Printify Summer Challenge 2022

Become the hottest destination for shoppers with our Summer Challenge Picks and win big.

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Melt your customers’ hearts with our sizzling summer bestsellers.

Plus, win $300 in Fiverr credit when you add three Summer Challenge Picks to your store.

Printify and Fiverr

Hottest promo of the year - Printify Summer Challenge

Every two weeks, we'll randomly select one lucky merchant to win $300 in Fiverr credit they can use to grow their POD empire.

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Pick your lucky 3

Choose three (or more) products from our fiery Summer Challenge Picks lineup.

Summer Challenge 2022 2

Do your magic

Heat them up with your original artwork. Check out our Free Designs Pack below for inspiration.

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Show us your creations

Share your store link below so we can see what flaming-hot goodness you've created.

You can participate in as many rounds as you want by adding three new Summer Challenge Picks products each time.

Congratulations to our winners!

First Round

Najma Dawood

Second Round

Dana Panella

Third Round

Lilly Land

Fourth Round

Jessica Scott

Useful Resources

From fiery hashtags to juicy color palettes to why you should embrace the Y2K comeback—we’ve gathered the best tips to help you heat up those sales along with the summer weather.

For summer 2022, you can start off by picking some (or all!) of the items from our top-selling summer products to kick off your best season yet.

We’ve compiled eight big events you can center product launches around this summer.

From swimwear and tie-dyes, to flip-flops – we unveil a full list of apparel and accessories for you to choose from.

Summer Design Pack

We’ve made a design pack that’ll melt everyone’s hearts. Use or customize them to fit your store and grab that profit. They’re on the house.

Terms & Conditions / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Participants must be 18 years and above.

2. Printify Summer Challenge will be held in four rounds every two weeks from May 20 to July 15, 2022:

  • First round: May 20 – June 2, 2022;
  • Second round: June 3 – June 16, 2022;
  • Third round: June 17 – June 30, 2022;
  • Fourth round: July 1 – July 14, 2022.

3. To enter the Printify Summer Challenge and be eligible to win a $300 in Fiverr credit, you must publish three unique products from the Summer Challenge Picks product category to your Printify-connected online store and submit your email address and store link via the form provided above on this page during each round of the challenge.

4. The products, email address, and store link must be submitted for each round separately by the respective deadline:

  • First round: by June 2, 2022, at 11:59 PM CT;
  • Second round: by June 16, 2022, at 11:59 PM CT;
  • Third round: by June 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM CT;
  • Fourth round: by July 14, 2022, at 11:59 PM CT.

5. The published products from the Summer Challenge Picks product category must be visible in your store at least until Printify announces the challenge winner. 

6. Every two weeks, Printify will randomly select and announce a winner who has met all of the Printify Summer Challenge’s terms and conditions. Each participant has an equal chance of winning each round of the challenge. 

7. Content that contains any of the below is prohibited and may also lead to termination of your account and participation in the challenge:  

  • Intellectual Property: You may not post or upload Content that infringes on the copyright or trademarks of others 
  • Personal and Confidential Information
  • Harassment, Bullying, Defamation and Threats 
  • Hateful Content 
  • Illegal Activities 
  • Child Exploitation 
  • Self-Harm 
  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Printify reserves rights to determine at its sole discretion whether Content violates Printify Summer Challenge’s terms and conditions.

8. To participate in the next round of the challenge, you must publish three unique products from the Summer Challenge Picks product category. The products published in the previous round will not be considered for the next round of the challenge.

9. Any *Printify user has the right to participate and win the next round of the challenge, regardless of whether he or she has won the previous round.

10. To announce the winner, Printify reserves the right to share the winner’s store link.


*Excluding Printify staff members and their family members.

The challenge starts on May 20 and ends on July 14, 2022. Printify Summer Challenge will be divided into 4 rounds, each lasting two weeks.

Every two weeks, Printify will randomly select and announce a winner who has met all of the challenge’s terms and conditions. The winner of each round will be announced on this page before the start of the next round, as well as will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, you have to select 3 unique products from Summer Challenge Picks product category. For example, you could design and publish Men’s Hawaiian Shirt (AOP), Flip Flops, and Weekender Bag to enter the challenge.

No, you have to publish a new product. You can either create a new design for an existing product and publish it as a new product, or you can choose a product from the Summer Challenge Picks category to expand your product offering.

Yes, you are encouraged to do so, but please keep in mind that this will not improve your chances of winning the challenge.

No, it is not requested; however, you can challenge yourself to increase your sales by promoting these hot summer bestsellers. 🙂

To participate in the challenge your store has to be integrated with Printify. Printify currently offers integrations with the following sales channels: Shopify, WooCommerceEtsyeBayWixPrestaShopBigCommerceSquarespace, and Printify API. Read our integration guides for each one of these sales channels here.

Here you can learn how to create and publish a product with Printify.

Yes, as long as it meets Intellectual Property Policy. For your convenience, Printify has prepared a free Summer Designs pack that you can download here.

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