Etsy Packaging: Elevating the Purchasing Experience

Etsy Packaging: Elevating the Purchasing Experience

Etsy packaging is crucial in shaping a brand’s identity and improving the customer experience. After all, it’s the first thing an Etsy buyer sees when receiving their product.

This first impression can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty, so discussing ways to enhance your Etsy product presentation is essential.

Importance of Branding When Running an Etsy Business

Strong branding is the backbone of any successful Etsy business, setting you apart in a sea of sellers. Branding through good packaging not only communicates the quality of your product but also conveys your brand story and values, creating a lasting impression on customers.

What does a good brand story and values have to do with customer perception? A lot.

Utilizing the importance of brand management in eCommerce has a two-fold effect on customers – 82% of consumers find more loyalty with brands that align with their values, while 70% want to see brands make more personal connections to build trust with the buyer.

What Packaging Do Etsy Sellers Use?

Etsy sellers often get creative with their packaging ideas, using a range of materials from custom boxes and branded bags to added packaging accessories like colorful tissue paper and ribbons. These simple yet effective techniques can significantly enhance the perceived quality and success of a shop.

Packaging options vary widely depending on different product factors, but a common practice is to always make your logo or brand name stand out. For instance, jewelry sellers may opt for small branded gift boxes, while home decor sellers may prioritize larger boxes branded with stickers and stamps.

For Etsy sellers handling their own packaging, the sky’s the limit. Consider these ideas to elevate the unboxing experience and enhance your brand visibility.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

An eco-friendly Etsy package with a label saying “100% recyclable, reusable.”

Opt for recyclable or biodegradable packaging to show commitment to sustainability. While you can still customize these packages with your logo and brand colors, environmentally friendly options always match well with minimalism, thanks to their clean and simple aesthetic.

Custom-Made Boxes

A white and gold custom-made jewelry box.

For higher-priced or delicate items like jewelry, consider investing in custom-made boxes that protect the product and enhance its perceived value. A well-designed box can become a part of the gift itself, creating a delightful surprise for customers.

Printed Adhesives

A person placing a sticker on wrapping paper to seal the package for their Etsy order.

Seal your packages with stickers as an affordable way to brand even the simplest packaging. Feature your brand’s logo or delight with a fun message. Additionally, consider securing the package further with printed packaging tape featuring signature brand patterns.

Wrapping and Padding

Several boxes filled with colorful wrapping paper for padding.

Wrapping your products with custom-printed tissue paper or colorful ribbons goes a long way and adds a layer of luxury and sophistication. If your products need extra protection, use uniquely colored or branded bubble wrap or foam inserts – safety with a fancy twist.

How Are Products Packaged With Print on Demand?

Examples of cardboard packaging for print-on-demand posters.

When using Printify to deliver your print-on-demand products, packaging is handled by the supplier and fulfillment center.

Find all product packaging details in the Printify Catalog. Click on a product, select a Print Provider, and go to Provider Info > Packaging Control. Take a moment to preview and ensure that the product packaging meets your business’s visual standards and expectations.

Find more information on how different products are packaged and gift packaging options in the Printify Help Center.


Printify plans to offer more packaging options soon. Meanwhile, you can still order products ahead of time and re-send them to customers with your own packaging.

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Branding Options With Printify

With Printify, custom branding extends beyond the product itself. You can explore many avenues to brand your products and create a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience.

Custom Packaging Inserts

A merchant adding a packaging insert saying “Thank You” to her Etsy order box.

When you see the packaging inserts option on a product page, it means you can request and include a branded note in the package with your order.

These inserts can range from simple business cards to product care instructions, thank-you cards, campaign posts, and discount codes for future purchases.

Custom Neck Labels

A navy blue t-shirt with a custom neck label saying “your Brand.”

For apparel items, products with the custom neck labels option allow you to replace the manufacturer’s tags with your own branding, offering a polished and personalized look.

Neck labels are a small yet significant clothing element with enough space to showcase logos and graphics. They can also feature a unique stamp, message, or business slogan.

Custom Return Address

Personalize your shipping labels with a custom return address to build customer trust. Set up a custom return address if you’re willing to manage the returns yourself, rather than using a default Printify return facility location.

Gift Messages

Enabling gift messages can expand your personalized branding efforts even further. These small gift cards allow for simple messages, or you can customize them with a logo and unique fonts.

Etsy Packaging FAQ

Absolutely. Packaging on Etsy can make an important difference between one-time orders and building a loyal customer base. It reflects your brand’s quality, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Printify provides integrated shipping solutions for Etsy selling, allowing you to customize print orders with shipping labels and branded packaging inserts from automated fulfillment facilities.

With Printify, shipping details are handled through the platform, ensuring your products reach your customers efficiently. You can use built-in Printify shipping rates as the default option by automatically assigning a shipping profile or updating custom shipping rates through Etsy listings.

Yes, if you’re selling to customers in Germany, you’re required to register your packaging with the LUCID Packaging Register to comply with the country’s packaging laws. This applies to direct sales purchases and any orders fulfilled through Printify.

However, when using Printify and shipping goods exclusively from our dropshipping partners, you can use a custom Printify LUCID number, and you don’t need to register individually. 

Find more information on registering for a LUCID number in the Printify Help Center.


Etsy is a competitive marketplace, and every touch of personalization can bring your business closer to customers and set it apart from competitors. By investing in good packaging, even with a slight price increase, you can impress customers and make more money down the line from loyal clients.

From the moment a customer receives their order, the outside packaging tells your brand’s story, setting the stage for repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing. Creative solutions like packaging inserts and branded labels can help bridge that gap and leave a lasting impression.

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