Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live

For years Printify has offered a free product design mockup generator to all our users in a bid to make it cheaper and effortless to get products to your store. As time goes by, our seller needs continued to evolve. To make sure we capture their every need, we felt that there was a need for an upgrade.

Focused on ease of use and how it looks, we’ve made a few changes and kept all the important elements the same. To help tweak and optimize the use of the new mockup generator, we rolled it out to a select group of users and made it available to new sellers. Therefore some sellers will find it familiar.

Main Benefits of the New Mockup Generator

The Printify mockup generator is the foundation of a successful eCommerce business and where you’ll probably invest most of your time. With these new improvements, we aim to make the experience even better for you.

    • Better look & feel – The mockup generator underwent a UI update that is more appealing smoother to use.


    • Design panel for ease of use – You can now switch layer positioning and functions on the design panel on the right-hand side.


    • Effortless design – Faster to create products and upload them to your online store.


    • Mobile view optimized – The new mockup generator is better adjusted to work on mobile devices.


  • Mockup images – We’ve improved product details and preview and included lifestyle mockups for new products.

*Please note: The Printify mockup generator underwent a mostly UI update. This means that no functional elements were removed and it retains all its important features and uses that you have come to love.

Quick Preview of What’s New

We are so proud to introduce to you a new and improved mockup generator. 

Now You Can

1. Easily Drag & Drop Your Design to Upload

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live 1

2. Duplicate an Existing Layer

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live 2

3. Switch Between Design Layers Simply by Drag & Drop

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live 3

4. Create a Single Product With Different Designs/Variants More Easily

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live 4
How to create a single product with different designs?

5. Preview Your Designs on High-Quality Product Images With Improved Lifestyle Mockups for Our New Products

Printify’s New and Improved Mockup Generator Is Live 5

How to Use the Free Mockup Generator

The video below will take you through the steps fo creating your first custom product with the free Printify mockup generator.

Check out this help center article for more details.


And as always, the mockup is designed to easily add products to your store on online eCommerce platforms like Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and more.

Enjoy the New and Improved Mockup Generator From Printify

We have been testing it for a while and are confident that it doesn’t just look good, but also makes it easier for you to design your products to sell. For all users with pre-loaded designs in your account, rest assured that the new mockup generator is compatible and you don’t need to re-upload your files. 

If you need more help on navigating the new mockup generator, check out our help center and don’t forget, we have a detailed design guide to get you started. Enjoy and cheers to a successful print on demand business with Printify!


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  1. Kevin
    February 15

    Please let me switch back to the old design mock up generator, this new UI is so frustrating to use and it’s hindering the flow of my production because of all the back and forth of color choices I have to click, things on the very left side that used to be so much better on the right side of the screen, etc. The new bad UI even got rid of the desired size of the print area for reference. Overall, I am not happy using this new generator. Please let me switch back to the older one, it had its various quirks but was way better to use especially when I need to get into a flow state of constantly uploading new designs and laying them out, I was much more efficient than I am now. These small little details actually hurt the productivity of my business and then having to teach staff how to work around a new UI is a recipe for mistakes. Please fix this ASAP or at least let us have the option between the new and the old generator. The same issue happened on Etsy where they tried to implement a new UI for Listings and the older one is way quicker to get all the information listed and allows me to focus my attention and work on the things that need more of my time.

    1. Ariel Summers
      February 22

      Hi Kevin,
      Thank you for the feedback, I will pass this on to our team! 👍

  2. Jason
    February 12

    New generator is horrible for selecting colors. You have to go back and forth between the variant selector check boxes and the mock up. The old generator was significantly better than this new one. You could just click on the color samples.

    1. Ariel Summers
      February 13

      Hi Jason,
      Thank you for the feedback, I will forward this to our team! 🙏

  3. Tawn
    June 6

    Doesn’t explain how to get rid of mockups you don’t want that appear automatically in your store. I don’t want a male model wearing a MOM T-shirt.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      June 9

      Hi there!
      You can choose which mockup images you want to publish in your sales channel, that can be done on the product listing page on your Printify account.
      In case any help is needed, please reach out to our Support team via 24/7 live chat on your Printify account or here, and our team will get back to you.

