Custom Face Mask

Add a line of custom face masks to your store to attract new customers and diversify inventory.

Custom Face Mask Print On Demand

Why sell custom face masks?

Reusable cloth face mask

While some face masks are simple one-and-done items, these have the durability to last through multiple machine washes under reasonable conditions.

No minimum order

That’s right. Printify doesn’t put any limitations or restrictions on a merchant’s business - up or down.

Competitive pricing

Compared to other custom face masks of similar quality, printing, sourcing, and servicing, these are a tremendous value.

Custom Face Mask Your Design

Design you own custom face mask

Custom face masks have become a modern symbol of cleanliness, virtue, and respect for the safety of others. Our fabric face masks are made from pure polyester – a hardy synthetic material that is capable of withstanding daily use while still retaining shape, fit, and comfort for the face.

It’s worth mentioning that the pure polyester composition of the Printify cloth face mask does make it fluid resistant and capable of providing legitimate (and stylish) protection for wearers. 

Empowered with state-of-the-art techniques, your customers will love the text, designs, artwork, and maybe even mustaches applied to the front of your custom face masks. 

Our custom fabric face mask

Most important features:

Elastic ear loops: People don’t wear uncomfortable clothing very long. This is particularly important for super sensitive areas of the body – like around the ears. The straps for these face masks are flat-woven, so there will never be any chaffing, rubbing, or scratching.

Vibrant colors: No reasonable design is beyond the capabilities of our print provider network. Using only the most advanced technology, any legal artwork or inclusion applied to the printing area of a custom face mask will be bright, dynamic, and lively long after the printing process.

100% Polyester: As the purpose of any fabric face mask is to cover both the mouth and nose, it is of paramount importance that the mask doesn’t wilt, shrink, or fail in any other way. A solid polyester build means that these custom fabric face masks can withstand any normal wear and tear while still maintaining their integrity.

Custom Face Mask Fabric Face Mask
Custom Face Mask Snug Fit Polyester Facemask

Most important features:

Snug fit : Loose masks are a no-go. They feel insecure, and theyCustom-Face-Mask’re always bothering you, making you feel like this could fall off. This mask makes sure that it’s snugly attached to the face, giving you a comfortable and secure feeling. Need another benefit? How about increased protection. A better and more snug fit will help to keep unwanted particles out!

Vibrant Colors : Masks are design-ready and ready to be shipped to your customers. They take colors brilliantly and make your customers stand out while they wear it!

Elastic earloops : The mask should fit the face, and that’s exactly what the snug fit mask does! These ear loops stretch and allow the shape of the face to be accommodated

Most important features:

Dual Layer : Durability in the front, comfort in the back. This mask is dual-layered and gives you the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t want nice soft cotton against their face, while letting the man-made and durable polyester filter out all the unwanted particles? 

Stunning black band : Make a statement with a black outer band. This band highlights and frames designs, and can make them pop out to your customers. Give your customers some style with a black outer band!

Easy Machine Wash : These masks are as easy to care for as they are to wear. Just wash on cold and let dry, no need to put in a dryer. These are re-usable and washable masks!

Custom Face Mask Mixed Fabric

Here are some frequently asked questions about our custom face masks

Under normal circumstances, no. The synthetic fibers of these face masks are impervious to shrinking – unlike cotton or other natural materials. However, when exposed to excessive heat, like during a hot wash or dry cycle, it is possible to shrink the polyester.

Yes. Polyester is popular in activewear due to just how breathable and lightweight it is.  When utilized, any condensation or sweat is passed along the skin for evaporation, instead of allowing that moisture gathering near the material to be absorbed, weigh the garment down, or potentially cause slippage.

No. Even for customers ordering a single mask, there will never be a problem with quantity. 

No. Printify will never tell merchants how to run their own businesses. Quantity should never be an issue.

Yes. These fabric face masks are durable enough to withstand machine washing between 30C – 90 degrees celsius. Other clothing can be included when machine washing cloth face masks with regular laundry detergent. However, we recommend against bleaching, tumble/machine drying, ironing, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning. Air drying is preferable.

No. However, any 100% polyester material is considered to be water resistant. This basically means that, while not 100% waterproof, the fabric is able to withstand a fair volume of wetness – as long as the mask isn’t completely submerged for a while. This is often called ‘everyday waterproof’. 

Real waterproofing is incredibly difficult to achieve. It implies that no moisture is absorbed at all, regardless of conditions. While a strand of pure polyester is itself waterproof, once those strands are woven together into a fabric, water can become trapped within the air spaces in the seams – particularly where sewn together unless ultrasonic welding makes the seam itself waterproof. 

