12 Things to Do at Home to Earn Money (With Printify)

12 Things to Do at Home to Earn Money (With Printify)

One of the best things about humanity is that we’re all programmed to work toward improving things about our lives. For the majority of us, this includes the struggle for money. As citizens of the world facing the myriad hurdles and joys that compose reality, perspective is everything. 

While yes, it’s never possible to fully control every part of this winding journey called life, there are always a few things that people would like more influence over. One of the primary aspects people would like to change is their income. Fortunately, there are things to do at home that can really really make a difference. 

Stay Optimistic 

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Not everyone agrees on the best way to fix various situations. But, it is undeniable that silver linings usually exist in just about any scenario – even if you happen to be stuck inside. Thanks to the prevalence of modern eCommerce, there’s a great deal of potential out there for those that want it. 

As mentioned, opportunities are available for those looking for things to do at home to earn money. A quick google search will bring up a ton of lists pointing out various ways to make a buck or two. However, wouldn’t it be better to put your efforts toward a pursuit that has realistic financial potential? 

By that, we mean starting a legitimate eCommerce business that offers a significant possibility to achieve immediate monetary goals as well as having the capacity to scale up; to handle growth without fear of collapsing.  

Free Entrepreneurship for Beginners

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It’s a hard truth that starting a business requires some investment… unless it doesn’t, somehow. The reality is that most people don’t have the cash reserves necessary to get a venture going – even if their idea, concept, or model is valid. The ‘normal’ way most of these freshly minted entrepreneurs get off the ground is with a bank loan. Loans are a bummer, though; negotiations, interest payments, bankers, audits, etc. 

The great news here is that there’s a way to get past this crippling fiscal obstacle: Printify. Our company’s business model is all about helping people start a passive income stream without putting up any cash at all – well unless they want to. If you’re looking for something to do at home to earn some cash, this is a great place to start. Most of our merchants start out on a free basis, then invest in themselves as they scale. 

Here’s the deal: Anyone, at any time, can choose to empower themselves with their own enterprise – regardless of race, gender, social status, criminal record, or any of the other limiting factors that can rain on someone’s parade. All that’s really necessary from the entrepreneurs’ side is making the decision to choose the right partner – us. 

Profiting With Custom Merchandise

News from Printify

The process is so simple, effective, and free, just about anyone can get on board almost immediately. Basically, it’s a package deal giving a budding entrepreneur the capability to start an online store – fully stocked with customized, personalized merchandise.

The question here is: Where would one of these online store’s merchandise come from? This is where the Printify business model fills in. It’s a combination of print on demand (POD) along with dropshipping. Together, they mean that when someone goes online to buy something, that customer pays for a product that hasn’t been physically created yet. It’s only after that payment goes through, that the product is created and shipped to them. So, store owners aren’t involved in production or shipping at all. 

The beauty here is that it saves a bunch of time and money. You (the shop owner) don’t have to pay to create a storefront, rent a location, pay for employees, insurance, inventory, storage, etc. The merchants in charge of Printify stores just have to make a digital version of the products they want to sell – easily something to do at home. The extra time they save is ideal for doing more important jobs, like promoting a store, making new cool products, reaching out to customers, making deals, drawing new graphics, etc. 

Already found what you were looking for?

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Product Customization 101

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Thanks to some very hardworking people working for Printify, the development team has made the process for creating a new product incredibly simple: The Printify Product Creator. It’s an incredibly user-friendly format that effortlessly guides any merchants through product creation from start to finish. It’s such a great system that it’s become an easy thing to do at home. Our goal was to make everything as smooth as possible. Check out how easy filling up an online store can be:

1. Product:

Printify has a diverse catalog of almost 300 ‘blank’ items: T-shirts, coffee mugs, custom fanny packs, bags, etc. They’re called blank because they’re all destined to be changed by merchants before their sale. Pick a product (and the respective color) you’d like to display in your store from a large network of suppliers that can create versions of said product. 

2. Personalize:

If your company wants to provide some wall art, for example, all canvas products all come in a flat white until a merchant’s design is added in the all-over-print (AOP) area. Other items (like t-shirts) will have different base colors and printing locations. All products will have some designated area for you to put design, word(s), logo, or just about anything else on – as long as it’s printable. 