  4. Jols
    January 23

    Hi! How do I need variants for the same phone model? Example: 5 different designs for iPhone 14 Pro Max under 1 listing? They’re under the same theme, so is it possible to combine them? Thank you

    1. Florence Kingsley
      January 25

      Hi there Jols!
      In that case you would need to place manual orders on Printify. Please see more information here. Just in case, here is a useful video from Cassiy Johnson, where she explains group listings in more detail. Hope this helps!

  5. Deb
    January 12

    Are there options for plus sized mockups? I create products for strongman and strongwomen athletes. They are large, muscular people. It’s literally called heavy athletics. All of the mockups are people that my customers could bench press or toss like a caber.

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 12

      Hi Deb,
      Thank you for your suggestion! I will forward your request to the responsible team, so they can consider making the necessary improvements.

  6. Edgar
    December 20

    Hi. This is my first time with Printify. When designing the product, is there a way to show the design on the actual product? Such as a model or person who is wearing the product.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      December 20

      Hi there!
      Yes, when you open the Mockup Generator, press “Preview” and you will see the available options. Please see more information here.

  7. Renee
    October 22

    Is there a way to delete some of the mockups? Some don’t work for my products, e.g., the greeting cards that are oriented the wrong way.

    1. Martha Simmons
      October 24

      Hi Renee,
      Yes, you should be able to remove the mockups on your store’s side. For example, if you use Etsy to sell your products, you can edit which mockup images appear on your store by editing the product listing directly on Etsy.

  8. Vsdesign
    August 25

    One missing feature: when mockup images are generated for each product and variant and published to shopify, there’s no alt text describing what the image is for. Thus you must go in and hand type alt text for every single image, which can be hundreds even for just a few products if they have many variants. You have to go back into Printify and look at which images go to which sizes are dimensions. I believe if markups are generated, alt text should also be generated for those mockups.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      August 26

      Hi there!
      Thank you for your feedback, I’ve passed it to the responsible team, perhaps some improvements can be made in the future.

    April 30

    Hello, does someone knows how to change the background color of the mockup? My website is more black then another color and a product with a white square around it looks very unproffesionale and annyoing.

    1. Martha Simmons
      May 2

      Hi there,
      I’m afraid it’s not possible to change the background colors of the mockups. However, you can add mockups from other sites, like, PlaceIt, to your store.

  10. Trav
    March 30

    Hi Martha thanks for your reply to me recently around the mockups and “person 1” “person2” syncing to etsy now not working as good as it used to, unticking mockups I’m still having the same issue. This needs to be looked at please as it only started happening since you guys added “person 1” & “person2” mockups it’s getting to the point where I now have to have less color options available to make it work and I shouldn’t have to be doing this.

  11. Trav
    March 28

    How do I disable/delete the person 1 and person 2 mockups from syncing to etsy? Whatever update you have done in the recent weeks now transfers the person 1 & 2 mockups and clogs up my etsy listing and doesn’t sync the other images over due to etsy 10 image listing, this is really annoying.

    1. Martha Simmons
      March 28

      Hi there,
      You can uncheck the box for “Mockups” under the “Store Details” section in your Printify account. This will ensure that whenever you will republish your listing and update any listing details, or we will update the mockup selection on our side, the changes won’t be overwritten with your listing. You can find more instructions here.
      You can select which mockups appear on your store right now in your product listing details on Printify’s side.

  12. Jordan
    February 28

    These mockups are absolutely useless due to the extremely low resolution. This image quality may have been acceptable 10-15 years ago, but certainly not now.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      March 3

      Hi there! Thank you for your feedback, we have passed it to the responsible team. Our team is constantly working on improvements across the whole platform, and this is also one thing we are actively trying to improve. I’m sure that in the near future there will be more improvements, so bear with us.

  13. Ivan Merida
    January 25


    I’m looking to add just a flat style mockup from placeit to my shopify store. However, I’m not sure how to do it the way I want it to be.

    For instance I want my flat style mockups to be able the change color for when my customer clicks on a different color to see how it looks. I hope I worded that correctly!

