How to Cancel an Etsy Order: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

How to Cancel an Etsy Order: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Uh oh, something went wrong with your Etsy order!

Has it got stuck in processing, received an address change, or wasn’t what the listing advertised? It happens to the best of us. How do you turn sunken costs into a new opportunity?

Whether you want to ask for a refund as a customer or you’re an Etsy shop manager who’s received a cancellation request, here’s how to cancel an Etsy order without any major hiccups.

How Can Buyers Submit an Etsy Order Cancellation Request?

Etsy buyers can’t cancel the order themselves, but they can receive refunds by submitting Etsy cancellation requests directly to the seller, following Etsy’s requirements and the store’s policies.


Before starting the cancellation process, check the respective company’s cancellation policy on the Etsy seller’s shop page.

You can only submit an Etsy cancellation request before shipping. Follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Sign in. Log in to your Etsy account.
  2. Go to orders. Navigate to your account icon in the top right corner and select Purchases and reviews from the drop-down menu – find the order you want to cancel.
The round account icon in the top-right corner of Etsy's homepage, with the 'Purchases and reviews” section highlighted on the dropdown.
  1. Request cancellation. Click on the Help with order link under the order status.
  1. Add additional info. Etsy will create an auto-generated message for the seller. Here, add more information about the nature of the cancellation that the seller should know.
  1. Press to send. Click Send help request to send the message directly to the seller.

Wait for the seller’s response, and they will decide whether or not to accept cancellations based on your information and their shop policies.

If you contacted the seller in a 48-hour time frame and haven’t received a response yet, you can choose to Open a Case through Etsy’s Purchase Protection program.

Canceling an Order Without an Etsy Account

Did you buy a product as a guest without logging in and can’t access your purchase history? You can still submit an Etsy cancellation request from a guest purchase:

Link your order to a new or existing Etsy account. Locate the email receipt from when you placed the order and click View your order.

Follow the steps to sign in or create a new account on Etsy – it has to be the same email address used for your guest order. Once connected, submit a request as you normally would.

Contact Etsy’s transaction service for missing order details via [email protected].

Order Cancellation Process for an Etsy Seller

You can cancel an order as a seller anytime if it meets Etsy’s cancellation criteria and policy requirements. Make sure you’ve gathered all the information available from the buyer before issuing a cancellation.

Cancel a customer’s order as an Etsy seller:

  1. Sign in. Log in to Etsy to enter the seller Shop manager. Then, navigate to the Orders & Shipping page.
  2. Find your order. Go to the Cancel an order page:

a. Desktop. Click on the three-dotted icon next to the order and choose Cancel.

b. Etsy App. Click More actions in the Order detail overlay and choose Cancel.

  1. Define the cancellation. Select the reason for the cancellation from the dropdown menu and write an optional message to the buyer in the text box below. This page will also show the amount owed to refund buyers.
  1. Click Cancel order. Canceled orders made via Etsy Payments are automatically transacted within two to four business days. If the buyer paid through a different payment account, you would have to refund them manually via the same payment method.

To check whether an order has been successfully canceled, go to Orders & Shipping and view the Complete tab.

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How Can Etsy Sellers Issue a Refund for a Canceled Order?

You can issue a full or partial refund for an order in your Shop Manager. Sellers may issue refunds in accordance with their store policy and Etsy cancellation criteria if:

  • The Etsy store owner accepts the customer’s cancellation request.
  • The buyer was overcharged for shipping.
  • The buyer forgot to apply a discount or coupon for their order.

Refund a customer’s order as an Etsy seller:

  1. Go to Etsy and open Shop Manager, then select Orders & Shipping.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon next to the order you want to refund and choose Refund.
  1. Select the reason for the refund in the dropdown menu and write an optional message for the customer.
  1. Check the Issue a full refund box or, if you want to cancel an order with a partial refund, enter the Amount to refund next to the order. Then, select Review refund.
  2. Click Submit when done.

When Can You Cancel an Order on Etsy?

Only an Etsy seller has the authority to cancel their order. However, buyers can request order cancellation via Etsy messages if it complies with Etsy’s cancellation criteria.

Etsy sellers can cancel an order if:

  • The seller didn’t receive the buyer’s payment (chargeback, failed payment method).
  • The two parties agree to cancel the order before shipping, issuing a full refund.
  • The seller refuses to service a buyer and returns the full transaction cost, including the shipping refund amount.
  • The buyer has not received their order, and the seller agrees to refund. Refunding shipping costs is optional unless the buyer paid via Etsy Payments (applicable even if the seller has provided proof of shipping).
  • The buyer agrees to return the purchased item to the seller in exchange for a refund. Refunding return shipping costs is optional unless the buyer paid via Etsy Payments.

All of the instances mentioned above must follow Etsy’s cancellation policy requirements:

  • The order meets at least one of the listed criteria.
  • The item is not yet delivered or received by the buyer (e.g., for order returns).
  • The seller refunds the buyer in full, including shipping, if mandatory.

The cancellation does not infringe upon Etsy’s Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Seller Tips for Smooth Cancellation Processes

A smiling woman looking at her phone.

Have Clear Order Cancellation Policies

Define a store policy for cancellations on your Etsy Shop Manager in the Cancellations tab. 

Click the checkbox to show that your store allows cancellations. You may then choose from a list of Etsy’s pre-set cancellation templates, available in English, French, and German.

Make sure your policies have clear instructions for when a customer can cancel an order. Try to include answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a time limit for receiving order refunds?
  • Is disliking the product a valid reason for cancellation?
  • What are the conditions for returning a damaged item?
  • Does your store offer refunds for shipping fees?

Issue Timely Refunds

If a buyer hasn’t received an answer to their cancellation request, they may open a case against the seller and get Etsy involved as a moderator. Resolve customer issues promptly to maintain store credibility and minimize any fees and penalties resulting from inaction.

Communicate Promptly and Professionally

Do not communicate with customers casually. Try to respect each customer’s concerns professionally, and users will be more likely to leave positive reviews.

Keep Track of Your Cancellations

View all cancellations on your Orders & Shipping tab. See if you can find a way to work around any issues that might be at fault for the same types of refund requests.

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How Can You Cancel an Etsy Order on Printify?

If you’re a Printify merchant, canceling an order on Etsy won’t cancel it on Printify. Access the Orders tab on your Printify account to Cancel your order directly.

If an order request is already sent to production, cancellation may no longer be possible. You can still click Cancel order, and our Merchant Support Team will try to cancel for a refund, but this is not a guaranteed outcome.

Find more information about canceling an order on the Printify Help Page.

FAQ: Etsy Order Cancellations

Click the Request Cancellation link below the shipping status of the order you want to cancel. From there, you can submit your refund request to the seller.

Do cancellations as a seller hurt your ability to sell on Etsy? There is no official message from Etsy stating that canceling an order negatively affects the store’s ranking, but it may hurt its credibility.

Etsy sellers can refuse to cancel an order if it doesn’t correspond to Etsy’s cancellation criteria and the store’s refund policies.

Etsy transaction and listing fees are only refunded from a cancellation if the sale was made through the Etsy Payments system.


Want to cancel an Etsy order? Our step-by-step guide has all the necessary information on Etsy cancellation criteria, how to make a cancellation request as a customer, and how to cancel an order as an Etsy seller. Finally, review our tips to manage future cancellation processe

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