Custom Pillowcases

Personalized pillowcases can perk up any bedroom or living area by adding a personal touch to the interior design of a home. Create and sell customized pillowcases with Printify, and let your buyers freshen up their household or prepare awesome gifts.

Custom Pillowcases
Easy to Design

Our free Mockup Generator makes designing a personalized pillowcase easy. Just drag and drop your visuals on the product to get a preview.

Vibrant Colors

The inks and printing methods used in the production of the pillowcases provide outstanding results with rich colors that will last for many years.

No Minimum Order

There are no order limits with Printify. Whether you sell a single pillowcase or do hundreds in one go, it doesn't matter – we take care of the production and shipping.

Why Sell Personalized Pillowcases

The home décor market has been rising for several years and is predicted to continue growing. Homeowners regularly shop for new décor items to make their homes unique and stylish. With that, the demand for personalized pillowcases has also increased and is expected to continue thriving.

Bedroom or living room, a custom pillowcase provides the perfect way to decorate and personalize any interior space. They also let buyers create personalized pillows that are great gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones. 

Designing and selling products with Printify is easy and completely free. After signing up, pick a pillowcase from our product catalog and apply your photo or graphic with the help of our built-in Mockup Generator. Once done, publish the product to your online store and start selling.

There are no upfront costs, and Printify takes care of the production and shipping. All you need to do is get the word out.

Print on Demand Pillowcases and Shams

Printify offers several pillowcases and shams that you can customize. Both cases and shams offer vibrant print colors and cover any pillow in style, but there are a few small differences between the two.

Pillowcases Pillow Shams
Shape Square Rectangular
Material Faux Suede; Polyester Microfiber
Print area All-over-print Front
Closure Concealed zipper Envelope closure
Pillowcases Square
Pillow Shams Rectangular
Pillowcases Faux Suede; Polyester
Pillow Shams Microfiber
Print area
Pillowcases All-over-print
Pillow Shams Front
Pillowcases Concealed zipper
Pillow Shams Envelope closure

Whether you go with pillowcases or shams (or both), the final product will perfectly complement any interior.

Print on Demand Pillowcases and Shams
Custom Pillowcases 1

Our Custom Pillowcases

Both our Faux Suede Square Pillowcase and Spun Polyester Pillowcase come in sizes ranging from 14″ × 14″ to 26″ × 26″, so you can be sure that your customers will find the right option for their bed or couch.

Your printed cases will look amazing thanks to the all-over printing method used in the production process. Whether you decide to use a photo, text, or artwork for your product, it will cover the entire surface of the pillowcase and will fit into any setting flawlessly.

All pillowcases have a concealed zipper. It’s super easy to put the cases on, and the zipper doesn’t interfere with the visuals.

Regarding the material, you can choose between faux suede and polyester. Both are very soft, comfortable, and durable.

There are currently two print providers you can use to sell your pillowcases – MWW On Demand makes the pillowcases in the US, while Colorway has several production locations worldwide.

Custom Pillowcases 2

Our Custom Pillow Shams

Our catalog offers two pillow shams produced by two different print providers – a Pillow Sham made by Catalyst Fabric Solutions and a Microfiber Pillow Sham made by MWW On Demand.

Both shams are made of a lightweight microfiber material that is soft to the touch and provides crisp prints for your graphics. It’s easy to insert and remove the pillow thanks to the envelope closure on the back of the pillow sham.

Depending on your choice, you can add your designs and photos to the front of the pillow sham, with the back staying white or cream-colored. Both shams come in several sizes, so your buyers can have a personalized pillow in any size they want.

All pillow shams are made in the US; just remember that two different print providers offering them.

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Make Custom Pillowcases!

Design Ideas for Custom Pillowcases

Buyers are different, and so are their decor choices. If you’re not sticking to a specific niche, there are tons of creative ideas you can use to customize pillowcases.