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 26

      Hi Ivan,
      For this you need to head over to Shopify, then see “All Products”, there select the product you wish to edit. In the “Variants” section, you should be able to link an image with specific variants. You can check out this article here for more instructions.

      If further assistance is needed, please reach out to our merchant support team via the green live chat box in your Printify account or via email – [email protected].

  14. James Ajao
    November 5

    Hi how do i use the model mockup option

    1. Martha Simmons
      November 8

      Hi James,
      Our Mockup Generator is free to use, and the mockup images are added automatically to your listing upon publishing the product on your store. You may also edit the mockup images when editing your product details.
      If, however, you were referring to something else, please feel free to reach out to our merchant support team via [email protected] for more help.

  15. samia
    October 21

    Is the mock that is generated close to what the image will look like on the actual product? I am hoping the generator will provide a more accurate preview in terms of the colors that will be printed from the image file

    1. Martha Simmons
      October 21

      Hi there,
      In the mockup generator you can see the product previews, which gives you a more or less realistic understanding of how the design will look in real life. If, for example, the preview looks slightly blurry, you may want to improve the design’s quality to make sure you get the best outcome possible. When it comes to colors, please know that they may be slightly different in real life as well, as colors can look brighter or darker on different computers. To make sure you don’t run into any issues, you can have a careful look through this Must-Read Design Guide.

  16. jubei
    September 8

    For some of my items I cannot update the title/thumbnail image. I choose the black tshirt option but it’s stuck on another colour?

    1. Martha Simmons
      September 8

      Hi Jubei,
      If you are using Printify mockups, then you can save the images/mockups for your products in the Mockup Generator under “Edit design”. However, if you are using custom mockups, then you won’t be able to edit them in your Printify account. For more detailed instructions on how to sort this out, please reach out to our merchant support team via [email protected] or the live chat box in your Printify account.

  17. Mark
    July 28

    when integrating with Prestashop1.7 the mockups do not all get published to the prestashop catalogue, is there a fix for this?

    1. Martha Simmons
      August 10

      Hi Mark,
      Please try and clear the Prestashop cache and then try publishing again. If that doesn’t work, please do not hesitate to reach out to our merchant support team, so they can further investigate the matter.

  18. Naddy
    April 20

    Hi I just sign in with a premium plan, but this lifestyle mock-ups are nowhere to be found in the preview of the product still have just the plain basics one.

    Why is that?


    1. Martha Simmons
      April 20

      Hi there!
      Many of our products still don’t have the lifestyle mock-ups, but we are working on adding them. Most all over print (AOP) products should have the lifestyle mock-ups available.
      Also, if the specific product will have the lifestyle mock-up, you will be able to see it regardless of the Printify plan you have.

  19. Gauspo
    April 2

    We just signed up for a year subscription to Placeit because you advertised its mockups on your website. Please clarify how to integrate this new mockup from Placeit (png file) with Printify mockup generator.

    1. Martha Simmons
      April 7

      Hi there!
      While Printify currently doesn’t have a direct integration with Placeit, you can still use your design file to create your desired mockup and download it to your computer. Then manually upload it to the product listing in your store (not in Printify). You can check step-by-step instructions here.

  20. Lucy C
    November 3

    This update made it unusable and now I’ve wasted so much time for nothing!! It is insisting I change more variants even though I have options! WHY!?!? It won’t let me continue and basically doesn’t work anymore. This is beyond frustrating and I’m very angry about this.

  21. Tristram
    November 1

    I very concerned about the final mock-up generator JPG resolution. I don’t understand why such a low resolution image is considered acceptable when consumers will no doubt need to view the details on a t-shirt design. This is a well established UX standard, and high resolution images of products to increase conversions has been established years ago. Both EBay and Amazon have been providing high-res product images to potential buyers for a long, long time.

    How can I increase the image quality of the JPG of the product created by the mock-up tool so when ported via API to my retail platform, buyers don’t have to guess about the details of the design printed on the shirt they are considering purchasing?

    Even if I chose to generate my own high-res images (highly impractical) for each design variable (t-shirt color etc), the daunting process uploading each additional image just to make sure I’m not sabotaging possible sales, would be incredibly time consuming and utterly untenable.

