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Shopping for him doesn’t have to be hard. Take control by designing personalized gifts for him – and maybe make a bunch of money along the way. It’s 100% Free. 

Personalized Gifts For Him Main Visual
Personalized Gifts For Him Main Visual

Design Personalized Gifts for Him

Personalized Gifts For Him Why Create Your Own
Personalized Gifts For Him Why Create Your Own

There’s no feeling quite like seeing another person’s eyes light up when opening a present that you’ve given them. But the thing is, it’s not always easy to make someone feel special. With so many celebrations, birthdays, parties, housewarmings, etc., making a positive impact, and sharing good feelings has become a bit more complicated than it used to. 

In a world of increasingly diverse needs, wants, and preferences, the task of identifying ideal gift items is further compounded with the massive numbers of products continually being released (with no reductions in sight). 

This perspective is largely a result of the limitations of conventional shopping techniques; frantic individuals bouncing around malls, boutiques, and plazas like mice in a maze. Transcend the rat race and take control of both you and the gift getter’s destiny by making your own personalized gift for him. 

100% Customization Potential

With a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect base product for just about any design or person.

No Minimum Orders

Instead of instructing our merchants how to conduct their businesses, we encourage all partners to thrive without any limitations from our side. In fact, it’s our goal to help you succeed however possible.


Both signing up and making products with Printify is entirely free.  In addition to being a great way to boost your sales through an online store, it literally costs nothing to get up and running.

Clothing as a Personalized Gift for Him

A modern necessity that has long since transcended basic needs for covering, protection, and social dignity, various garments are now mediums for transmitting the wearer’s (or owner’s) philosophy, personality, orientation, style, and much more. They’re perfect for relaying a bit of depth to whoever is lucky enough to unwrap them.

Along that line of thinking, the Printify catalog currently hosts over 800 individual products. With such a broad array of options (with more being continually added), it should be easy to find the perfect base layer for any design that may be in mind. 

Please be aware that the items listed in this article are not a comprehensive gathering of everything in that catalog. There is so much more for those who explore a bit while seeking a personalized gift for him – or for building up their own eCommerce inventories. 

T-Shirt - Personalized Gift for Him

When it comes to t-shirts, we’ve got the bases well-and-truly covered. A staggering array of 18 different printable models means that just about every possible style, fit, and fashion is available. Furthermore, there are numerous print providers for each mockup.

These redundancies are terrific news regarding both security and sourcing. In other words, if something unfortunate happens and a print provider happens to go down, multiple others are more than capable of picking up the slack without any loss in quality. Furthermore, the presence of alternate distributors means that worldwide shipping will be much faster and cheaper for customers relying on a single point of origin.

personalized gifts for him Tshirt
personalized gifts for him Tshirt

From USD 8.40

From USD 7.27

From USD 10.51

From USD 20.81

Personalized gifts for him Hoodie
Personalized gifts for him Hoodie

Hoodies as a Personalized Gift for Him

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Depending on the contents of the artwork they include, these broad-minded garments are applicable for just about any relaxed-dress occasion – including chilling at home, handling business at work, crushing it in the gym, cruising through parks, and so much more. 

While almost everyone’s closet packs at least a few hoodies, this style of clothing has long since solidified its place as a modern necessity. Fight the cold, flaunt the style, and bring a new degree of personality to an ensemble with a hoodie personalized gift for him. 

From USD 52.85

From USD 38.40

From USD 23.30

Socks and Underwear as Personalized Gifts for Him

Not all men are happy to receive gifts of clothing. Fortunately, even with this less fashion-inclined demographic, all men appreciate a good pair of custom socks or underwear. There’s just something special about that fundamental layer of protection, comfort, and common decency that resonates with the beast within. 

At the moment, we have three print providers supplying sock variations: the American Spoke Custom Products, the Chinese ArtsAdd, and another American Tribe Socks. ArtsAdd stands alone (at the moment) when it comes to supplying our Men’s boxer-brief underwear blanks. 

Personalized gifts for him Socks Underwear
Personalized gifts for him Socks Underwear

From USD 7.46

From USD 18.96

From USD 8.96

From USD 10.45

Personalized gifts for him Tank top
Personalized gifts for him Tank top

Tank Tops as Personalized Gifts for Him

It’s time for the gun show. Whether the goal is to increase mobility, release a little heat, or simply show off a little, tank tops are a modern staple. If you’ve got male demographics in mind, adding a few of these products into a store’s lineup is a tried-and-true method for boosting sales numbers. 

