Bunny Stuffed Animals and Other Plush Toys for Easter

Bunny Stuffed Animals and Other Plush Toys for Easter

Easter is one of the biggest events of the year, adding festivities, egg hunts, and chocolate goodies to our daily lives. But the main guest of honor – of course – is the Easter Bunny. And this year, it can bring joy to kids and adults worldwide in an eggs-citing way.

The Printify Catalog has adorable bunny stuffed animal options – waiting for your custom designs. Plush toys make cute gifts for someone special. And are just the right items for your online shop, adding diversity to your virtual stock. 

Personalize a stuffed bunny or another type of animal for a wallet-friendly price and delight children and adults with floppy ears and heartfelt designs.

Personalized Stuffed Bunnies for Easter

Our stuffed Easter bunny toys share many common features, including friendly prices. These animals come with a playful attitude and customizable t-shirts, where you can bring your design ideas to life. The toys are machine wash-friendly, soft-to-touch, and available in other animal forms – perfect for a stuffed animal collection.

Personalized Stuffed Bunny

Personalized Stuffed Bunny
  • 100% polyester shirt
  • Removable t-shirt
  • One color
  • Four animal variants: 
    • stuffed bunny, 
    • sheep, 
    • elephant, 
    • and bear.

Personalized Plush Bunny

Personalized Plush Bunny
  • 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Perfect for years 3+
  • 10 color options for the shirt
  • Six animal variants:
    • bunny,
    • bear, 
    • panda, 
    • lion, 
    • sheep, 
    • and jaguar.

From kids’ holiday baskets to Easter decorations and sincere gifts – custom plush rabbits are the epic centerpieces everybody needs. Create a personalized Easter bunny and put your creativity and heart into the design, adding a sense of sentiment.

Make It Happen Today!

How to Create and Order a Custom Bunny Stuffed Animal

How to Create and Order a Custom Bunny Stuffed Animal

Design personalized stuffed animals for babies, kids, or loved ones in three simple steps. Printify is a beginner-friendly platform, meaning – even the least tech-savvy person can create custom bunnies and bring their visions to life.

Step 1: Create a Printify Account

For this step, all you need is a functioning email address and a strong password. Register to Printify and unlock all the platform’s free tools and benefits. Use this space to start your own print-on-demand merchandise or customize products for personal use. All options are a go! Your products and designs will be stored on your account forever.

Watch our video tutorial or follow the steps below to get started and create your first product.

Step 2: Choose Your Bunny Stuffed Animal

Hop on to our Catalog and find our stuffed animals under AccessoriesOther. Check out all the options and pick the animal that matches the criteria important to you. This can be the price, Print Provider, fulfillment location, delivery times and costs, or which one has the best floppy ears. After choosing, click Start designing, and pour your heart and soul into the design.

Step 3: Add Your Custom Design

This is the fun part. Our user-friendly and 100% free Mockup Generator will assist you in the process, providing all the tools and requirements necessary to design your plush toys.

On the tool, you can add text in different fonts and colors, upload images, check the preview, and change every detail until you reach your set design results. And if you’re short on ideas for your Easter bunnies, there are plenty of options when creating designs.

  • Shutterstock Integrations. Browse available stock photos from Shutterstock’s library and add them to your Easter bunnies with just a few clicks.
  • Hire an Eggs-Pert. Join Printify’s Experts Program and hire one to help you with the design process.
  • Outsource Designs. Sites like Fiverr have thousands of professionals sharing their skills and ready-made art. Find the artist or design you like and shop for the ideal artwork.

Order Your Stuffed Easter Bunnies or List Them Online

Once your stuffed animal collection is designed, it’s time to decide – order for yourself or list it for sale.

  • If you designed the bunny for personal use – as a gift for kids or loved ones – simply order it as a sample from your account, wait for delivery, and enjoy!
  • If you want it for an online shop, integrate the store with Printify (My Account – My stores – Add new store), set prices and profit margins, and list those babies for sale.

Design Your Cute Bunny Plush Toys Today!

Start your own collection of stuffed animals. Design custom bunnies as gifts or online Easter bestsellers. 

With Printify, the hard work is cut out for you. Select your preferred stuffed animal, sprinkle some Easter magic on the design, and have your bunnies ready in minutes. Simple, creative, adorable.  

Hoppy Easter from all the Printify peeps!

Hoppy Easter from Printify

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