Master the Art of AI Imagery: How to Use Midjourney

Master the Art of AI Imagery: How to Use Midjourney

Do you want to create images without any drawing skills or transform your words into surreal visuals? If so, you need to try Midjourney – an AI image generator that lets you create anything you can imagine.

Midjourney is an independent research lab delving into realms of cognitive enhancement, broadening the imaginative powers of human species. It uses a cutting-edge AI model named DALL-E, renowned for its ability to produce original images in response to text or image cues. 

Midjourney bot is perfect for creating art, memes, logos, unique image files, illustrations, and animations. The best part is that you don’t need any special software or skills to get AI-generated images. Simply join Discord and connect to a Midjourney plan – which we’ll go through in detail.

Create a Discord Account

Create a Discord Account

The first step to using the Midjourney bot is to create a Discord account. Discord is a chat app that lets you communicate with other users via text, voice, or video. It also lets you join servers – communities of people who share common interests or hobbies.

  • Visit the Discord website and click on the Open Discord in your browser.
  • Enter your username, email address, and password, and click Continue.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your inbox.
  • Choose a profile picture and customize your settings.
  • Choose a Midjourney plan – free trial may not always be available due to high demand. Choosing a subscription plan is a guaranteed way of getting what you want from the Midjourney Discord server. The basic plan is $8 per month.

Go to a #Newbie or #General Channel, or Create a New One

The next step is to join the Midjourney server via your Discord account. A server is a group of channels where you can chat with other users and bots. A channel is a specific topic or category within a server.

  • To join the official Midjourney Discord server, go to and click on the Join Discord button.
  • Accept the invitation to join the Midjourney server. A welcome message will appear from the Midjourney bot.
  • Read the rules and terms of service of the server and agree to them by clicking on the green checkmark emoji.
  • You’re now in the Midjourney server, where you’ll see all the channels on the left sidebar.

Entering a channel allows you to send commands to a bot. There are two types of channels: #Newbie channel and its many options, like #Newbies-67, #newbies-7, and #General channel.

#Newbie channels are newcomer rooms for those wanting to learn how to use Midjourney. They have a limit of ten users per channel, a cooldown of 30 seconds between commands, and the bot provides helpful tips.

#General channels are for experienced users who want to use Midjourney without any restrictions. They have no limit on users per channel, no cooldown between commands, and advanced features for the bot.

Join any #General or #Newbie channel by clicking on it, or create your own channel by selecting the + icon next to the channel category name. Feel free to name your channel whatever you like and invite other users to join it.

Join other servers related to Midjourney or AI art by clicking the explore public servers button on the left sidebar of Discord.

Use the /imagine Command

Once you’re in a Midjourney bot channel, start by using the /imagine command. This will generate images from text prompts.

A text prompt is a short text description of what you want the image to look like. Use natural language, keywords, emojis, or a combination of them. The more specific and detailed your prompt is, the better the results are – from hyper-realistic photography images to abstract painting styles, it’s up to you.

Use modifiers to adjust the style, mood, color, size, shape, or perspective of your image. For example: -cartoonish, -dark, -red, -giant, -round, or -top view.

One of the most useful modifiers is -stable, which enables stable diffusion, a feature that generates smooth and coherent images improving the quality and realism of your artwork.

  • Write the /imagine command in the prompt field (chat box) and tap enter. A list of options will appear.
  • Choose from one of the options or write your own prompt. For example, select either a black cat eating soup or a dragon flying over a castle.
  • Click enter and wait for the bot to generate an image. Your first image will pop up in the chat with some buttons below it.
  • Generate a new image grid by typing /imagine again in the message field to receive more outputs.
  • You can also use the slash commands pop-up to see all the available commands and options for Midjourney.

Pro tip

Forgot what you wrote? See the original prompt that produced your image by hovering over it or by clicking the info icon under it.

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Let Midjourney Work

Once you’ve sent your prompt, artificial intelligence will start working on generating an image. Midjourney bot takes about a minute or more, depending on the complexity of your prompt and the load of the server.

While you wait, Midjourney will show you its progress in the chat with Generating image…, Upscaling image…, or Done! You’ll also see a preview of the art as it’s being generated.

Pro tip

Everything you see on screen is not a direct message just for you – everyone in the channel can see it and your original prompt. Don't use your real name if you’re thinking of being naughty with your prompts!

When Midjourney has finished generating, the final result will appear in the chat along with options to upscale, vary, or save your image.

Upscale Images or Create Variations

If you’re unsatisfied with the image’s overall style, you can use the U and V buttons, which create slight variations.

The four U buttons upscale your image, meaning Midjourney will increase your chosen image’s resolution and sharpness.

The four V buttons create slight variations of your image, meaning Midjourney will generate different versions of your artwork based on your prompt. 

  • Select one of the U buttons to get an upscaled image. A message from the bot will appear saying Upscaling image… followed by the new version.
  • Click on the V button to create variations of your image. A message from the Midjourney bot will appear saying Generating variations… followed by a list of new options.
  • Click on your preferred one. Selected variation X will appear from the Midjourney bot, followed by your selected image.

Make More Variations or Favorite an Image

If you want to make even more variations of your image, use the /vary command. This allows you to generate additional images based on an existing one.

  • Write /vary in the chat box and click enter, then a list of options will appear from the bot.
  • Choose from one of the options or create your own prompt. For example, you can choose more realistic or write add wings.
  • Select enter and wait for the bot to generate more images based on your prompt and existing idea. A list of new images will appear in the chat.
  • Click on your preferred one. The bot will respond with Selected variation X, followed by your selected image.

Repeat these steps as many times as you want.

Save an image with the command /favorite, which adds artwork to your favorites list. 

  • Write /favorite in the chat box and hit enter. An Added to favorites confirmation will appear.
  • View your favorites by writing /favorites in the chat box and click enter.
  • Remove an image by typing /unfavorite X in the chat box and press enter – X is the image number. A Removed from favorites confirmation will show.

Time to Save and Share Your Work

Once you’ve created your artwork, save it to your device.

  • Click on the generated image. Once it’s open, find and click Open in Browser on the lower left side. Now, save your piece by right-clicking the selected grid image and choosing Save Image As….
  • Select a location and create a name for your file, then click Save.

Share your image with others.

  • Click on the share icon below the image in the chat.
  • Choose an option from the menu. For example, you can copy the link to your image or click the download icon.

Created Great AI Art? Sell It With Printify

Once you’ve created some great AI art with the Midjourney bot, share it with the world and make some money from it. The good news is this can be done quickly and easily with Printify.

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Upload your chosen images to our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator and place them onto high-quality custom products, with over 850 to choose from, like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and phone cases. 
  • Sell your products by connecting your Printify account with various eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, and Wix.

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Master Midjourney Prompts

Now that you know how to use Midjourney AI art generator, you might want to learn to master Midjourney prompts. Prompts are vital for creating amazing images with the Midjourney bot. 

There are many tricks that can help you write precise prompts to get better results with the /imagine command in the Midjourney art generator. For example, using keywords, modifiers, symbols, references, and styles.

If you want to learn more about how to master Midjourney prompts, check out our blog post where we’ll cover everything you need to know about prompts in detail.

In Conclusion

Midjourney bot is a powerful tool that can unleash your creativity and help you make awesome art. 

Whether you want to make art for fun, for learning, or for profit, the Midjourney bot, hand in hand with Printify, can help you quickly achieve your goals.

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