Custom Neck Gaiters

Custom neck gaiters scream versatility and fashion to people who love outdoor activities. Come up with an outstanding custom design and sell your neck gaiters online today.

Custom Neck Gaiters Print on Demand

Made in the USA

Each neck gaiter is sewn together from high-quality materials in the United States.

Versatile Use

A custom-printed neck gaiter is so multifunctional you can sell it to massive customer segments.

No Minimum Order

Create and sell a single neck gaiter or a hundred worldwide with no minimum order quantity.

Create Your Own Custom Neck Gaiters!

What Is a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter, also known as a Buff®, is a fabric sewn together in a tube shape intended to be used as a neck warmer and face covering, but it’s so much more.

People love using custom neck gaiters for all types of outdoor activities, like running, skiing, and hiking, or as stylish accessories for everyday wear.

Neck Gaiter Printify

Print-On-Demand Custom Neck Gaiters

We offer different custom neck gaiters for every season, perfect for selling to customers worldwide. Each neck gaiter has multiple functions – sell them as face coverings, headbands, or even beanies.

Our neck gaiters are made from a 100% polyester material or a 90% blend with elastane or spandex to add elasticity. Polyester wicks away moisture to ensure comfort and dryness.

Make beautiful patterns or graphics based on what your customers love. Drag and drop them into our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator and see them come to life on your custom neck gaiter.

Midweight Neck Gaiter for Sports and Everyday Wear

Midweight Neck Gaiter
for Sports and Everyday Wear

The midweight custom neck gaiters are perfect for adults who love outdoor adventures. The moisture-wicking fabric helps you stay comfortable even if it gets rainy and sweaty.

These gaiters also serve as face and neck protection against harsher elements while remaining breathable and comfortable.

Lightweight Neck Gaiter for Sunny Weather

Lightweight Neck Gaiter
for Sunny Weather

Lightweight neck gaiter, meet durability. This neck gaiter is breathable polyester, perfect for wearing on hot days.

Even though they’re lightweight, they still serve the purpose of neck warmers and protect the skin against wind, rain, or sun damage.

Winter Neck Gaiter With Drawstring to Stay Warm

If your customers stay active outdoors during colder months, this neck gaiter will keep them warm and cozy. An adjustable drawstring on the upper seam keeps it in place during active movement. 

Made from a 90% polyester 10% spandex material, the fabric is breathable and perfect for making high-quality prints in multiple colors. Spandex ensures stretchiness for extra comfort. Wash them, tumble dry them – your designs will remain vibrant for years.

This print-on-demand neck gaiter comes in one size (17.5″ × 9.5″) that’ll fit most adults.

Create Your Own Custom Neck Gaiters!

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

A custom neck gaiter is probably the most versatile item anyone can buy for their closet. Share these tips with your buyers to show them why this is a worthy investment.

We always recommend you order a sample neck gaiter before selling to others. This way, you can check the quality yourself. While you’re at it, shoot some videos to show shoppers how to wear a gaiter in the following ways.

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter


A runner’s best friend. Pull the custom neck gaiter over the head and tuck the excess material to make a hat. Another technique is to turn it inside-out, twist it, and pull one side over the other.

Face Mask

Neck gaiters also serve as face coverings to protect against harsh weather, dust, and bugs. Thanks to the breathable fabric, they’re still comfortable even if you cover the mouth and nose. Start by wearing it as a regular neck gaiter, then pull the top above your nose.

Hair Tie and Bandana

While their intended purpose is neck protection, custom-printed neck gaiters can be worn to keep hair out of the way. Simply tie it like a regular hair tie, or fold it in a strip to make a headband.


This style is popular among snowboarding, skiing, and cycling enthusiasts. It protects against snow, rain, or strong winds. The moisture-wicking polyester keeps the inside dry and warm. First, pull it over the neck, then the head, to create a hood. Take the fabric below the chin and pull it over the nose.


Durags are excellent for protecting curly hair while sleeping, but people also wear them as accessories to their outfits.

You can make one out of a neck gaiter in seconds – pull one end of the gaiter over the head, so all of the hair is inside the fabric tube.


