Surprising Things That Sell Well on eBay

Surprising Things That Sell Well on eBay

Every day there are more than 2 billion transactions taking place on eBay. That’s an awful lot of products, sure some are fairly standard, but there is also a huge market for alternative goods. Perhaps not the most surprising things that sell on eBay, are electronic goods, the most popular category being ‘Electronics and accessories’, with 16% of all purchases falling into that category. 

We know that your not here to be told what the most popular products are – but what are the most surprising things that sell well on eBay. We will take an in-depth look at three print on demand products that sell well on eBay.

Shower Curtains & Bathmats

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Who’d have thought it, these items are easily one of the most surprising items that sell well on eBay. But when you take a step back, it actually makes a lot of sense to sell custom shower curtains and bathroom products on eBay. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products in more detail.

Custom Print Shower Curtains

Most bathrooms feature a plain white or fairly bland looking shower curtain. So there is huge potential for your designs to change this, you can get super creative with your designs, using bold colors and fund patterns.

What makes shower curtains one of the most surprising things to sell on eBay? Typically customers pick-up this kind of item from their local store, however as we turn more to online shopping, selling your custom print shower curtains on eBay could be a masterstroke.

Custom Print Bath Mats

Just like shower curtains, bath mats are one of the most surprising things to sell on eBay. Not many people consider matching their bathroom interior, at least not outside the standard colors and patterns.

This is a golden opportunity to sell your bathroom set, matching shower curtain, and bathmat. It’s not as cringy as it sounds if you can get your designs right, this subtle design tweak could turn your customer’s bathrooms into a room that they take pride in, a place to relax and unwind at the end of a tough day.


Bathroom Design Ideas That Sell Well On eBay

Choosing the best design for your bathroom collection can depend on a few things. For example, are you looking to create an oasis where your customers can relax? Or perhaps you going with a tropical theme, the great news is that with Printify, you can design to your heart’s content. The best part, you don’t need to hold any stock, we do all the hard work for you. 

Tropical Paradise

if your customers can’t take a shower under the jungle canopy, the very best thing you can offer them is a tropical-inspired shower curtain and bathmat. Designs can include big banana leaves, tropical plants, and flowers, while you could even create a bath mat to look like a jungle floor.

Calming Oasis

Kicking back and relaxing on a beach, or at a spa, this is the vibe you want to create with this kind of design. Go with some calming landscapes, nature-themed scenery or patterns that help to relax.

Novelty & Fun

You can really go all out with this niche. Take inspiration from some of the most famous movie shower scenes, or simply go with some funny quotes. You can also play with the bathmat design, be creative, especially if your designs are intended to make people look twice. 

There are so many design ideas that you could choose to use, the best designs are among the most surprising things that sell well on eBay.

Custom Print Posters & Wall Art

print posters and wall art for ebay

There is a massive interest in wall art on eBay, from minimalist or motivational posters to retro comic book canvases. Just a simple search for posters brings up over 15 million results, and there is a good reason why. 

Posters are easy to ship, they are cost-effective to produce and they can transform a bare wall into the centerpiece of a room. 

With Printify you can create posters, canvases and wall decals, all of which are some of the most surprising things that sell well on eBay. Posters, in particular, are a great item to sell on eBay, but first, you should decide on what niche you’re going to target. 


Most Popular Poster Designs On eBay

Sports Posters

From vintage posters to modern-day superstars, sport-themed posters are among the most listed items. It’s up to you if you want to focus on a particular sport, or if you want to go with a specific style, just remember that sports fans are loyal, once you sell to them once, there is a great chance you will sell to them again.

Vintage Posters

This is quite possibly the number one listing for most surprising things that sell well on eBay. Vintage posters are in high demand, so make sure you get your niche right, for example, concentrate on classic movie posters or retro ads from the ’50s and ’60s.

Fashion Posters

The kind that you see in Manhatten apartments, where everything looks perfect. Fashion posters are a great niche to sell to, but you need to stay on top of trends, just like real fashion. Abstract shapes, pastel colors, and geometrics tend to work well. Fashion posters, just another of the most surprising things that sell well on eBay.

Kids Prints

This is a huge market for selling posters on eBay. You can find everything from classic cartoon characters to cute animals, perfect for a nursery. For older kids, you go with some superhero-inspired artwork or motivational posters that will inspire kids to do well.

When it comes to wall art, customers always like to find something unique. Find your own style, do your research on what is selling well and then apply to your own designs for the best results. Once you have built up sales and a community, your designs could be one of the most surprising things to sell on eBay. 

Custom Print Blankets

things that sell well on ebay blankets

There is nothing better than snuggling up with a warm blanket, a cup of cocoa and a good movie right? One of the most surprising things that sell well on eBay is custom printed blankets. From fleece blankets to hooded blankets, there is a growing niche that you could take advantage of. 

With Printify you have the option of several types of blankets, all of which are super popular with our merchants. Let’s take a quick look at the items you could add to your eBay store.

Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Available in two sizes, the Sherpa fleece is fluffy, warm and perfect for evenings by the fire with friends. The material is 100% polyester, so it’s lightweight but durable. 

Polyester Blanket

Super versatile and perfect for just about every occasion. You can use this as a picnic blanket, like a couch throw or as a traditional blanket. The fleece material means it’s soft on the skin.

Hooded Blanket

Taking the blanket game to a whole new level. This is the ultimate, a blanket with a hood, could you ask for more? The fleece material is soft, the 2% spandex gives the blanket some elasticity and the large print surface just tops off this bestseller.

Custom print blankets have long been a favorite among merchants, it’s easy to see why. As one of the most surprising things that sell well on eBay, let’s take a look at some great design ideas for your custom printed blankets.

Design Ideas for Blankets That Sell Well On eBay

Animal Prints

Always a total winner, no matter, if you’re going with Frenchie bulldog, inspired designs or more quirky animals. These kinds of designs are popular with adults and kids alike, so find your animal spirit and start designing.

The Outdoor Lover

Custom print blankets are also perfect to take along to a bbq, or an outdoor concert. Creating a sophisticated, fashionable blanket is a great niche to target.

Although guys typically don’t like to admit they are cold, creating a blanket design that is more suited to men could be an untapped goldmine. Think about some great geometric designs, colors that men are comfortable with and patterns that don’t scream ‘im wearing a blanket’!

The Go-Everywhere Blanket

Most people have a blanket that goes everywhere, it either lives in the car, or by the front door, its the blanket we take for granted. So make sure that it’s designed with multiple settings and occasions in mind. Designs can consist of fairly generic patterns, simple colors, and designs that can hide the odd food stain.

Why POD Is Central to the Most Surprising Things That Sell Well On eBay

ebay packages with things that sell well on ebay

Print on demand allows merchants to create and sell their own unique ideas, designs, and products. This movement away from mass-produced designs has given rise to the number of most surprising things that sell well on eBay.

Now you can set up your own eBay store with your own designs in just a few hours, with Printify, you really can be selling your first item the same day you create your eBay shop.

Integrating Printify With eBay

We have made this process as easy as possible, by providing a hassle-free integration. In just a few easy steps you can automatically publish your Printify products, directly to your eBay store. It requires no knowledge of coding and makes managing your products fast and simple.

Will Your Store Have the Most Surprising Things That Sell Well On eBay?

Selling items that are perhaps a little out of the ordinary can propel your store and sales to the next level. Printify is the perfect platform to help you achieve that, with our online design tool, mock-up generator, and profit calculator, you have everything you need to get your store up and running in no time.

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