Custom Mouse Pads

Extremely comfortable to mouse on, nonslip and fully customizable. These custom mouse pads are ready for your design!

custom mouse pads

Custom mouse pads - small size, big impact!

custom mouse pad

Don’t think custom mouse pads are sexy, or at least they can’t affect the bottom line? Think again – every PC out there with a mouse is likely to have a mouse pad. That’s big sales potential – if you know how to take advantage of it!  

Our mousepads are made from Neoprene, and have an anti-slip bottom. At 4mm thick and with soft, superslick cloth, they allow mice of all types to glide across them. 

But don’t forget, these mouse pads are a canvas – fully printable and ready to feature the best, wittiest and most eye-catching designs.

Neoprene rubber pad

No fraying and long lifespan, also extremely comfortable to mouse on

Soft and spongey surface

Maximum comfort for hand while surfing the web or working in the office

Non-slip bottom

Will not slide or move anywhere while in use

Custom mouse pad key features

Superslick, fully printable mouse pad

Our mouse pads have a superslick cloth top that’s resistance-free and should track well for all of those quick movements. How do we know? This is the same material used on many professional gaming custom mouse pads – and these guys take this very, very seriously. Trackball and optical mice shouldn’t have any issues gliding over this pad. 

The entire mouse pad can be customized and printed on – whole pad is the print canvas for these custom mouse pads. Of course, make sure there’s nothing important near the edges of the design – like words or logos – before the test sample arrives so the the look and feel can be verified. If it looks good, then it’s all good!

custom mouse pads close up view

Stable and secure

Another great feature of our custom mouse pad is the rubber back. This anti-slip measure will make sure all of those quick movements across the pad don’t result in the pad shifting too far away from the user. What happens when that occurs (other than total disaster?) The mouse falls off the pad, potentially costing them that game-winning head-shot!

custom mouse pads back view

Top 5 questions about custom printed mouse pads answered

The best selling mouse pads with a design on them are usually between $10 and $15 at large, online retailers. We have custom mouse pads below $6, and that could be lower if you’re signed up for Printify Premium, our awesome monthly subscription plan that passes discounts on our entire catalog to you!

Yes! Of course! You just need to order a sample product once you’re happy with your design and save it. We recommend it, just to make sure 100% that your custom mouse pad is exactly the way you want it to be!

The colors offered are always changing, but there’s a wide variety of colors to choose from – including the always popular basic black. If you’re looking to place a logo in the bottom corner, then you should be able to choose from any of the colors and find a good one to compliment what you’re looking to achieve design-wise. Remember to always look and check back, we’re constantly adding new colors and products to our catalog!

The answer is: not much, except the size. Gaming mouse pads might be a bit larger to allow for the extended range of movement some games require. Now, we’ve observed that most gamers don’t go out of their way to purchase a larger mouse pad, so we think our custom mouse pads will be good for either normal or gaming use!

It’s not difficult! When it gets a bit dirty, you can use warm water and dish soap to clean dirt and spots off your pad. You don’t even need to soak the whole thing, just use a soft bristled pad if you’re finding some spot a bit troublesome. If you take care of your custom mouse pad, it will take care of you, for many years to come!

Customized mouse pad design tips

customized mouse pads for gaming

Custom mouse pads for home

Custom mouse pads can be used for the family computer or a gaming computer that a serious gamer uses for hours every day. Gaming related messages or designs will probably sell well for these audiences, as will animation style cartoons or other gaming culture references. If there is a popular gaming character’s quote or a quote like “Head shot!”, this could be something that impresses the audience when printed on a custom gaming mouse pad. 

Cartoon characters and funny quotes are good as well, you might think of something like “It’s a trap! Don’t turn it on!” for a funny gamer inspired quote from Star Wars. 

The other market is family users, and these could range from moms to the whole family, so make sure to explore all the possible niches during the custom mouse pad product launch.  If the audience is moms, then try something a little cuter and aspirational for a quote, as a lot of stay at home moms are squeezing in some time on the internet between their children’s naps or while they’re at school, trying to make some extra money with their online businesses!

custom mouse pads for office

Custom mouse pads for office

The full print mouse pad market for offices is understandably a bit different, and these are the types of custom mouse pads we’re seeing in the top 50 and even the top 100 designs. Inspirational of funny, work-friendly quotes are very popular.

