Sell to Brand New Customers With the Printify x TikTok Shop Integration

Sell to Brand New Customers With the Printify x TikTok Shop Integration

Printify has yet again gone the extra mile to improve your eCommerce experience with the integration of Printify x TikTok Shop.

Skyrocket your sales by tapping into TikTok’s massive user base – and reach millions of new customers with your creative designs.

Let’s look at how your business benefits from this latest integration, how to set it up, and what to keep in mind to make your sales soar to new heights.

Watch your print-on-demand business thrive as you capture the hearts and minds of a whole new audience through the seamless and unrivaled integration of Printify x TikTok Shop.

What Is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is changing the face of social and eCommerce, and is expected to hit $20 billion in sales by the end of 2023 – which means merchants have the opportunity to list and sell their custom print-on-demand products directly to the vast and global TikTok audience. Connecting your Printify store to TikTok Shop provides you with global brand reach and an effortless shopping experience within the app.

Disclaimer. For now, the TikTok Shop x Printify integration is only available for merchants located and shipping within the US. But stay tuned – we’re working on expanding this integration to other countries and regions.

Why Sell on TikTok Shop?

Massive Audience

TikTok’s user base is expanding even as we speak, with 117 million people browsing content and exploring goods on the platform in the United States alone.

Seamless Shopping

TikTok Shop users can explore, browse, and buy your custom products directly from the TikTok app.

Free Analytics

The data dashboards provide insights and analytics on your transactions, store performance, customer review, and overall traffic.

If those facts don’t convince you to try this new integration, maybe these stats will.

  • When it comes to consumers, 36% of Gen Z and 22% of Millennials want to learn about products through TikTok videos.
  • Half (50%) of TikTok users have bought something directly from TikTok Live.
  • TikTok consumers are twice as likely to recommend a product they’ve purchased than users on other platforms.
  • 2 out of 3 TikTok users are likely to purchase something while browsing the platform.
  • 55% of users browse TikTok to find new products and trends.

Explore the Many Ways to Sell on TikTok Shop

You can showcase, promote, and sell your custom products directly on TikTok Shop in multiple ways. Create a compelling store page, interact with your audience, and skyrocket sales within the platform via TikTok Shop.

Shoppable Video

Turn each discovery into a purchase by posting shoppable in-feed videos – allowing TikTok Shop users to purchase your custom products directly from your content via the basket icon and product link.

Shoppable videos grab the attention of users and immediately inspire them to buy the product advertised. These videos are a way for you to bring your products to the consumers without them having to look for deals themselves. The sales come to them instead.

Product Showcase

Create an inspiring, trustworthy-looking store account and explore the Product Showcase tab on your TikTok Shop profile to set up your in-app shop. All the products from your TikTok Shop will be automatically listed on the Showcase tab for active TikTok users to see and interact with.

Live Shopping

What better way to sell than livestreaming your custom products and offering a chance to purchase them right then and there immediately? Viewers can tap on pinned products during your live presentations or interactions and purchase them without ever leaving the app.

All of the sales techniques mentioned above will lead your customers to your TikTok Shop page, which you can set up and bedazzle however you like. While on it, TikTok users can browse all the products and categories and filter them by relevance, newest additions, or best-selling status.

How to Set up a TikTok Shop Using TikTok Seller Center

Register and Complete the Steps on the TikTok Shop Seller Center

There are a couple of steps to starting your eCommerce journey with TikTok Shop.

Create a TikTok Shop Account

First, you need a regular TikTok account. But – in case you already have a private account – consider creating a separate one for business needs and your TikTok Shop since you plan on using it for selling products.

Next, you need to visit the TikTok Seller Center and register your account for TikTok Shop with a phone number and business email. 

Since TikTok Shop is an entirely separate feature, even a seasoned TikToker or an old account must register for it the same way.

Create a Shop

Kickstart your business on TikTok by filling out your business name, country, address, and contact information. Since you’re selling with POD, you won’t need to worry about logistics, but you still need to provide the required business information. 

Once that’s done, click Start Your Business.

Submit the Documents to Verify Your Identity

The next step is pure technicalities to verify your identity and eligibility. You’ll need to upload documents providing payment and tax information, set your business type, and submit the application for approval.

Note. Your application will be reviewed within 1-2 days.

Connect Your Bank Account

Once your business is approved, you can set up further details, add products, and start selling. Link a bank account that can be used for payouts and handling returns, and submit the details to finalize the creation of your TikTok Shop.