Yes. When properly fitted around the mouth, nose, and sides of the face, a custom cloth face mask protects both the wearer and those nearby. The mask acts as a shield for the large droplets released when someone breathes, sneezes, coughs, etc. 

This can prevent the wearer from spreading anything unwanted while simultaneously protecting them from the spread of others. As there are many mask varieties, some are more effective at providing protection than others.

In addition to the popularity and prevalence of masks reaching arguably impossibly high levels within the last few years, the CDC (an American organization) has issued a universal recommendation for all American citizens to use similar protective measures. With record sales of masks leading many manufacturers unable to keep up with demand, this is a perfect time to help people stay individualized, safe, and cognizant of the health of others. 

With such an obvious need for a large portion of the public, it’s only natural that face masks have gone the same way as t-shirts: gradually transitioning from an otherwise normal accessory into an opportunity to display some personality, match an outfit’s color scheme better, advocate for a political idea, front a mustache, or just about any other purpose. Making new designs is the work of a moment – meaning any audience demographic can be included in a store’s scope.

Cloth face masks are far more prevalent – being cheaper and more readily available. These fabric face masks are commonly used by healthy or asymptomatic individuals doing their part to be health conscious. These masks are primarily useful for protecting other people from any germs originating from the wearer. However, some studies suggest that a properly fitted cloth face mask can be more effective than surgical masks for nearby people. 

Custom Face Mask Cloth Face Mask

Custom face mask design ideas to sell in your store

Making good choices when picking designs for a custom face mask is of paramount importance. They play a big role in mapping out which audience bases will be attracted and, hopefully, make a purchase.

As masks cover the face, they remove a significant portion of the human ability to convey emotion. By restricting that previously universal visual access, everyone wearing a mask becomes a bit dehumanized. As we all rely on non-verbal methods of communication, the stark, arguably bland facade of a mask washes out much of otherwise ordinary emotional conveyance

However, including a design on a facial covering serves to upturn that demeaning effect. The mask transforms, breaking from a protective, reclusive armor and morphing into a chance to express some personality. And with everyone being recommended to use face masks, the need for expression is only anticipated to rise.

Here are a few great ideas for custom mask designs:

Custom Face Mask With Text

Custom face masks with text

Depending on which audience is targeted, just about any phrase, comment, question, concern, or idea can be expressed in a lucrative fashion. As any POD shop could include a few puns or placements rather easily, a custom face mask is a solid place for a verbal note. It goes without saying (literally) when something is printed on the front of someone’s mouth.

Face masks with emoji design

Anyone with a mobile device, phone, or access to the internet is, by now, well familiar with these iconic, universally utilized hieroglyphics. They’re so diverse that entire books have been (re)written using only their cartoonish characters. With the release of more and more emojis regularly, their role in contemporary society is unchallenged. They appear on everything from stickers to t-shirts – so, why not the custom face mask, as well? It’s just getting ahead of the curve.

Custom Face Mask With Emoji
Custom Face Mask Neutral Design

Face mask with neutral design

There’s something to be said for not saying anything. In a world of bold, brash flavors and in-your-face assertions, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the action. As the primary purpose of masks is to facilitate cleanliness and health, there’s no need to project anything. After all, a mask stands for itself without anything extra.

Custom face mask with animal patterns

While many trends have their day but vanish soon after, few demonstrate the staying power of animal prints. Resurging with a vengeance every few years, patterns like zebra, cheetah, leopard, etc., never seem to fade. Including an animalistic aspect to a custom face mask demonstrates allegiance to cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, or whatever non-human buddy is chosen.

Custom Face Mask Animal Patterm

Ready to start?

Getting a line of custom face masks out into the eCommerce ecosystem is a quick, simple process.

Custom Face Mask Choose Product

Choose a product

Masks are a huge seller right now, so including a few in a POD store is a terrific way to boost sales and make profits.

Custom Face Mask Customize It

Customize it

We’re sure there are a few designs, ideas, and improvizations floating around in your head that would be perfect for the front of a face mask. Just any image can be uploaded as a .jpg or .png at 300dpi quality – or as hopefully close as possible. This is to make sure that an image retains its sharpness and clarity.

Custom Face Mask Start Selling

Start selling

Once a product has been created, include it in your lineup so customers can start using your products to be safe, protect others, and maybe even showcase a brand-new (printed) facial feature.

Start selling custom face masks!