13 Most Successful Etsy Shops: Success Secrets, and Tips

13 Most Successful Etsy Shops: Success Secrets, and Tips

When it comes to crafting a name for yourself in the digital marketplace, Etsy’s global marketplace stands out as the premier platform for artisans, crafters, and connoisseurs of vintage items. With countless success stories under its belt, Etsy continues to inspire budding entrepreneurs to turn their passion into profit.

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to some of the most successful Etsy shops and delve deep into the secrets of their success. Discover how they found their niche, built a loyal customer base, and turned their creativity into a thriving online business. Get ready to learn what sells and what successful stores are doing to achieve profits and recognition.

13 Most Successful Etsy Shops

Etsy is dense with sellers offering everything from vintage clothing to wall art and products for craft projects at competitive prices. How dense? In 2024, there are 7.5 million Etsy stores, each trying to find its place under the sun and in consumers’ wallets. 

Many stores sell the same product; what makes one more successful than the other? The answer often does not lie in the product itself but rather in great groundwork: imaging, the right keywords, and clever marketing.

We’ve compiled a list of 13 top-selling shops that sell tangible goodies and downloadables alike at great price points and receive wonderful reviews.


Please note, that the sales figures mentioned are dynamic and subject to change; the data reflects the status as of March 19, 2024.

CaitlynMinimalist Etsy shop.

CaitlynMinimalist shines in the Etsy universe with personalized treasures, crafting dainty jewelry steeped in sentiment. CaitlynMinimalist, one of the top-selling Etsy stores, stands as a beacon for those who seek timeless elegance with a touch of personalization. With a monumental 2,880,099 Sales sales and counting, this Star Seller is beloved for:

  • Thoughtful gestures – Turning cherished handwritten notes into sterling silver keepsakes.
  • Effective marketing – CaitlynMinimalist leverages the power of social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, to showcase their jewelry pieces through compelling visuals that strike a chord with their audience.
  • Personal touch – Offering personalized jewelry allows customers to craft pieces that hold sentimental value.
  • Niche specialization – By focusing solely on personalized jewelry, they cater to a specific audience, positioning themselves as connoisseurs in the domain.

Planner Kate has become synonymous with organization and creativity, and is one of the top Etsy sellers with a staggering 1,984,585 sales. With a wide variety of planner stickers, accessories, and organizational items, Planner Kate has made its mark on the Etsy platform, ensuring that scheduling never looked so vibrant and engaging. What’s her secret to close to two million sales?

  • Personal passion – Kate’s own love for planners inspired the shop’s foundation, highlighting the joy found in a well-organized life.
  • Visual appeal – Emphasizes the importance of aesthetics in planning through colorful, cute stickers and accessories.
  • Customer Incentives – “FIVE FREEBIES WITH EVERY ORDER!!” offers added value, encouraging purchases.
  • Exceptional service – Known for smooth shipping and rave reviews, ensuring a trustworthy shopping experience.

BeadBoat is a shining example of how to run a successful Etsy shop, and 1,952,811 sales can definitely attest to that. They’ve nailed the essentials: great craft supplies, excellent customer service, strong branding – and they’re constantly adding that special touch that gets shoppers excited. If you’re an aspiring Etsy merchant, take notes:

  • Visual feast – High-quality photos and videos showcase each product in its best light. It’s like window-shopping for jewelry supplies, but better.
  • Customer focus – You can tell BeadBoat cares. Shipping is lightning-fast, and their descriptions are super detailed – bead size, material, hole threading info…no guesswork for the buyer. 
  • Expansive product range – Their staggering list of over 7700 products, including jewelry supplies,  ensures that jewelry makers can source almost any item they desire, all in one place.
  • Niche Specialization – By focusing solely on jewelry and its associated tools and supplies, this Etsy shop has firmly established its expertise in this niche, making it the go-to store for both amateur and professional jewelry makers.

ModParty stands as a one-stop destination for party supplies. Catering primarily to weddings, pregnancy announcements, and baby showers, they expand their scope to ensure that other special occasions are covered, too. What makes this business so great, aside from having over 1.8 million sales

  • Broad yet specialized inventory – ModParty’s diverse product range ensures customers can find party favors for most special events while retaining their specialization in weddings and baby showers.
  • Exclusive discounts – The added incentive of special discounts for followers creates a rewarding experience for loyal customers.
  • Personalization –  One of their best-selling products is Custom Bride Robe which speaks volumes about the popularity of personalized products.
  • Shipping policy – They offer free shipping within the US on all orders $100 and above.

SpoonFlower offers custom-made fabrics and wallpapers tailored to individual desires. As pioneers in the textile industry, they stand out with the Print-on-Demand approach, coupled with eco-conscious manufacturing processes. This Star Seller has 1,076,896 sales and counting. So, why are they so good at selling? 