On top of acting as a basic covering for social decency, these base layers act as a perfect inclusion for a sporting event, the gym, or a hot summer day at the beach, and much more. 

From USD 14.90

From USD 14.28

From USD 12.51

From USD 15.69

From USD 14.76

Sweaters as Personalized Gifts for Him

Sweaters are undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep warm. They’re the wearable manifestation of a hug – gently wrapping around the body while bringing the added bonus of heat. Furthermore, when a comfortable sweater comes with a message, design, artwork, or feeling that the wearer identifies with, all the better. For these reasons (and more) sweaters make great personalized gifts for him. 

Personalized gifts for him Sweaters
Personalized gifts for him Sweaters

From USD 10.76

From USD 35.39

From USD 29.24

From USD 18.94

From USD 13.45

Create a Custom Gift for Him!

Get Started With Custom Printing

First things first: get going with a Printify account if you haven’t already. We’ve got over 800 products in our catalog – Selling personalized gifts for him is a great way to boost revenue, monetize your ideas, and make someone’s day.  

Printify Print On Demand Products

Unique Personalized Gifts for Him - How It Works?

We here at Printify specialize in transforming anyone into an owner, designer, and entrepreneur. This is made possible through a combination of the best parts of print on demand and dropshipping – distilled into an innovative business model tailor-made for budding businesspeople. 

In short, this methodology empowers ‘normal’ people with the tools necessary to create their own lines of merchandise without having to put money down, pay for storage, maintain a physical location, hire staff, or any of the other business hurdles that can derail an emerging venture.

It’s simple; you can make your own personalized gift for him (or an entire store inventory) in three easy steps taking just a few minutes (not hours).

Why Printify
Why Printify

Personalized Gifts for Him With No Minimums

Well, if you’re having any trouble isolating exactly what item(s) could brighten your masculine recipient’s day, why not take matters into your own hands? After all, as the initiator, you’re the one occupying the command seat – take full control. 

Now, some people may (initially) doubt their ability to build a personalized gift for him. But, the great news here is that this process is actually a whole lot easier than you ever might’ve imagined. In fact, it’s our goal to help people just like you in their quest to put a smile on other people’s faces. 

Personalized Gift for Him - A Step-By-Step Guide

Create Your Printify Account

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own personalized gifts for him, all you need to do is create a Printify account. Fortunately, this is quick, easy, and100% free. From there, head on over to the mock-up generator page to create products. 

Select the Product You Want to Gift or Sell

From the Printify catalog, choose whichever blank product you’d like to modify. After that, you’ll be prompted with a further choice between all the print providers that supply that particular blank.


Make Your Personalized Gift for Him

After one print provider is selected, move on to the mock-up generator. Here, it’s easy to include a graphic or design onto any catalog product with our user-friendly engine. Any artwork, picture, ect., can be uploaded, then drag-and-dropped into the designated printing area of each product. These printing areas can vary.

We offer three different methods for including artwork, messages, etc.:

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: Here, a design is printed directly via sublimation printing. 
All-over print t-shirts (AOP): This choice takes your design and implements it all over the entire product surface.
Embroidery: Needlework is only supported on certain, specified products. However, the addition to threaded designs is a great way to turn some heads.

Check the Quality of Your Designs

It’s always a good idea to make sure that customers (or gift recipients) get the same quality on their product as you picture it. Now, we do support a quality control feature, but it’s always best to see for yourself. For this reason, we recommend having a dpi of 300 or above. Please keep in mind that the quality can change if you stretch the image to cover a larger area.

Print & Ship It

All in all, the very best way to know how everything flows is to order a sample. Then, you’ll have 100% certainty when it comes to knowing exactly what the customer will experience. After this final sampling, it’s finally time to publish the product to your store.

Ready to start?

No Up-Front Costs

It’s true, there’s no money down when it comes to using Printify. Instead of our merchants fronting any money to generate products, everything is only created after it’s purchased by an excited customer. 

Design Personalized Gifts for Him

With a catalog of over 300 blank products to choose from (and more on the way), there are very few limitations when it comes to creative expression here. Make the most of this opportunity by making a few custom products, boosting revenues, and increasing your online store’s inventory. 

Custom Product Dropshipping

This is how this business model makes things so cheap. All these items will only be printed and shipped after they’ve been purchased by a customer. With this hybrid model, it’s never been easier to profit from an online POD store. 

Start Designing Personalized Gifts for Him