Custom Face Masks

Protect yourself and your loved ones, or introduce something different to your online store with personalized face masks. Practical, reusable, and stylish, design custom face masks for medical or fashion use and support precaution in style.

A man posing in a sublimed hoodie, cap with a palm tree design, sunglasses, and a custom mask that says "Good Vibes"
A woman posing outdoors in white t-shirt and custom face mask with fruity pattern

Custom Face Mask Printing With Printify

Wide Product Selection

We have masks for kids, adults, and anyone in between. Design your custom face mask collection with different colors, materials, and features to fit everyone.

Best Prices

Printify offers competitive market prices. Design affordable custom face masks while still guaranteeing top product and print quality.

No Minimum Order

Order your custom face mask collection in any quantity, from a couple to a whole bundle. Single and bulk orders are available for custom masks.

Create Your Own Custom Face Masks!

Design Your Own Custom Face Mask in a Few Clicks

Creating customized face masks for personal or business use is simple and fast. Go from joining Printify to wearing your logo on a face mask in three simple steps. Sign up, discover our options, pick your favorite mask, and decorate it to perfection.

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Step 1

Create an Account

Our platform is beginner-friendly and suitable for all tech-savvy levels. Simply register with an email address, add information about you or your business, and get ready to utilize Print on Demand’s best tools. To get your masks for less, consider joining Printify Premium to gain up to 20% off all product prices.

Step 2

Pick a Face Mask

Polyester, mixed-fabric, cotton, and masks for kids and adults. There are endless design options and multiple Print Providers to choose from. Pick a style for wearing or selling, and get ready to add your design. Choose a mask from our Catalog and click Start designing to create one-of-a-kind face wear.

Step 3

Upload Your Design

Design your own logo, upload images, add text, and have fun with the customization process. Our free and easy-to-use Mockup Generator will steadily guide you through it. You’ll find suggestions for the best image quality, useful filters, stock photos if you don’t have your own.

Find the Best Custom Face Masks in Our Catalog

Let’s look at the vast spread of masks in our Catalog, from polyester to reusable cotton and other washable options. Protect adults and children with custom cloth face masks or create unique accessories for every style and occasion.

A young woman in a mask with a sunflower pattern
A young man in glasses wearing a custom face mask with an abstract pattern design

Design a Custom Face Mask With Printify

Transform ordinary face masks into extensions of your personal style. With Printify, you’re not just choosing a mask – you’re selecting a canvas. Showcase your creativity and make your store more successful with every item sold. No more generic, single-use masks. Go sustainable. Go amazing!

Crafted with care, this non-medical face mask promises breathability without compromising on quality. Not only is it strong and durable, but it also dries quickly. The adjustable nylon spandex earloops, complemented by silicone adjustment beads, provide a snug fit. Use our handy face mask maker online tool and start creating.

Key Features:

Sizes: One size

This lightweight, reusable mask respects every contour of your face. Crafted from durable polyester, the fitted face mask offers two layers with a filter pocket for added protection. With comfortable elastic earloops and vibrant print, it balances style and safety.

Key Features:

Sizes: One size

Elevate your protection game with a touch of style. Merging the durability of polyester with the comfort of cotton, this mask doesn’t just ensure safety but also stands out as a chic fashion accessory. It’s perfect for everyday wear – just throw it in the washer, and it’s ready for its next outing.

Key Features:

Sizes: One size

As the name suggests, it’s a hug for your face, providing protection with a trendy edge. The mask’s dimensions ensure complete coverage, and the adjustable elastic straps guarantee a fit that’s just right. It is supremely durable, offering consistent shape retention and fast drying. It’s an ideal pick for extended wear.

Key Features:

Sizes: One size

Our lightweight neck gaiter is where comfort meets practicality – its elastic and multifunctional features allow versatility. When designing a custom face mask, apply stunning all-over printed patterns and make them shine. Decent prices make this product a crowd favorite.

Key Features:


When fashion meets safety, our kid’s face mask is what you get. Crafted from 100% polyester, it ensures durability and quick drying. Boasting two layers, it provides ample coverage. Though not medical-grade, it’s a stylish and reusable daily protection choice that blends function with fashion for youngsters.

Key Features:


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Custom Face Mask Design Ideas

Let’s gain some inspiration for your custom-printed face masks. If you’re wondering where to start, we’re here to help. Check out these six handy design ideas, from photo placement to logos and artwork.

