the labels.

No, there are no order limits. Our print-on-demand service ensures that a product is sent to production only when your customer has made the purchase. There’s no need to keep stock.

You can wash them with other clothes in water with a maximum temperature of 30C/90F. To ensure the design and material last, don’t dry clean, tumble dry, bleach, or iron the t-shirt.

Try Selling Your Own Cut and Sew T-Shirts

Cut and sew lets you apply any type of design you want to the t-shirt, and be sure that the final product will look amazing. You can place your graphics however you want, and there’s no need to worry about the print quality – RGB will make the colors pop.

Starting from scratch has never been easier. Just search for a tee in our catalog, add your design, and publish it to your store. You can then start selling without any upfront costs, while we take care of the production and shipping.

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