3. Publish:

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After everything on an item is just right (or perfectly wrong) publish it to your online store. Any Printify merchant can connect their account to a bunch of eCommerce sites – like eBay, WooCommerce, Wix, Shopify, Etsy. There’s also the Printify API, for those seeking a different connection. After connecting, all a customer has to do is find a merchant’s product and press buy. 

And, that’s really it. The system largely takes care of itself. So, as soon as you reach out, we’ve got your back. Our company prides itself on transparency and openness, so we let people play with the Product Creator before they’ve even signed up – just to see if they like using it. It’s also great practice for if they sign up for real.

If this seems too good to be true, just check out some of the other success stories that Printify helped make possible. Seeing how a few people, little different from you, chose to take a hold of their own destiny (and by extension, that of their families) by putting their energy into building a Printify empire – maybe with some of these things to do at home.

12 Things to Do at Home to Earn More Money

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As alluded to above, the overall purpose of this article to help you maximize profits with Printify. From this point, we’ll make the assumption that anyone putting time into reading this article has mustered the gumption to set off on an eCommerce adventure – using Printify as their fiscal vehicle. 

As such, the following ideas are all geared toward helping boost any Printify merchant’s earning potential with various things to do at home to make money. A Printify store only generates an income if people are buying things from it. Here are a few tried-and-true things to do from home that can hopefully help you boost store success: 

1. Start Blogging 

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One of the more mainstream ways to start generating more public interest in a store, blogs are popular because they achieve their purpose in a few different ways; bringing reader eyeballs straight to the point you are writing about, making a website (and products) rank higher in Google search engine results per page (SERP)s, helping audience bases connect with the store or store owner, etc. Blogging also has the capability to produce cash directly through affiliate marketing. 

So many online stores only offer a picture or two. The problem is that these may or may not be touched up, staged, or otherwise affected in ways to make it more attractive. An interested party that reads a blog post will transcend into a qualified lead right when they click one of your call to action (CTA)s and move over to a sales page. 

Furthermore, if a store is easy to find on Google, more people are going to find it. The almighty search engine that drives eCommerce these days is programmed to give more respect to owners that regularly generate good content. This helps keep merchants competitive with both mankind and the SEO machine, rather than falling into invisibility.

General Blogging Statistics

  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • Websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages
  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites
  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information
  • Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.

An added benefit of blogging is that it gives an opportunity for the audience base to connect personally to a store (or store owner)’s identity, culture, or message. Blogging is such an accessible thing to do from home that virtually anyone could start. After all, everyone likes a story. In addition to proving more financially successful due to appearing as more of an authority, putting some blogs out into the world can serve humanitarian purposes. 

2. Write or Record Merchandise Reviews

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If you’re looking for things to do at home, consider creating a merchandise review. It’s literally just an expert giving their opinion on a particular merchandise-related subject. As the owner of an entire store, you’re in a unique position to both demonstrate credibility as an authority in relevant fields and to showcase various products for sale. With over 300 items in the Printify catalog, there’s room to compare and contrast a ton of product variations, features, colors, materials, suppliers, etc.

This is also a terrific way to introduce a bit of personality and depth into just about anything, including the items on display within a Printify store. By describing the actual product being sold relative to other options, any interested party can become more invested in a story, store, or store owner. likely to purchase. 

3. Make Software And/or Game Reviews

how to maker money on twitch 2020

Not too dissimilar from reviewing merchandise, this just applies to more technologically advanced products. If you’ve got a tech-savvy mindset or a personality that people would like, strap on some of your own Printify store gear and Livestream along as you play a game or give your take on a new software feature on a demonstration video. There’s no specialized equipment necessary beyond the basics required to experience the product being reviewed – an easy thing to do at home. 

People like the option to explore items before they buy them. If a store owner takes the trouble to help customers learn more about products they’re buying, using, subscribing to, etc., they’ll be more likely to purchase. Or, at least the friendly familiarity will help build social connections with the audience. 

