Custom Apple Watch Bands

Create custom Apple Watch bands to complement one of the most popular personal tech accessories. Up your wrist game with print on demand by adding designs for friends and family or your own branded merchandise.

An image of a woman wearing a custom Apple Watch band with a peach pattern.
An image of a custom Apple Watch band with an abstract pattern.

Effortless Custom Apple Watch Bands

Always on Trend

Design custom watch bands with top-quality prints. Create a bespoke accessory or follow seasonal trends for popular design wear.

Easy to Customize

Use our print-on-demand design tools to create custom watch bands in minutes and order through Print Providers worldwide.


Compatible with newer releases, custom watch bands prove their longevity as a perfect detail to any fashion ensemble.

Create Custom Apple Watch Bands With Printify

Add expert designs to your digital accessories or business.

How to Make Custom Apple Watch Bands in Three Easy Steps

Navigate Printify’s custom design and print fulfillment network to create stellar watch band designs in three steps.

Apply your own photos or initials to enhance a personality, or play with design elements to capture a niche and set up an online merch store for your audience.

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Step 1

Sign Up For Printify

Set up a free account with Printify to access our vast collection of product categories and Print Providers. Rely on global fulfillment centers to produce and deliver merchandise with transparent production and shipping costs, helpful design tools, and printing guides.

Step 2

Choose a Custom Apple Watch Band

Choose from our selection of custom Apple Watch Bands on the Printify Catalog. Make sure to check out the manufacturing details and design features. Choose product fulfillment options from quality merchant-rated Print Providers.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Once satisfied with a selection, click Start Designing and explore our Mockup Generator. Here, you can view the custom band template and upload a design from your device. Note the necessary resolution requirements and drag your design to the appropriate print area.

Design Custom Apple Watch Bands With Printify

Our personalized watch straps come with stainless steel Apple Watch adapter hardware. The material is reinforced with premium medical grade Thermo Elastomer that reflects sweat and provides an ergonomic feel. All manufacturing is made cruelty-free with a highly durable finish.

Key Features:

Colors · 3

Our soft faux leather watch bands are made in fulfillment centers worldwide with a larger variety of accent colors. Add designs throughout the length of the strap – style a must-have Apple accessory that makes for great gifts for avid technology enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Colors · 3

More Than 2 Million Merchants Trust Printify

With merchants as our top priority, Printify ensures quality control throughout the entire production process.

Custom Apple Watch Bands Design Ideas

The Apple Watch Band has a unique wrap-around design area that works best with minimalist graphics and sleek branding elements. Explore your vision and play off of our list of potential design ideas.

An image of a custom Apple Watch band with a banana pattern.

Use Abstract Graphics and Patterns

Customize your Apple Watch band using color and pattern theory and a generous fill of negative space. When designing for a minimalist look, use streamlined shapes and a small selection of muted colors.

Brand It if You Need It

Establish your merch line with branded designs that define your visual style. Try out a simplistic monogram or engraved look that complements the device with a focus on simplicity and eye-catching accent lines, contrasts, and patterns.

An image of a custom Apple Watch band with a signature pattern.
An image of a custom Apple Watch band shown on the inside, and with a fluffy dog pattern on the outside.

Make It Personal

With Apple Watch straps, personalization is key. Design and add a personal photo, faux engraving, or a note to a loved one. Sign with personal descriptions, create artwork, and define your trend or hobby.

Why Sell Custom Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch bands have a strong presence in the health and fitness market but also share an exclusive spot in the technology, personal accessory, and fashion industry. Designing a personalized Apple Watch band opens a large customer share with reliable brand loyalty.


of all wearable devices are produced by Apple, accounting for the largest share of health and fitness accessories, which have maintained a leading industry role since 2018.

An image of a custom Apple Watch band with a colorful floral pattern.

Why Choose Printify

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Design With Ease

The Apple Band is installed for simplicity. Printify shares those values with a fully integrated mockup software to expertly upload, size, fit, and shape your designs from a single website.

Free to Use

Start your custom design journey through a risk-free platform – set up your personalized Apple Watch bands for free and cover production costs only after a customer purchases.

850+ Products

Once you make an initial selection, feel free to explore our growing list of over 850 print-on-demand products, closely selected to match your design and quality needs.

Popular Integrations

Start selling from top eCommerce sales channels such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and more. Choose an integration to add all Printify products with a single click from your account.

Print Providers Worldwide

Partnered with worldwide Print Providers, Printify forwards your orders to local fulfillment centers, ensuring low shipping costs and a speedy delivery estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make a personalized Apple Watch band with Print on Demand. Explore our Catalog of custom blank products, upload your design online, and order a personalized watch band with zero subscription costs. Order a sample for yourself or sell online with full store integrations.

Printify offers full customization options with our dedicated Apple Watch band products. Customize colors and add your own design applied with state-of-the-art printing technologies. Receive your unique design through fast shipping and live delivery estimates.

Printify boasts some of the most competitive prices and reviews across any print-on-demand platform. Our current pricing starts from $20.60 for custom watch straps. Sign up with Printify Premium to save up to 20% on all product prices.

Printify has no minimum order value on any of its products. Produce custom watches and ship them out only after an actual sale is made. This ensures no upfront investment, no warehousing, or backlogged products.

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