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PODTips No. 3 – How to Get Your Customers to Spend More


The goal of marketing is to engage customer interest and get them to spend more money at your store.  This is true for both online as well as brick and mortar stores. 

While online marketing strategies are different, some of the tips can work for brick and mortar stores as well.


Here are a few short and helpful tricks to encourage customers to spend more!

Scarcity Sells


Hold Limited Edition Sales


Limited supply, pique customers’ interest and their desire to own something.

Identify a segment of products that will no longer be offered on your store after a

particular date can evoke a sense of urgency causing the to purchase now, rather

than later. People don’t like to miss out on things.


Identify Your Best Sellers


People like to know that they are up to date with current styles. Showcasing the

top sellers in your store will give customers a sense of ease as they can see what

styles to steer towards or away from.  This is a great way to help the uncertain

customers to make up their mind.

Shopify biggest buys

Source: Shopify


Fast Buy Accessories


Consumers spend $5,400 on impulse buys annually. Find a couple universal

accessories you can sell for a flat $5 or $10. If you can create even a slim margin

on a staple product like plain blue dress socks, or simple plain white T shirt it is

worthwhile to tap into the impulse buying tendencies of your customers.


Color Code Appropriately


Source: Medium


Social Media Sales & Banner ads


Use attractive  warm colors (Red, Orange, Yellow) in external ads and sponsored

posts to help catch the eye of your current or prospective customers. This is why

most “Sale” signs in brick and mortar stores are in a bright classic red.


Online Store Page


Use calm, sanguine, cool colors (Blue Green, Light Purple) inside your actual

store to give the customer a sense of ease while they browse.

Besides this, color also has the unique ability to attract specific types of shoppers and change shopping behavior.

1.Impulse Shoppers - Red, Orange, Black, Royal Blue


2.Shoppers on a Budget -  Navy Blue, Teal
3.Traditional Buyers - Pink, Sky Blue, Rose


Stoke the Imagination


Display some ensembles with complementary styles and designs that stir your

customers’ creativity.  Other customers can buy items as shown but you can

offer then a unique, fun experience  by enabling customers to or mix and match

by size, color, pattern and style.


Price Setting


Showcase the Exclusive


Similar to how brick and mortar stores put more expensive items at eye level,

placing your more expensive items at the top of the page and less expensive

items below that, will encourage customers to spend on the less expensive



Bargain Hunter’s Section


Products ending with .99 are viewed as cheaper than if  it is a flat dollar amount.

As you think of how to price new products and maybe discount some existing or

older styles

Remember that customer will look at $1.99 much differently than if it is priced flatley at $2.



Share these tips with friends and do not forget to try them yourself too!

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