4. Get On Affiliate Marketing

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Becoming a Printify affiliate is one of the easiest things to do at home to earn money. It’s essentially monetizing an otherwise zero-income aspect of your life – turning a fertile, but empty field into a lucrative, prosperous area. 

This process is as easy as signing up for an affiliate link, placing that link in a high traffic environment (this could be a website, blog, channel, etc.), and having people click it. Once they sign up and start earning through their free Printify business, everyone wins. 

An easy way of thinking about it is that you help introduce Printify to customers, and then everyone profits from shared success. By helping others, you’ll benefit to the tune of 5% of their total sales for an entire year. The customer won’t have their profit affected at all, but there’s still earning in it for you. 

5. Monetize YouTube

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As one of the most popular, accessible, and accessed video services around the world, YouTube is fantastic for getting content out there. As no professional services are required at all to upload and post, it’s even possible to be a thing to do at home to make money. 

Aside from becoming a YouTube partner by growing a following to 1000 subscribers, generating  4000 hours of watch time, and being accepted by appropriate officiating boards, there are additional ways to benefit from having a presence on channels like YouTube.

Wearing Printify gear during a video is a bullseye when it comes to advertising. It acts as a great platform to organically introduce a given product, with or without directly talking about the gear. Just resonating with the audience by providing whatever service they’re tuning in for deepens the possibility of a sale or affiliate signup. Need some ideas? We analyzed a few of the best YouTube merchandise makers to help you out.

Top_10_Products - youtuber merch
Source: Printify – TOP 30 Youtuber Merch

6. Lean in On Tiktok

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Source: Unsplash

This is a video creator app that became massively popular in China, then spread to the rest of the world. Featuring only short videos that highlight a single aspect or theme, it’s like a video version of Twitter with a max of 15 seconds, rather than the length of a formal blog or YouTube movie. 

Long story short, this app is a big deal for younger generations; its download numbers have beaten Instagram. Kids amount for a significant market demographic, so tapping in might not be a bad idea. 


Need a break frm news & feelin restless. I created a cardio routine w my Honorcita u can do anywhere ##fitnesschallenge ##athomecardio

♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG – kingvader

If you’ve got some personality, ideas, skills, or anything that might be good for making a quick video series, Tiktok is pretty user friendly. Its combination of several effects, filters, and other interesting additives make it an easy thing to do at home. 

If your store releases content featuring various Printify products or using them in some sort of plot, theme, storyline, etc., any of the innumerable Tiktok viewers can tap into your network. 

7. Do Some Online Coaching

This is a super easy thing to do at home to earn money. Everyone develops some skills through their Printify adventure – why not use them to help others? Additionally, whatever you’ve studied or been exposed to in the past, that experience could be used as a useful perspective to help someone else improve their own Printify experience. 

Spread the knowledge you’ve gained in your own pursuit of Printify profits together with another. Helping others can also help spur ideas of your own, as well. There’s no need to rent space, as this can be accomplished in the comfort of home.

Or, if having a stranger over isn’t an option, but you’ve still got some experience that others should benefit from, perhaps consider online tutoring. Streaming services are becoming more popular than ever due to their convenience, accessibility, and open-meeting formatting. 

Connecting with another person via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and so many other channels could put you face-to-face with any number of interested individuals. 

8. Design Unique Graphics

As a Printify store owner, you’re well familiarised with the basics of getting a design, logo, idea, text, etc., onto various merchandise. Maybe you even have some background or education in artistic fields. Put those skills to use and draw up something that gets people feeling things. No program? No problem. Free programs like Canva can be trialed to create some interesting images.

Create a custom t-shirt with Printify

Or, put up some designs of Printify merchandise directly. This could be an avant-garde interpretation of the item itself, someone using it (them?) in an interesting or unusual way, or just about any perspective differentiation. Get your products involved.

Everyone has some beautiful ideas. Share that passion with others in a communication method unique to you. When looking for things to do at home to earn money, boosting the artistic arsenal of a Printify store is a great option. 