  • Customization at its best – Shoppers have the freedom to either curate from the vast array of designs available or to showcase their artistic flair by uploading personal masterpieces.
  • Immense design variety – From eclectic to minimalist, there’s something for every aesthetic preference.
  • Innovative collaborations – Through strategic partnerships with other business owners, Spoonflower amplifies its reach, fostering a symbiotic relationship within the Etsy community.
  • SEO – Each product listing provides clear information about the product, following Etsy’s SEO guidelines.

Pro Tip

Effective SEO is crucial; it’s not just about the product but how easily it can be found by shoppers. What do you need to do to elevate your Etsy store in search rankings, both on Etsy's own platform and on Google?

  • Identify and use keywords that potential buyers are using to search for items like yours.
  • Understand the unique selling points of your products to enhance your item descriptions.
  • Employ the Etsy SEO tactics to improve visibility within the Etsy search ecosystem.
  • Optimize for Google SEO to reach a broader audience beyond Etsy.

Sowing the seeds of success, the Etsy shop SeedGeeks offers a botanical bounty that extends beyond 894,158 sales. Their family-operated shop brings garden enthusiasts a diverse range of non-GMO, heirloom seeds, cultivating a community dedicated to sustainable living. Here’s why SeedGeeks has blossomed into a Star Seller:

  • Beyond seeds – SeedGeeks enriches its niche with organic honey and homemade soaps, broadening its appeal to organic lifestyle advocates.
  • Trusted brand – Commitment to education and the preservation of seed diversity reinforces their reputable standing in the Etsy marketplace.
  • Community roots – Active social engagement and educational efforts via newsletters and social media keep their green-thumbed followers well-informed and connected.
  • Eco-conscious packaging – SeedGeeks embraces environmental responsibility with compostable seed packets, using recycled materials and vegetable-based inks.
  • Efficient shipping – Orders typically dispatch the same or next business day, showcasing SeedGeeks’ commitment to prompt service, even during the busiest seasons.

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ILoveLotus isn’t just a shop, it’s a destination for those seeking spiritual connection and treasures – they sell crystals, jewelry, rocks, and various gifts to the metaphysical folk. With an incredible track record (over 847,000 sales!) and a Star Seller badge, they’re clearly doing something right. Let’s dive in:

  • Evocative vibe – Their “Lotus Prayer” and quirky tagline create an intriguing atmosphere. You immediately sense this is more than just a crystal shop; it’s a place with heart and soul.
  • Diverse and delightful – From gemstones and crystals to local art, ILoveLotus appeals to a broad range of spiritual seekers within a single niche.
  • Longstanding legacy – Founded in 2000, they’ve got a serious history. This builds trust with shoppers – they know ILoveLotus has an established, reliable presence; yet that does not mean new sellers are not in demand.
  • Social touch –They’re active on Facebook and Instagram, building relationships with their audience and hinting at all the beautiful things they offer.

With over 715,000 sales, ThinkPinkBows knows a thing or two about adorable handmade items. ThinkPinkBows proves you can turn a passion project into a thriving business. 

They understand their target audience (moms and gift-givers), have a heartwarming story, and deliver a consistent, quality product. But they’re so much more than just bows – their story is one of passion, entrepreneurship, and a touch of mama-powered magic.

  • The heartstring factor – The founder’s story about wanting the perfect bows for her daughter is pure, relatable gold. It emphasizes the love and care that goes into each product.
  • Mompreneur power –The mention of a team of moms builds a sense of community and authenticity. Customers know they’re supporting real women who, just like them, want the best for their little girls.
  • Scalable success – They’ve grown from a home operation to a full-fledged team. This shows ambition and the ability to adapt to demand – small businesses can grow into huge Star Sellers!
  • Focus and branding – Staying true to their core product (bows) is key here. Their tagline and shop name are consistent and memorable, making them easily identifiable in the world of baby accessories.
  • Giftable goodness – Their items clearly make fantastic gifts, a major plus for driving sales and repeat customers.

WarungBeads brings a global marketplace to your doorstep with an exquisite variety of beads and crafting supplies. This store exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit on Etsy, with a commitment to detail and customer satisfaction that POD merchants can emulate for their own success. Here’s what makes them sparkle as an Etsy Star Seller with 678,021 sales:

  • Quality crafting – Offering a plethora of charms, pendants, and gemstone strands, each piece is backed by a quality guarantee.
  • Customer-centric – They excel at shipping on time and are renowned for their quick response to the inquiries of buyers.
  • Wholesale opportunities – Generous discounts on bulk purchases, making it a go-to for both small projects and large ventures.
  • Engaging community – Through consistent, high-quality service and communication, this store has cultivated a robust community, earning rave reviews and repeat buyers.

