Economy Shipping: Smart Savings for eCommerce Success With Printify

Economy Shipping: Smart Savings for eCommerce Success With Printify

Not every purchase needs to arrive yesterday – some shoppers would rather wait a bit and save money with a more affordable delivery option. Let’s introduce you to Printify’s Economy Shipping

This method is a mix of cost savings and customer satisfaction, showing that you don’t need to rush every single order.

Let’s check what this shipping option is, how much it costs, final delivery time, availability, and geographic range. In the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about when to apply it in your business. 

What Is Economy Shipping?

A pile of empty delivery boxes on a bright green background.

Printify’s new Economy Shipping is a budget-friendly shipping method with a starting price of only $3.99

This provides your customers with an affordable and dependable option, featuring Economy Shipping tracking, reduced costs, and a slightly extended delivery time frame.

Why opt for Economy Shipping services?

How Does Printify's Economy Shipping Work?

Economy Shipping prices start at just $3.99, with $2.19 for every additional item. 

How long does Economy Shipping take? Every shipment is fully tracked, with an estimated delivery period of five to eight business days across the United States. That is slightly longer than the standard delivery time of two to five business days.


This service is currently available for domestic shipments within the US on Etsy, Shopify, Pop-Up Store, Printify API, or for those creating orders manually.

Economy Shipping vs Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping Economy Shipping
Cost From $4.75 From $3.99
Delivery time Two to five business days Four to eight business days
Tracking services Yes Yes
Geographic coverage Worldwide United States

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Which Products Are Eligible for Economy Shipping Services?

Find eligible products for Printify’s Economy delivery service by using the filters in our Catalog. 

Click on Catalog on the left-hand menu and select a product category.

Printify's Catalog section on the left-hand menu with product category selection open.

Scroll down the product page until you find the filter Shipping. Click on it and select Economy.


Check our Catalog regularly to find new products with economic shipping.

How to Enable Economy Shipping for Your Products

Enabling Economy Shipping for new and existing products on Printify is straightforward. For new products, find the Economy Shipping option when selecting a product in our Catalog. You can enable this for some existing products as well. 

Let’s see how to do both: 

Enabling Economy Shipping for Existing Products

To enable Economy Shipping for products you’ve already created, select your store, and then: 

Click on My Products, on the left-hand menu.

“My Products” section on Printify's Dashboard left-hand side.
  • Click the option Economy eligible on the Delivery options dropdown menu.
  • Select Edit Shipping.
  • You can enable Economy Shipping for all products at once or choose selected items.
  • Click on Confirm and publish to synchronize your products in your online store.

Creating a New Product With Economy Shipping

First, select a product eligible for Economy Shipping using the Shipping filter. Select a Print Provider that offers Economy Shipping and click Start designing.

Design your product, add pictures or text, pick the colors and mockups, and include a description. 

Scroll down to the Shipping section and enable the option Economy.

And that’s it. Review everything, and publish your product in your store.

How Is Economy Shipping Displayed to My Etsy Customers?

When you enable domestic economy shipping on your Etsy eCommerce business, customers choose between Economy and Standard Shipping options at the checkout. 

You can sweeten the deal by adding Express Delivery for certain items and international shipping, providing even more choices.

Even though Etsy tends to show the cheapest shipping service by default, we suggest adding a little sparkle to your online business and product titles. Include phrases like Economy Shipping Service or Economy, Expedited, or Standard Shipping. It’s a simple way to make your items stand out and improve your Etsy search engine optimization (SEO).

This is what your customers will see:

Picking a product. A customer finds your product with an economical shipping option. They choose their preferred size and color, and may need to provide their phone number.

  • Adding to cart. Etsy will automatically select the most wallet-friendly shipping option. Within the checkout page, Etsy labels Printify’s Economy Shipping as Standard Shipping and Printify’s Standard Shipping as Standard Plus.
  • Reviewing and submitting. Before the final click, customers will enter their shipping address and check their order one last time.

Why Offer Economy Shipping?

Printify’s economical shipping offers cost efficiency and increases your eCommerce business’ shipping method options. Besides that, it provides these benefits: 

  • Win-win scenario. This option lowers shipping costs for both sellers and buyers. Customers save money while still enjoying quality service with a tracking system available.
  • Attract a wider audience. Sellers can target more markets by adding shipping options for different budgets, including cost-sensitive customers. 
  • Customer retention. This service can enhance customer satisfaction by making shipping more affordable.
  • Stay ahead of competitors. Merchants have a competitive edge by offering cost-effective delivery along with other shipping methods. 
  • Profit margins. They could increase due to potentially higher sales volumes, bringing you closer to eCommerce success.
  • Sustainable growth. Minimize delivery service costs to maintain low product pricing. Over time, you could benefit from long-term savings, fostering customer loyalty and growth by attracting a wider customer base.

In Short

  • Economy Shipping’s average delivery time frame is four to eight business days.
  • Where is it available? For now, only within the US. Opt for Standard or Express when shipping internationally.
  • What does it offer? Cost-effective shipping with a slight extension in delivery time.
  • Which platforms is it compatible with? Etsy and Printify’s manual orders.

Economy Shipping FAQs

Printify’s economic shipping starting cost is $3.99.

Printify’s economical shipping has a delivery time of four to eight business days within the US.

Economy Shipping is a cost-effective way to decrease delivery costs with full tracking services.  At a starting price of $3.99, it has a delivery time of four to eight business days within the US. This option is ideal for customers looking for affordability without needing rapid delivery. 

In contrast, Standard – also known as ground shipping – provides a quicker delivery service, typically within two to five business days, catering to customers who prioritize speed. While Standard delivery tends to be more expensive, it suits those requiring their items quickly. 

Both options offer tracking services, allowing customers to choose based on their budget and urgency.


Compare international shipping rates of Print Providers to find the best courier services.

Economy Shipping is an affordable, fully tracked shipping method starting at $3.99, designed for customers prioritizing savings over delivery speed. It offers a delivery timeframe of four to eight business days within the US.

Express Delivery is a premium service that delivers products within two to three working days for an additional cost. 

This service is tailored to urgent needs, offering expedited production and delivery without compromising quality.

Yes, Economy services are fully compatible with other Printify features, including branding inserts, gift messages, and Printify Choice.

For more details, visit our Printify Help Center.


Printify’s Economy Shipping balances cost and delivery time by offering an affordable shipping option with a slightly extended delivery timeline. 

Economy shipments are particularly appealing in a marketplace where not all customers are in a hurry and are more focused on saving shipping costs.

Offering this to your customers is a win-win. Buyers can save on shipping – your business can reduce shipping expenses and potentially increase sales volumes. Use Economy Shipping in your strategy and boost your eCommerce success today!

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