Unleash the Profit of Personalized Print on Demand Pet Products

Unleash the Profit of Personalized Print on Demand Pet Products

In the US alone 103 million households have pets as a part of their family. This strong sense of companionship extends into the eCommerce market, making personalized pet products a great addition to your POD store.

The pet products niche is one of the most easily recognizable retail market segments. Pet ownership sees constant growth.

Millennials are the clear frontrunners, making up 32% of pet owners. Coincidentally, 32% is also the Millenial demographic of internet users. We can see there’s a clear profit opportunity for online pet products.

Selling online pet apparel isn’t as complicated as it might seem. The Print on Demand business model is an easy-access entrepreneurial venture, with a fast-growing segment in the retail market.

Why Sell Print on Demand Pet Products?

Personalized Pet Products Best-selling

The general question for this specific niche is whether pet owners are a profitable audience in eCommerce. We’re confident they are – here’s the data to back it up:

Latest Pet Apparel Trends

Statistics lead to some insightful, practical lessons. For one, there are many growing avenues for online pet supply retailers. A great way to capitalize on emerging trends is through ready-made dropshipping services.

See what digital pet supply buyers are looking for:

1. Pet Costumes

Personalized Pet Products Pet Costumes

Don’t underestimate the lengths pet lovers go to give their companions a seasonal welcome – whether they like it or not. Pet Halloween costumes amounted to $490 million in expenses in the US for 2019, showing owners love quality pet dress-up.

Create unique additions via Print on Demand dog clothing that can complement or even out-perform more elaborate costumes, while staying true to a customer-conscious demand.

2. Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Personalized Pet Products Eco-Friendly

Our ecological footprint isn’t tied down to ourselves alone.

Eco-conscious consumers often maintain their expenses for pet supplies to a higher-quality extent than their own commodities. In fact, 50% of pet owners in America are willing to pay more for eco-friendly pet products.

What does this mean in the eCommerce Print on Demand pet clothes niche? Well, many print providers are prioritizing manufacturing from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Doubly so is the intention of keeping all clothing and apparel machine-washable, ergonomic, and as long-lasting and durable as possible.

On top of that, the POD model is more sustainable compared to traditional commerce. Since products are made only when ordered, you’ll avoid wasting inventory and contributing to overproduction.

3. People Shop Online

Personalized Pet Products People Shop Online

The online pet industry is on a one-way streak for prominent market growth due to eCommerce being faster and more accessible.  74.3% of Americans have purchased goods online – fashion being one of the major leading markets.

Online shopping took up 19.6% of all annual retail sales worldwide and it is projected to reach almost 25% by 2025.

It’s not surprising that well-known companies have made it their business to launch promotional online pet supply campaigns.

A greate example is the US-based apparel company Monse. They partnered with Disney in 2019 for a well-outfitted rescue dog campaign. The social media hype seems to have helped the online Print on Demand pet products store industry as a whole.

Top-Selling Print on Demand Pet Products

On-demand printing is an affordable and easy way to quickly add the pet-owning consumer base to your online store. 

The Print on Demand model minimizes the commitment for high up-front costs. It’s an automated process that eliminates inventory management and gets your products straight to the customer’s door.

Choose from best-selling personalized pet products and manage your brand by keeping a diverse catalog of items:

1. Personalized Pet Bowls

Personalized Pet Products Pet Bowls Print On Demand

Customers love unique pet bowls that go with their pet’s personality. When offering pet bowls at your store, features to look for include:

  • dishwasher and microwave-safe,
  • multiple vibrant color options,
  • size and form variations,
  • access to wrap-around design space.

2. Pet Bandana Collars

Personalized Pet Products Pet Bandana Collars Print On Demand

Offering pet bandanas puts a cute and fun spin on pet accessories. Our pet bandanas are available in three sizes and have a built-in adjustable buckle strap to fit any pet – from a chihuahua to a german shepherd. All-over-print techniques let your creativity run wild so you can design the perfect product.

3. Pet Tank Tops

Personalized Pet Products Pet Tank Tops Print On Demand

Custom pet clothes are more than just adorable fashion. They’re also great for keeping a furry friend warm, which can be an invaluable necessity for smaller breeds. Our pet tank top is made of 100% cotton with a polyester blend to be soft and gentle but stretch and fit comfortably on a pet’s skin.

These tops are machine washable and come in multiple sizes – the right accessory to make a matching outfit with a pet.

4. Pet Tags

Personalized Pet Products Pet Tags Print On Demand

Undoubtedly, the first item every pet owner gets. Since pet tags are an outdated security measure due to digital tracking alternatives, they’re transitioning to more personalized fashion accessories. This is your opportunity to dazzle audiences with our pet tags.

Our Print on Demand pet tag offers a full-color, glossy finish on both sides to let you create unique designs your customers will thank you for. Check out our full pet catalog with personalized dog collars and leash as complementary store additions.