    I’ve just moved my entire product line (500+ unique items) from Printerly to Printify, because their customer support was not very attentive, relying on their database-driven bot support, which was just not very helpful.

    Can someone please address this as I prepare to launch for the upcoming holiday season?

    Thank you very, very, much.

  22. Sonya
    September 11

    There has to be a way for us to add additional images of our product. If we do photo shoots with models or have special room shots for products that are more on brand than the images you offer there has to be a way for us to include them before posting on Shopify. Otherwise everytime we make an update we lose the images that need to stay there. This is a total waste of time and energy. There needs to be one more step in the process that says “upload additional product images here” that we can include with the one’s you’ve provided for us or delete the ones we don’t want to use that you have provided. Branding is key for any successful business and there’s no way the shots you provide can fill everyone’s needs.

  23. eric smith-gunn
    September 5

    Hi Printify
    First off I love this site but you offer new mockups from Placeit but you have no means to add them to the Mockup Generator. Is there a way to create and add new Mockups?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      September 9

      Hi Eric, we are planning to add new mockups during the Holiday season. Stay tuned – If you are our user, you will get a notification via email. 😉

  24. Joe
    August 25

    Hello, Prinitfy
    I’m struggling with putting lifestyle photo for my printify product.

    For my design I create some lifestyle photos with some models.
    Then I upload it through Shopify, as I can’t find where to add it on Printify.
    And additional photo(s) look great on my Shopify pages.

    How do I add them to Printify

    How can i fix that?

    Thanks XX

  25. Alan Cunningham
    July 16

    Hello, How do I get a lifestyle mock-up and/or a real model wearing the designs I create?

  26. Brynn
    June 20

    I am wondering how you get a lifestyle photo ( a real person to have your shirt on them) can you please help me?

  27. Isabel
    May 27

    Hello, Prinitfy
    I’m struggling with putting lifestyle photo for my printify product.

    For my design I create lifestyle photo on Placeit with some model.
    Then I upload it through Shopify, as I can’t find where to add it on Printify.
    And additional photo is shown OK on my Shopify.

    But when I update product on Printify again – my uploaded lifestyle photo disappears
    How can i fix that?


  28. Liz
    March 5

    I would like to know if Printify will offer “all printed” design option. In other words, if there any way I can add a Layer in the whole Tshirt? I prefer to buy those type of products in Stores instead of the ones that only offer the design in a particular area.

  29. Al
    February 15

    Hello I’m not a fan of the new process when creating shirts now the alignment buttons do not work. for example I would click center and it soes not move the design to the center.

  30. Casey Chourney
    February 13

    Is there going to be lifestyle mockups for non-new product, like mockups for the most popular items? If so do you have an ETA?

    Thank you,

    1. Elina Stafecka
      February 14

      Hi Casey! Yes, we are working on that! We will keep you posted. 🙂


  31. Jay
    February 3

    I dont like it, I liked being able to align my art dead center unless I missed that part.

    1. Elina Platonova
      February 3

      Jay, you can locate your design however you prefer by using positioning and alignment feature. In case you have any troubles you can contact our support team at [email protected].

      Best regards,

  32. Sue
    February 2

    I am so excited about these updates! Thank you for making things easier! Love the new mockups, the easier way to change layers, easier duplication! 🙂 Great Job!

    1. Elina Platonova
      February 3

      We are happy to hear that you enjoy our updates! 🙂

  33. Chris
    January 31

    The alignment buttons dont seem to work on hoodies

    1. Elina Platonova
      February 3

      Hi, Chris! Could you please elaborate more on this issue and contact our support team at [email protected]? We tested alignment buttons and everything works fine on our side.

      Kind regards,

  34. Iryna
    January 31

    When choosing a large number of colors for T-shirts, some of them cannot be seen in the preview, because they are closed by the Next button.

    1. Elina Platonova
      February 3

      Thank you for letting us know, Iryna. Our team is looking into it.

      Kind regards,

  35. JTEESinc
    January 31

    incredibly annoying!!! despite all variants chosen had a design allocated, the new mock up generator insists there are variants without a design!!! refreshed several times and started again…still same result….gave up. went over to printful…time wasted. please sort these glitches before you release an update

  36. Robert
    January 30

    Cool 🙂


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