Set Up Your Store Page

Unleash your creativity to create an inviting sales-encouraging store page TikTok users will adore. Use the TikTok Shop Seller Center Dashboard to add product listings, navigate tabs, and create one-of-a-kind offers for your brand-new audience.

How to Start Selling on TikTok Shop With Printify

Sell to Brand New Customers With the Printify x TikTok Shop Integration 1

Now that we’ve covered the TikTok Shop part, let’s look at the steps you have to take to start selling custom products on TikTok Shop with Printify.

Create a Printify Account

If you’re new to our platform, don’t waste a second. Sign up for Printify with your email address or Google account, set a strong password and payment method, and explore our website’s wonderful features.

Connect Your TikTok Shop

Click on Manage my stores or Add new store on your Printify account to start the integration. From the list of possibilities, click on TikTok Shop to connect. Create a new store by submitting a store name, and connect your existing TikTok Shop account in the next step.

You’ll be redirected to TikTok Shop for the final authorization. Set the region to North America Seller, and that’s it. Your TikTok Shop is integrated with Printify.

Pick and Design Products

Browse through our dedicated TikTok Product Catalog to find the perfect items for your connected shop. Choose your favorites, click Start designing, and follow the guidelines of our free and beginner-friendly design tool, the Mockup Generator.

Upload images, create patterns, and add text in different fonts and colors – customize the design to perfection and click Save product.

Publish Products to TikTok Shop

Sync your products with your TikTok Shop for high-quality listings directly from your Printify account. Finalize the details on the product page – pick the mockup image, set the titles and descriptions – and hit the Publish button.

Note. You also have to activate the products on your TikTok Shop, so they can go live. Head over to the Products tab on the app – click Manage Products and finalize your listings.

Promote Your Merch While We Do the Rest

Now, all that’s left for you is to interact with your new TikTok Shop audience and actively promote your products on the platform – while we handle the rest. 

With Printify’s seamless integration, every order from TikTok Shop will automatically go to your chosen Print Partner or route to a faster one. They’ll print, package, and ship items directly to your customers’ doorsteps.

For more help, read our Help Center articles on TikTok Shop US:

Tips and Tricks to Start Selling on TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop Sales Tips

  • Promote your products. Plan a marketing campaign to spread the word about your brand and products to active TikTok Shop users.
  • Try influencer marketing. Work with other creators to chime in on their trusted audiences and expand your brand reach.
  • Share testimonials. Showcase positive reviews and feedback about your products to other potential customers to boost brand authenticity and quality.
  • Provide a clear call-to-action (CTA). A compelling call-to-action will encourage users to click and buy your products.
  • Analyze your store performance. Get reviews and insights on products and sales performance in the Seller Center’s analytics dashboard.
  • Urge to buy. Promote limited-time offers, coupons, free shipping, intriguing discounts, and sales to emphasize the urgent need for your products.

TikTok Shop Content Tips

  • Be consistent. Regularly post captivating content to keep your viewers engaged and wanting more. Post frequently and elevate your brand identity.
  • Use high-quality visuals. Showcase your products in the best way possible with quality photos, videos, backgrounds, and settings.
  • Don’t forget music and effects. TikToker videos are nothing without appropriate music and effects. Choose catchy tunes and flashy effects to make your content memorable.
  • Excel in storytelling. Connect with your audience emotionally with popular storytelling techniques. Explain the inspiration for your products and designs in a captivating way.
  • Participate in trends and challenges. Many people and businesses have become popular thanks to silly TikTok trends and challenges – so jump on the bandwagon.
  • Post how-to guides. Another great way to engage with your customers and showcase your products in the best light possible.
  • Post unboxing videos. Order product samples and display your designs excitingly through unboxing videos.
  • Engage with your audience. Do interactive polls, livestreams, and Q&A sessions with your customers regarding products, designs, and your business.
  • Use seasonal themes. Don’t forget to utilize the power of seasonal events in your promotions. Add decorative elements and seasonal discounts to boost your sales all year round.

What to Sell on TikTok Shop: Product Recommendations

Explore Printify’s TikTok product offers curated exclusively for the platform and its fulfillment requirements. Whether you’re supplementing existing inventory or creating a new catalog of custom items, we offer many high-quality bestsellers with fast shipping.

Custom T-Shirts

Look no further than custom t-shirts for a classic merchandise item with various manufacturing features for all types of designs. Our bestseller category includes relaxed and classic fit tees made with smooth full-cotton fabrics, perfect for both formal and casual wear.