5. Personalized Pet Beds

Personalized Pet Products Pet Beds Print On Demand

For far too long, brands have neglected pet beds, providing bland, colorless, and downright dull designs that don’t meet the standards of today’s four-legged companions. It’s your chance to break that cycle and surprise pet owners with unique personalized pet bed designs.

The bed is 100% cotton with a polyester blend print area and a soft fleece exterior cushion. It’s a product pets (and owners) will fall head over heels for.

As a cherry on top, our pet beds have removable, machine-washable covers to make them even more long-lasting and irresistible.

6. Personalized Pet Collars

Personalized Pet Products Pet Beds Print On Demand

This odor-proof and stain-resistant dog collar will be a great accessory for every pooch out there. Not only will it provide a stylish look, but it will protect the pet from being mistaken for a stray street dog. It’s a necessity for every dog owner and a great addition to your online store.

While it is not a leather dog collar, it is made with cruelty-free and highly durable thermo elastomer material, designed to endure extreme adventures. Add a touch of personality to this practical, and stylish custom pet product.

7. Personalized Pet Leashes

Personalized Pet Products Pet Beds Print On Demand

Keeping pets on leashes while going on daily walks or adventures is a great way to keep everyone safe. Add chic, unique, and interesting designs to our personalized pet leashes and make pet owners stand out in a crowd with one-of-a-kind products.

From the best dog leash to stylish waterproof, dirt and odor resistant leashes made of cruelty-free materials for all the pets out there. Offer personalized pet leashes in your online store and boost traffic from people who care about keeping their pets safe in style.

Start Selling Print on Demand Pet Products

If you’re a pet lover with a knack for entrepreneurship, opening an online shop offering personalized Print on Demand pet products can be a gratifying endeavor. If you’re looking to start from scratch, the fastest options for a new online store are Shopify, WordPress + WooCommerce plugin, or Etsy.

Creating products and setting up is easier than you think:

1. Choose a Product

Personalized Pet Products Choose Product

Select a product from the Printify catalog. Make sure to check the print provider and their product description. Optimally, you’d want a fulfillment location close to your target audience to minimize shipping times.

Personalized Pet Products Choose Product Pet Bandana

Consider the factory blank costs, sizing limits, color palettes, and additional personalization options to get the most out of a product. Print on Demand pet products come with various choices – see which one fits your designs best.

2. Apply Your Design

Personalized Pet Products Apply Design

Use Printify’s Mockup Generator to upload your designs instantly. Upload an image from your device or cloud storage or use royalty-free image services like Shutterstock. Experiment with the composition and color choices, you can apply your designs to a designated print area or on all-over-print items. You should have full creative freedom when designing your mockup.

Personalized Pet Products Apply Design Preview

To fully appreciate your new product, check out the preview page and whether the image quality is optimal. Then, press to save the design to your product page and write up a catchy product description. Finally, order a sample and test the quality of the merch yourself.

3. Add Product to Your Store

Personalized Pet Products Add Product to Your Store

Once your designs are ready, you can connect your new products to your existing store page. Simply add your existing eCommerce platform through the menu next to your profile icon and fill in your account details.

You should then be able to publish your product immediately through the product edit screen. Just make sure to fill out all product information beforehand. Printify will integrate your designs straight into your existing store catalog without back-end complications.

Need any additional help? You can visit the Printify Help Center to find step-by-step guides for specific eCommerce platforms, or, for more niche cases, connect with the 24/7 merchant support email or live chat option on our website. Take all the opportunities available for help in any step of the process.

4. Set a Price

Personalized Pet Products Set A Price

Go into the product editor to decide on your price and profit margins. Click on the product on your Printify store page to start editing, and scroll down to the pricing section.

When setting a price in a competitive marketplace, it might be helpful to start with lower margins to entice more customers. Remember to consider additional budget needs for marketing and store upkeep.

For any new Print on Demand pet products, knowing how much your customers are willing to pay for personalized items is crucial in making a sale.

5. Start Selling

You should be ready to put your products out into the world. When you make a sale, we’ll start work in the background, send it to production, and ship it directly to your customer while you track everything from your Printify account

Now, you can focus on growing your pet supply brand while we take care of the rest.

Work on marketing, blogs, seasonal campaigns, and other niche pet-centric store additions to get more traffic.


The pet apparel industry is a long-standing market segment that’s shown steady growth in eCommerce. With new standards comes a slew of fashion-focused online shoppers, willing to present their companions in proper pet product attire.

We’ve looked at the top-selling Print on Demand pet supply templates for your designs and the trends you should watch out for.

Use our comprehensive guides to assess your print provider options, experiment with new mock-ups, and follow design tips to fully lock in the pet-owner demographic.

Sell Custom Pod Pet Products Today.

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    Do you ship to uk, I have a uk online print on demand shop for human dog training clothing and want to add pet items too

    1. Florence Kingsley
      January 6

      Hi there Alex! Yes, we ship worldwide. Here you can see all the pet items we currently have. If any other questions arise, please feel free to get in touch with our Merchant Support team – via email [email protected] or 24/7 live chat on your Printify account.


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