A woman posing in a black face mask that has a logo on it

Custom Face Masks With Logo Design

Promotional masks are a great way to spread your message and raise brand awareness. Custom face masks for businesses can be excellent gifts for employees, partners, and new clients. As well as promotional material at presentations, fairs, and Christmas parties, or creatively spread the word for a good cause with masks at charity events.

Face Masks With Photo Designs

Masks with photos can go a long way. The beauty of this niche is the countless options. A photo can be anything from a person, place, pet, scenery, or family. From a loved one to a slice of pizza. Start your photo design from scratch. Snap a pic and customize it creatively.

A woman posing with a pink face mask that has a rose on the left side
A picture with a creative basketball display, featuring a whistle, ball, game chart, and a face mask with the team logo

Custom Team Face Masks

A team that stays safe together wins together. Design custom face wear for team bonding with unique mask designs. From local sports teams to company teams at work events – personalized masks are a hit during group gatherings.

Custom Face Masks With Text

Sometimes, a picture is not enough. That’s where words come into play. Anything can be added to a custom mask design, from funny jokes to inspiring quotes and important messages. Spread the word about important causes, show your stance on serious matters, or make people laugh with silly puns. A mask is a perfect canvas for your artsy expressions through words.

A man in an apron with his arms crossed, posing with a face mask that says "Oh no it's Monday"
A woman posing in a white t-shirt and a custom face mask that has a citrus pattern

Face Masks With Patterns or Prints

Some people don’t want anything specific on their masks but will enjoy a splash of color. Use this niche to create unique patterns or prints for your face mask collection. Animal prints or abstract styles are always good options to leave people in awe.

Custom-Themed Face Masks

Themes are another great idea for customizing mask designs. These can include anything from yearly events and special occasions to particular niches. Design personalized masks for weddings, Valentine’s Day parties, and Christmas events, or chime into niches like fitness, food, and health.

A woman with pink hair posing at a fence with a face mask that has a comic pattern
A hardworking woman in an apron happily accepting her package

Order Custom-Printed Face Masks in Bulk

With no minimum order quantity, Printify also provides great discounts for placing bulk orders – including cotton face masks.

This is a great opportunity for those who need more than just a couple of masks. Order custom face wear for a company or charity event, gift-giving, or wedding.

Why Sell Custom Face Masks?

While masks aren’t always required nowadays, they have become a part of our lives and fashion statements. Some people have gotten so used to wearing them that they refuse to stop.

Face masks are still in. In 2023, this market segment’s revenue will grow to

$19.20 billion

That’s a profitable segment to be a part of. Add custom masks to your online store and provide product diversity on a global scale.

A woman in a striped shirt wearing a face mask with a butterfly pattern

Why Choose Printify?

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Printify provides excellent tools and guidance throughout all product creation and eCommerce processes. Join the leading POD platform and style your mask designs with a trusted partner.

100% Free

Register on our website, browse our Catalog, and design masks for free with no up-front costs and no hidden transactions or risks.

Global Shipping

Choose your Printing Partners from our trusted list and ship your personalized face masks around the world.

Excellent Support

Reach out to our Merchant Support agents via live chat or email. They will help, advise, and guide you 24/7.

Integrate Your Store and Sell With Printify

To get your custom mask designs out in the world, you must select a place to list and sell them online. Printify has compiled a thorough guide on the top eCommerce marketplaces and platforms we integrate with. Choose the best site that fits your needs and skills, and create awesome listings using our product descriptions and photos.

Once you’ve created your store, integrate it with Printify in a few clicks via My storesAdd new store.


Create a Printify account. Check our Catalog for face masks. Pick your favorite and click Start designing. Then, upload images, logos, or prints, add text, and personalize the design. Preview, make adjustments and click Save.

Nothing if you just want to list them online. Sign up, design, and create listings for free. Once someone buys a mask, the final sales price will cover the fulfillment costs. Shipping rates depend on the Print Provider.

Yes, you can – and it’s highly recommended. Order a sample mask to test the quality, print, and fulfillment process before offering it to your buyers.

Fulfillment times vary for each product, Printing Partner, and shipping method. The average production time for face masks is almost three working days. Shipping can take two to five days locally and 30 globally.

Our customized face masks are printed in Germany and the United States.

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In our Catalog, you’ll find over 900 stunning products that you can adorn with your logo or designs to generate sale after sale in your online store.

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