Custom mouse pads are the equivalent of an inspirational poster, but one that someone can put on their desk and give themselves that extra message to motivate themselves every day. Don’t discount the clever, informational mouse pad either. 

Some more examples include a silly elephant with glasses and headphones getting down to work, a motivational quote to help the user get through another challenging day, or a calendar with key dates for the year or half-year on it.

Personalized mouse pad calendars that remind people of special, niche events throughout the year (or are just a standard calendar) work well, and so do time zone maps or even maps of the world in general. If someone’s job requires this type of information regularly, they might want to put it on a mouse pad for easy reference.

Sell your own personalized mouse pads online

Nearly everyone has a computer, and people buy new ones every year. That means the market for new mouse pads is nearly equivalent to the new PC market. According to Statista, over 260 million PCs were shipped in 2018 alone. While a lot of these shipped with mouse pads, we can bet that more did not! Not to mention the already existing computers that could use an accessorized refresh. 

The market for personalized mouse pads

Personalized mouse pads are a huge business opportunity because, while nearly everyone with a PC has a mouse pad – for the most part, there’s nothing on it! It means the market is wide open, custom mouse pads for all niches and all creative persuasions are possible!

Test out some custom mouse pads with a more unique design ideas and see what happens to your sales, your existing customers may love to get their hands on some!

Increase workplace productivity with custom mouse pads

Ergonomics and productivity are huge trends in office design at the moment, and so is the idea that a personalized workspace will make office workers more productive. As corporate cultures evolve to be less formal and more accommodating to a new generation of workers, the market for custom mouse pads will likely increase accordingly.

Pictures and posters have long been a creative expression for some offices.  Help be a part of this trend by bringing designs into the hands of those office workers that are trying to make their work environment a welcoming, friendly and cozy environment for them to work in!

custom printed mouse pads

Don’t think custom mouse pads are sexy, or at least they can’t affect the bottom line? Think again – every PC out there with a mouse is likely to have a mouse pad. That’s big sales potential – if you know how to take advantage of it!  

Our mousepads are made from Neoprene, and have an anti-slip bottom. At 4mm thick and with soft, superslick cloth, they allow mice of all types to glide across them. 

But don’t forget, these mouse pads are a canvas – fully printable and ready to feature the best, wittiest and most eye-catching designs.

Beyond basic black and colors

The best selling custom mouse pads at a large, well known online retailer are mainly plain black. The top 20 best selling custom mouse pads on Amazon are all black and mono-colored with a white logo.

Selling as a brand and not sell designs? A logo in white, off to the bottom of one side, is the best selling design. The other color is silver, it’s in a distant second place but is the second most popular color.

Best reviewed custom mouse pads

Now let’s take a look at Etsy, perhaps the place that customized mouse pads are bought and sold the most. What characteristics of the best reviewed and best selling mouse pads can we come up with?

Most of these pads are geared towards a work environment, but are clean and ironic fun. They feature popular characters crossed with great pieces of art (Ron Swanson and the Mona Lisa), funny poses of Jeff Goldblum, or clever animal puns.

The message is clear, custom mouse pads are a place for good clean fun, inspiration and motivation for the working day. What are some things to try to create to make some fun, ironic mouse pads for customers? Think about niches and combinations:

  • High art or old masterpieces paired with something contemporary
  • Cult characters from films
  • Animals and puns

Ready to start?

First things first: get going with a Printify account if you haven’t already. We’ve got over 250 products in our catalog – not just mouse pads! Need some help or more incentive? Let’s get into how to create and sell custom mouse pads online!

choose integration
Choose a path to merch empire

Decide where to sell those amazing custom mouse pads. We have integrations with Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The main difference between them is that the first three are platforms with traffic and customers already on their sites that you can take advantage of (for a price!). WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a plugin for a WordPress site, one that you will need hosting for and will have to supply the traffic to.

design your mouse pad
Upload those killer designs

Now you’ve got your account and your platform all set up, so we have to talk a bit about how to get your designs uploaded. First, select the mouse pad product. Then, upload your design. Our free mock-up generator will let you know if the image quality is too low, or if you’re stretching out the design a bit too much!

order mouse pad sample
Get a custom mouse pad sample

Alright, now you’ve got your killer custom mouse pad all designed and ready to sell – but not so fast, slick. We recommend you purchase a sample and give it a look over in real life, so that you know for sure that your awesome design has made a successful transition into an awesome product. Once you’ve done that – you can set your price and sell away!

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