Printify Express Delivery – The Fastest Way to Delight Customers

Printify Express Delivery – The Fastest Way to Delight Customers

Timing is everything when it comes to customer satisfaction. The faster shoppers can enjoy your unique print-on-demand products, the better their overall experience and feedback. 

Brace yourselves, because for the very first time in POD, we’re delivering a service never seen before, one that gives your customers what they want, faster:  Printify Express Delivery – now your US customers can get their items in two to three working days.

What does this mean for merchants, and how do you set it up? Keep reading and find out. We’ll list all the steps and benefits you can expect from this game-changing release.

Get your products delivered in a flash with Printify!

What Is Printify Express Delivery and How Does It Work?

It’s all about making the lives of every POD store owner easier and more profitable – delivering your customers a customer experience that’s only possible with Printify.

Printify Express Delivery is a fulfillment option that – for a small additional cost – offers production and delivery within just two to three business days.

When activated, this delivery option is automatically displayed for US buyers, giving them the option to purchase your products with the possibility of receiving them exceptionally fast. From that moment on, your chosen Print Provider will print, package, and deliver the goods within two to three days.

Which Products Are Eligible for Printify Express Delivery?

For your convenience, the Printify Catalog has a filter option that – when checked – will showcase all the products eligible for Express Delivery.

Our team is working hard to expand the list of items eligible for this feature. Express Delivery is offered for Bella+Canvas 3001 and Gildan 5000 t-shirts with front prints, two of our most popular products, in best-selling colors:

Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee
  • Gildan 5000, sizes S-3XL:
    • Black, White, Navy, Sport Grey
  • Bella+Canvas 3001, sizes S-3XL:
    • Black, White, Navy, Dark Grey Heather, Athletic Heather

How Are Express Delivery Times Calculated

First, it’s important to note that the cut-off time for Express orders is 12 PM. What does that mean for your customers?

It’s simple. The day of the order is not included in the calculation unless submitted before 12 PM (time zone of the order destination). If the order is placed before 12 PM, it will be printed and delivered within two to three business days.


  • Jenny orders your epic Gildan 5000 t-shirt Monday morning at 9:30 AM. Thanks to Printify, she will be wearing that tee to dinner most likely on Wednesday.
  • However, Sarah placed that same order Monday afternoon at 1:30 PM. She’ll be wearing your fabulous tee to dinner on Thursday since she missed the cut-off time.

How Much Does Printify Express Delivery Cost?

Less than you’d expect. Printify offers Express Delivery for a very competitive price – only $3.24 more than standard shipping. A price this wallet-friendly will appeal to all your shopping enthusiasts who want their goods fast.


Both standard and Express Delivery costs are displayed on your product details page when selecting variants for your listings.

How to Enable Express Delivery for Your Products

You can either enable this feature on your existing listings – or create brand-new ones in a few simple steps. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Pick a Product and Print Provider

Head to our Catalog and utilize the wonderful filter feature on the left side to check all the important boxes that matter for your business and design – in this case, Express Delivery. This will filter out all the products eligible for speedy fulfillment. 

Once you pick a product, click the Offers Express Delivery toggle under All Print Providers to filter out the MVP Printing Partners that offer this feature for their products.

Now you can choose from all the options available, select your Print Provider, and Start designing.

Printify Express Delivery – The Fastest Way to Delight Customers 3

Step 2: Design Your Products

Once in our Mockup Generator, create your designs as usual. Upload images, play with text, colors, and fonts, make patterns, and have fun. The important stuff is in the following step, so click Save product and brace yourself for greatness.

Step 3: Enable the Feature and Adjust Your Pricing

After designing your products, you’ll be automatically sent to the product details page, where you can set up your listings, mockups, variants, and pricing. This is also where you can find the Express Delivery feature under Shipping for each product variant.

Printify Express Delivery – The Fastest Way to Delight Customers 4

Once you check the Printify Express delivery box – a “Free shipping” profile is automatically applied to all product variants. That means you’ll need to include the shipping cost in the product’s retail price. So don’t forget to adjust your profit margins.

Printify Express Delivery – The Fastest Way to Delight Customers 5

Step 4: Hit Publish

Publish your products and wait for the orders to start coming in. Express Delivery will be automatically displayed for your customers.


There are some specifics that affect Express Delivery on each sales channel due to the  restrictions and policies of each platform.

  • For Shopify and Etsy merchants, we strongly recommend mentioning express delivery in your product titles, descriptions, and mockups to promote the faster delivery, as it can't be seen automatically on listings. 
  • Additionally, Shopify merchants will need to update their store permission.
  • Lastly, Walmart merchants will have to update each product individually since bulk edit is not available.

How Is Printify Express Delivery Different from Priority Shipping?

Priority shipping only speeds up the shipping part of order fulfillment and is provided by the shipping carriers. It does not affect order processing time or production flow.

Express Delivery, on the other hand, affects the entire order fulfillment process. Everything will be done within two to three business days, from prioritized order processing and production to delivery.


Previously submitted orders with standard shipping can’t be upgraded to Express Delivery since this feature has a separate order flow.

Why Offer Express Delivery: Trends and Statistics

Well, there’s a whole bunch of very good reasons:

  • 22% of consumers abandon their carts due to slow delivery.
  • When deciding between two sellers, 35% of customers lean toward the one offering faster delivery.
  • And 40% of those consumers consider fast shipping to be anything within two days.
  • Due to the gap between the number of consumers wanting express delivery and the number of sellers offering it, this is an excellent opportunity for retailers to exceed customer expectations and thrive among the competition.

Most importantly – it’s a convenient feature that has proven to improve business performance and customer satisfaction. Hear it from our merchants themselves in our success story How Printify Express Delivery Grows Your Business, With Real-Life Examples.

Why Are We Introducing Express Delivery to Printify?

Merchants ask – Printify delivers. Literally. 

  • Competitive Advantage. Surpass your competition by offering speedy order delivery at a reasonable price. Printify Express Delivery gives you a competitive edge over other merchants with nothing but standard shipping times.
  • Attractive Pricing. 40% of consumers admit to choosing in-store shopping instead of online due to expensive deliveries. With our competitive pricing, you can offer convenience in terms of both – delivery times and costs.
  • Streamlined Fulfillment. From efficient order processing to shipping – Printify Express Delivery ensures smooth order execution and enhanced customer satisfaction – all within one feature.

Isn't This Great?

Offer Printify Express Delivery to your most eager shoppers at a great price and get their goods delivered within two to three business days. Enhance your order fulfillment process and gain a competitive edge with Printify Express Delivery.

Make It Happen Today!

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