For example, people love pillowcases with text designs, a popular gift option that can get you a lot of sales. Buyers also enjoy personalized products – try asking your customers to send in their favorite photos so you can create a collage out of them. This way, you can let them cherish their favorite memories whenever they rest their head on their special pillow. Patterns, floral motifs, fun drawings – whatever you choose for your product, there will be a market for it.

Pillowcases With Quotes

Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a funny pun, or a popular saying, text looks great on pillowcases. You just need to pick a font that matches your text nicely and place it on the pillowcase. It’s effortless to create a text design with the help of our built-in text editor.

Pillowcases With Quotes
Custom Monogrammed Pillowcases

Custom Monogrammed Pillowcases

A monogram can be a single decorative letter or a design consisting of two or more letters that are interlaced – they’re usually used for visualizing the initials of a person’s name.

You can offer pillowcases with alphabet letters and use the same design, or tailor your product offering to any special occasion your buyers might be celebrating. For example, newlyweds might want to create personalized pillowcases with their initials so they can mark their side of the bed.

Pillowcases With Photos

Buyers love using pillows with photos of family, friends, and other loved ones when creating a cheerful atmosphere in their favorite room. It can be a photo of a far away family member to rest next to on the bed, a collage of one’s favorite photo memories to show off in the living room, or printed pillowcases with photos of company employees to give as gifts or display at the office.

Your shop can offer the option of creating personalized photo pillowcases for people to buy as gifts or show off at their homes.

Pillowcases With Photos

Design Your Own Custom Pillowcases Online

Sign Up and Design Your Product

Sign up with Printify, pick a pillowcase from our catalog and use the Mockup Generator to apply your visuals. Check out our design guide for tips on designing your products.

Order a Sample

Once your pillowcase is ready, order a sample to see how it looks and feels in real life. This step isn’t mandatory, but we advise you not to skip it. This way, you can be sure that the final product matches your expectations.

Integrate a Sales Channel

To be able to sell your products, you need to connect your Printify account to an online sales channel. We offer several integrations (e.g., Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce), which you can use to sell your customized products. Connecting to your online shop only takes a couple of minutes.

Publish and Promote Your Products

All that's left to do is publish the products to your online storefront and start selling. Printify will take care of production and shipping; all you need to do is promote your store and products.

Choose Your Print Provider

With Printify, you’ve got world-class print providers at your fingertips. We love laying low and letting your business shine: your customers will only see your brand and your design when you make your own shirt and sell it online. Make your own shirts come to life with over 90 printing providers from all over the world – US, Canada, Europe, and even Asia. This means shorter delivery times and lower shipping costs no matter where your clients are.

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Customisable Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming your own boss has never been easier. Sign up with Printify, pick a product from our catalog and add your visuals to it – you can do all this for free. Then, connect your Printify account to a sales channel of your choice and start selling your pillowcases. It’s that simple.

Pick a pillowcase from our catalog, and use the built-in Mockup Generator to add your visuals. If you’ve already got a design, drag and drop it onto the product and reposition it as necessary.

If you don’t have any visuals ready, use the text editor or Shutterstock integration to create a personalized pillowcase in a few simple steps. You’ll also get a preview of the product’s appearance in real life.

Look at our design guide for tips and tricks on making custom products.

There are no upfront costs when designing a personalized pillowcase. You only need to pay for the production and shipping of the product once someone purchases it in your store.

Your profit is the difference between the price you’ve set for the pillowcase and the production and shipping costs.

Sizes vary between pillowcases and pillow shams, as well as between the print provider you choose for your product.

Cases are available in sizes ranging from 14″ × 14″ to 26″ × 26″, while pillow shams are available in four sizes: 26″ x 20″ ,  36″ x 20″, 30″ x 22″, and 38″ x 22″.

Ready to Start?

With the home décor market booming, now’s the perfect time to jump in on the trend. And what better way to ooze your way into the hearts of home decorators than by letting them purchase a beautiful personalized pillowcase? Sign up with Printify and start earning money today.

Make Custom Pillowcases!