The Etsy shop PintSizedPremium specializes in selling premium baby and toddler clothing. They focus on high-quality garments from Gerber’s Premium line, aiming to offer the latest trends. With over 222,000 sales, PintSizedPremium showcases a visually compelling brand identity through their Etsy listings, which aspiring Etsy sellers should note for their success strategy:

  • Diverse branding across shops – Operating multiple shops like PintSizedPremium, PintSizedColors, and PintSizedUS to cater to different customer needs — standard and premium apparel lines.
  • High-quality visuals – Uses beautifully designed mockups that highlight their clothing in a realistic and appealing way, enhancing product attractiveness.
  • Engaging product descriptions – Detailed and well-researched descriptions that communicate the value of their premium garments.
  • Superb delivery – This Etsy store ships the t-shirts and onesies the next day the order is made.

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MagicMangoStudios is a glowing example of how lucrative it is to sell digital products Their shop, opened in 2023, is already bustling with over 108,000 sales and a Star Seller badge! If you’ve got a knack for design (even simple designs!), consider offering them as downloadables on Etsy. 

MagicMangoStudios shows us it’s not just possible, but can be incredibly rewarding. Here’s why they’re a fantastic example:

  • Accessible niche – They specialize in pre-made t-shirt designs as well as for tumblers, mugs, and more. This helps crafters without advanced design skills create beautiful products without starting from scratch.
  • Diverse offerings – From can wraps to ornaments and even Spanish designs, they cater to a decent customer range, increasing their chances of making sales.
  • Trend-savvy – Products like “sassy tumbler” wraps suggest they keep up with popular trends, which is crucial for attracting buyers.
  • Low startup costs – No inventory to hold, no shipping products –they simply create the design files and upload them to Etsy.
  • Scalability – As your skills and catalog grow, so can your Etsy shop! The sky’s the limit with digital downloads.

MoonriseCreek exudes the warmth and authenticity that shoppers crave. With over 107,000 sales and a Star Seller status, it’s clear they’re doing something right. Let’s break down their appeal:

  • Eco-conscious ethos – “Earth Wise, back to your roots…” speaks volumes. They cater to the growing market of consumers seeking natural, sustainable products.
  • Diverse and enticing – From skincare to aromatherapy to men’s grooming, they cover a wide range within their niche, appealing to a broader audience.
  • Family touch – Knowing they’re a family business adds a layer of personalization and trust – shoppers feel they’re supporting real people with a passion.
  • Strong branding – Consistent use of earthy tones, nature-inspired language, and the “Mountain Moon Tribe” builds a cohesive brand identity that resonates.

Quick Tip

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Inkpug isn’t your average Etsy store; it’s a celebration of pugs and the whimsical humor they embody. With over 33,000 sales, there’s clearly a huge audience for their unique brand of pug-tastic art. Here’s why this Etsy business shines:

  • Hyper-focused niche – Pugs, pugs, and more pugs! This tight focus allows them to own their corner of the market, becoming the place for pug-obsessed shoppers that love personalized gifts.
  • Artist’s touch – Lauren’s story and the mention of their “tiny studio” makes every item feel special. It’s not mass-produced; it comes from an artist’s heart (and hands!)
  • Brand personality – From the playful descriptions to naming pugs after emotions, InkPug has a distinct, fun-loving voice that sets them apart.
  • Eco-minded – Showing a commitment to recyclable packaging appeals to ethically-conscious shoppers and builds brand loyalty.
  • Beyond just products – Books, social media, even a list of production partners – InkPug builds a whole world around their art, inviting customers to be a part of it.

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2023 saw a rise in numerous top sellers, but Caitlyn Minimalist’s shop remains one of the most successful, given its consistent performance and sales volume.

Etsy does not release detailed seller revenue data, but based on Alura‘s data, we see that Caitlyn Minimalist has the most sales and her estimated lifetime revenue is around $68 million.

Handmade jewelry, digital downloads, t-shirts, greeting cards, high-quality products with personalization and original artwork, as well as unique home décor are consistently showing up as bestsellers in Etsy stores.


With existing and potential customers coming from near and far, the online marketplace is teeming with opportunity, and Etsy stands as a testament to that. From Planner Kate’s bespoke stationery to Caitlyn Minimalist’s timeless jewelry, the most successful Etsy shops have showcased creativity, tenacity, and business acumen.

Remember, with Printify at your disposal, launching your own Etsy business is easier than ever. Roll up your sleeves and start designing a product that sells.

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