Enhance your brand further with a selection of sweatshirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve t-shirts. Our range of bestsellers includes ultra-soft and durable cotton-blend or fleece hoodies and relaxed or slim fresh-fit crewneck sweatshirts.

Children's Clothes

Leverage every TikTok demographic with youth clothing, from toddlers to teens. Our customizable products for TikTok Shop include short-sleeve t-shirts in multiple sizes and colorful base fabrics, extra adorable infant jersey tees, and lightweight cotton bodysuits.

Eco-Friendly Merch

Sustainability is key. 61% of consumers will gladly pay more for eco-friendly products, admitting they care about the environmental impact their purchases leave. Not only that, green products are often better for us as well. Browse our Eco-friendly category for product ideas and promote your brand to environmentally-conscious customers.

All-Over-Print (AOP) Clothing

All-over print provides endless design possibilities and unlimited creativity. Covering a product seam to seam – this printing method ensures vibrant colors and lasting effects on even the most complex designs. Epic patterns, colors, design elements, or shapes on repeat – browse our AOP clothing category and create designs for people looking for something extraordinary.

Online Bestsellers

Our Bestsellers page features all the top-selling items from the most popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces and is frequently updated. Check out what sells well and use the demand in your favor. Customize popular products with unique designs and sell them to the vast TikTok audience in just a few clicks.

Why Sell on TikTok Shop With Printify

Simple and Direct Integration

Integrate your TikTok Shop with Printify in a couple of clicks. All products are synced and can be automatically listed from Printify on your TikTok Shop.

No Inventory Management

Forget about holding inventory and keeping track of things. Our Print Providers hold the stock, so you don’t have to worry about it.

No Upfront Costs

Signing up for Printify and customizing products is entirely free. Start your print-on-demand business with Printify x TikTok Shop with zero upfront investments.

Wide Product Selection

Our ever-evolving Catalog stores more than 900 products ready for personalization. From apparel and accessories to kitchen goods, home decor, and pet items – we have it all.

We Manage Order Fulfillment

Forget equipment, premises, logistics, and everything else regarding order fulfillment. Once a customer buys from you – the Print Provider prints, packages, and ships the product.

Best Prices in Print on Demand

We make sure you have plenty of opportunities for higher profit margins for your custom products. Printify offers the best prices in the market for your convenience.

Not a Creator? Try TikTok Shop Affiliate Program for Sellers

If creating content for your product promotions is not your cup of tea – have others do it for you.

The TikTok Shop Affiliate program allows you to collaborate with other merchants and content creators that will gladly promote your products to their trusted audience on your behalf.

Connect With Creators

Easily choose targeted creators that fit your niche, or allow them all to explore your affiliate goods and share them with their audience – either way, it’s traffic sent your way.

Monitor Your Sales

You can track all sales and order fulfillment processes on the Affiliate platform. Monitor the affiliates, send samples, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Automatic Commission Payments

Choose the Targeted, Open, or Shop plan, set your commissions, and wait for affiliate sales to roll in. You automatically pay the set commission for each sale a referral link makes.

Read more.

Connect Your TikTok Shop and Start Selling Today

Sell to Brand New Customers With the Printify x TikTok Shop Integration 2

And there you have it. Yet another epic Printify feature for improving your eCommerce journey. Chime in on TikTok’s massive audience and sell your designs easily and conveniently on the platform with the new Printify x TikTok Shop integration.

Your success is our success, so let’s thrive together. 

Printify – your partner in print.

FAQ: Printify x TikTok Shop Integration

Your TikTok Shop application will be reviewed within 1-2 days. If it takes longer than that, reach out to their support team for clarification and assistance. Generally, you should receive an email with approval – or, in case of denial, an explanation and guidance on what’s missing or wrong.

We recommend setting up free shipping for your TikTok Shop by including these costs in product prices. This makes your store more attractive and allows you to sell various items from multiple Print Partners without adapting to ever-changing shipping costs.

Enable free shipping on TikTok in a few simple steps. Head to your TikTok Seller Center account settings. Fill in the Printify warehouse details and create a new product shipping template. Then, navigate to Promotional tools to create an indefinite shipping fee discount.

First and foremost, your products will be neatly displayed on your TikTok Shop page. People can access that page by clicking on your provided links and buttons on your TikTok profile, shoppable videos, and livestreams. They will also appear on the Showcase tab on your account.

Not yet. For now, this feature is only available for merchants located and shipping within the US. But we’re working hard to expand this integration to other countries and regions.

Make It Happen Today!

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