9. Develop a Social Media Presence

It goes without saying that having a social media presence is almost 100% required for any eCommerce merchant. As capitalists trying to better people’s lives by supplying a required good at agreed-upon prices, it’s utterly necessary to get into contact with as many individuals as possible – a difficult thing to do in person or on paper. 

Moving beyond the stigma attached to the term and examining the language itself, social media is just that: Social; meaning related to society, and media; a tool for communication.

Each respective social media outlet has a massive user base. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., tapping into even a small portion of even one of these overall audiences equates to a massive viewership. Social media is also a great thing to do at home for boosting lead generation, researching the competition, investigating market trends, and making those sales.

Your Printify store is ready to supply, make sure that these essential tools to generate demand are working properly. 

10. Expand eCommerce Scope

summer seasong marketing tips print on demand

Virtual stores need traffic just as bad as traditional stores. The only difference is how a customer finds them. One problem that many Printify users have is that they only link their Printify store to a single eCommerce site. Unfortunately, playing it close limits potential exposure.

Now, in theory, many fledgling entrepreneurs do this because they feel like specializing in a single outlet is a good idea. After all, why muddy the water by bringing in a bunch of potentially technically complicated processes into something that is already underway? Well, it’s a great counterpoint that any Printify supported connection can be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Our capacity currently includes WooCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Wix, and Etsy, but there is an API that can be used to get a store more views, too. Each avenue opens up a whole new demographic of potential customers. 

11. Create a Website

best shopify store merchandise trends

Overlapping with point number 11, this idea is all about creating a space where business owners can organize everything just the way they want. Yes, this option will require an investment of time and possibly other resources when constructing the website. 

However, the sheer ability to have full control over how an audience member sees your business, products, and atmosphere is a powerful thing. While some eCommerce sites, like Shopify and Wix, offer terrific templates that offer a fair amount of customization, it’s difficult to compare to an entire page built to entirely personal standards. 

12. Start a Competition

Everyone likes the idea of winning prizes. Set up a contest for whoever can make the best logo, think of the most inspirational original quote, post notable videos featuring Printify products, or some other directionality for boosting your business. Getting excited about setting one’s talents against another person is a huge opportunity to both increase an audience base and to improve whatever aspect the competition focuses on. 

What better way to capitalize on a whole inventory than by using it to spur others to help you with their own particular talents? There are people out there who would be happy to help in exchange for praise, a t-shirt, mug, tote bag, etc. Getting people excited is a super effective thing to do at home to both build one’s brand. 

Wrapping Up

One of the best ways to improve while owning a business is to maintain the ability to keep a good perspective. Fresh thinking and the desire to succeed are what fuels the contemporary eCommerce ecosystem – especially for new merchants. 

There are always opportunities to grow, even though various things to do at home. Don’t fall into stagnation. With the right attitude, it’s easy to add new products, create designs for upload, reach out to new customers, solidify relationships, and so much more. In this interconnected world, just about any effort can have a profound ripple effect that results in more profit, greater impact, or a thought-provoking new approach. 

All in all, it’s your store – selling your unique products. Keep in mind that it’s more than possible to make improvements, even from the comfort of home.  

Make it happen right now.

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  1. Paulette
    September 13

    I’ve been on the fence as to whether or not I should start a POD business.
    Thanks to this article I’m more confident in getting started.
    The many parts seems so overwhelming. I sometimes get stuck on where to start.

    1. Martha Simmons
      September 14

      Hi Paulette,
      We are happy to hear you enjoyed this article and found it helpful! If at any point you need any assistance, you can always reach out to our merchant support team via [email protected] or the live chat box in your Printify account. There’s also a lot of useful information on this blog, as well as our Help Center.

  2. Digital Marketing
    May 25

    Perhaps the best thing about mankind is that we’re totally customized to run after improving things about our lives. For most of us, this incorporates the battle for cash. As residents of the world confronting the bunch jumps and delights that make reality, viewpoint is everything. While indeed, it’s never conceivable to completely control all aspects of this winding excursion called life, there are consistently a couple of things that individuals might want more impact over. One of the essential angles individuals might want to change is their pay. Luckily, there are activities at home that can ridiculously have an effect.


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