10 free 4th of July designs for your store

10 free 4th of July designs for your store

We’ve got ten free 4th of July designs to help you celebrate Independence Day, freedom, and your store’s bomb bursting profits!

Did you know that nearly 90% of Americans are planning on celebrating the 4th of July this year, and over 90% of younger people aged 18 – 24 will also be celebrating.

That’s a lot of people for just a single holiday, but let’s dig a bit deeper. The numbers tell us that 62% will be having a barbeque or cookout, with 43%, of course, having the mandatory at home fireworks. Americans will be spending $6.9 billion on food alone, and 27% of Americans will be spending money on patriotic items such as apparel, accessories, and tee decorations. This is a serious sales opportunity for any aspiring merch empire.

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10 free 4th of July designs for your store 1

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We’ve got your bottom line backed up. Check out our article: How 4th of July campaigns boost revenue.

?? 10 essential 4th of July sales boosters

These year-long favorites for patriotic displays:
Perfect apparel for that backyard barbecue:
And essential accessories:

Make it happen right now.

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