Wearing a neck gaiter like this brings extra style to sporty outfits. You can match them with other accessories or footwear to make the colors pop. Wrap it around the wrist, just like the hair tie.

Ideas for Personalized Neck Gaiter Designs

Looking for winning-design ideas to get started? We’ve got you covered.

Custom Neck Gaiters With Nature Motifs

Get inspired by mother nature and create beautiful patterns like waves, camo, treelines, and clouds. Explore a realistic or an abstract style. You can even browse professional stock images with natural landscapes – we’ll print them in picture-perfect quality.

Custom Neck Gaiters With Nature Motifs
Neck Gaiters With Custom Logo

Neck Gaiters With Custom Logo

Another popular design for a neck gaiter – custom logo. They’re perfect for employee gifts, team events, and merch for your brand. Position the logo on the front or sides of the neck gaiter to ensure it doesn’t disappear in the folds.

Custom Neck Gaiters With Geometric Patterns

People love bright, bold geometric patterns on a custom-printed neck gaiter. These designs look great even when neck gaiters are used in a different style, like a headband or a beanie. 

Custom Neck Gaiters With Geometric Patterns

Create Your Own Custom Neck Gaiters!

Design and Sell Your Own Custom Neck Gaiters Online

Design and Sell Your Own Custom Neck Gaiters Online
Store Card

Step 1

Choose a Product

Browse our catalog and choose which style to customize first – a lightweight, midweight, or winter gaiter. While deciding, think about your potential buyers – why they need the neck gaiter, where and when they will use it – in a colder or warmer environment.

Check out the material description, as well as the care and sizing guides under the product descriptions.

Step 2

Add Your Design

Get inspired by the ideas above and create your unique custom neck gaiter artwork. If design software is not your best friend, hire a designer to do it for you or browse stock images.

Adding designs onto neck gaiters is super easy. Upload them to our Mockup Generator, add text if you want, and download realistic mockups for your listings and marketing campaigns.

Step 3

Publish and Start Selling

Connect your Printify account to an eCommerce site and create listings. Write informative product descriptions to show customers that these custom neck gaiters are breathable, moisture-wicking, washable, and perfect for all seasons.

Once they buy one and the money rolls in, we automatically push the order for printing and fast shipping.


To design your own neck gaiters, first, choose one neck gaiter from our catalog. They’re all made of high-quality materials, perfect for printing vibrant designs that last for years.

Make digital artwork that’s catered to your ideal customer. If you’re not familiar with graphic design apps, look for stock images or hire a professional to do it for you. Review our design guide to ensure the prints come out in the highest quality.    

The design is entirely up to you – make an abstract graphic, a cute pattern, or a custom logo – the sky’s the limit. Upload it to our Mockup Generator, drag it in place, and create realistic product images for your listings.

The production costs for our personalized neck gaiters start from $8.05 with a Printify Premium subscription and $10.45 without. These fees are only deducted after your customer places an order.

We work with the leading shipping carriers to offer fast worldwide shipping with fees as low as $4.49.

The price will be different for your buyers because of your markup/profit.

Our Winter Neck Gaiter With Drawstring comes in one-size-fits-most adults: 17.5″ × 9.5″. It has an adjustable drawstring on the upper seam to keep it in place and modify it for a better fit.

The lightweight and midweight neck gaiters come in sizes S to L.

A custom-printed neck gaiter can be easily cleaned, just like other clothes. Each one is machine-washable, and you can even tumble dry them on low heat – the quality stays the same.

The only practices you should avoid are dry cleaning and ironing – both can damage and melt the printed material.

They vary for each shipping carrier, so make sure to check our shipping rates – we cover real-time delivery times, costs, and available premium-shipping options.

After your customer places an order, you can track every step of the process, like fulfillment and delivery, from your Printify account.

Printify doesn’t have a minimum order quantity. Create one custom neck gaiter for yourself or a hundred to sell at a market. We only start the printing process as an order comes in to eliminate overproduction and unnecessary waste.

Ready to Start?

It’s time to open a shop – grab your first custom neck gaiter, customize it, sell it, and we’ll take care of printing and shipping.

To get started, you’ll need a Printify account – it’s free, and you can set it up in seconds.