Gildan Color Chart and Gildan Size Charts for 2024

Gildan Color Chart and Gildan Size Charts for 2024

As one of the most popular clothing manufacturers, Gildan is a staple for customers, merchants, and designers alike. Understanding its size and color charts is essential for ensuring the perfect fit and style when shopping or creating apparel.

This guide unveils the Gildan size and color chart variations, simplifying choices and providing confidence in selecting products for personal or business needs.

Let’s Talk About Gildan

Gildan is a leading apparel brand renowned for its quality and affordability. Specializing in essential clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, the company offers various styles, sizes, and colors to suit customer preferences and needs. 

Focusing on comfort, durability, and versatility, Gildan products are favored for everyday wear, casual occasions, and even as blanks for customization.

In 2023, their activewear’s annual revenue soared to an impressive $3.196 billion. This substantial figure signifies strong consumer demand for its products and the company’s ability to consistently deliver quality clothing solutions to a diverse global audience.

Gildan Color Chart (2024)

Gildan Color Chart (2024)

Gildan offers an extensive color palette, ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant hues, catering to diverse preferences and styles. With options like Antique Irish Green, Cardinal Red, and Sapphire, the color chart boasts an array of pretty shades suitable for various occasions.

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Click here to explore Gildan's full range of colors on their official website.

Gildan Color Chart Explained

Gildan has been the leading cotton t-shirt manufacturer since 2001, with a primary focus on 100% cotton athletic apparel. This emphasis on performance wear naturally translates into a variety of bold and primary colors – something sports teams often use, reflecting their dedication to athletic aesthetics and durability.

However, you can also find soft pastels such as Daisy and Coral Silk, which offer a gentle touch. Or, choose earthy tones like Forest Green and Sand, which evoke a sense of nature and tranquility. 

As with any company, Gildan’s color palette comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it shine and where it might fall short.

  • Versatility. Gildan offers an extensive palette suitable for various purposes, from everyday wear to team uniforms.
  • Range. With a mix of bold, primary colors and softer pastels, Gildan’s color chart caters to diverse preferences.
  • Accessibility. The availability of classic, staple colors ensures that customers can easily find what they need for their wardrobe or project.
  • Customization. The variety of shades allows for creative expression and customization, whether for personal apparel or promotional items.
  • Limited soft options. While Gildan offers some pastel shades, the selection may be more limited compared to other brands.
  • Similar colors. Some shades in the Gildan color chart appear quite similar. They could be replaced with more unique and different tones.
  • Market specificity. Certain colors may be more aligned with athletic or team wear, potentially limiting their appeal for other purposes.

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Gildan Size Charts (2024)

Gildan Size Charts (2024)

Let’s explore category-specific size guides, which are essential for anyone choosing Gildan apparel. Whether you’re a customer, merchant, or designer, understanding these charts ensures a perfect fit every time.

Men's Underwear Tops and Bottoms

This category consists of a range of styles, including boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and undershirts. These garments are designed for comfort and support during daily wear. Consulting the size chart ensures an accurate fit for confident wearability.

Size Tops (chest) Bottoms (waist)
S 34″-36″ 28″-30″
M 38″-40″ 32″-34″
L 42″-44″ 36″-38″
XL 46″-48″ 40″-42″
2XL 50″-52″ 44″-46″

Men's Activewear Tops and Bottoms

Use this as your Gildan sweatshirt size chart or as a guide for tees, sweatpants, and other products from the activewear line tailored for comfort and performance during workouts or casual wear.

Size Tops (chest) Bottoms (waist) Bottoms (inseam)
S 34″-36″ 24″-26″ 29″
M 38″-40″ 28″- 29″ 29.5″
L 42″-44″ 30″-31″ 30″
XL 46″-48″ 32″-33″ 30.5″
2XL 50″-52″ 36″-37″ 31″

Women's Activewear Tops

This is the ultimate Gildan t-shirt size chart when selecting your next cotton tees for personal or business use. Also, refer to these measurements when scouting for a good hoodie or sweatshirt, as they fall in the same category.

Size Waist Length
S 32″ 25.25″
M 34″ 26.25″
L 37″ 27.25″
XL 39″ 28″
2XL 44″ 28.5″
3XL 47″ 29″

Women's Activewear Bottoms

Add this chart to your resource list if you plan to sell or order Gildan’s soft and comfy sweatpants. Word on the street is that Gildan’s activewear bottoms are proud U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol members, providing peace of mind while ensuring high levels of coziness.

Size Waist Inseam length
S 24″-26″ 29″
M 28″-29″ 29″
L 30″-31″ 29″
XL 32″-33″ 29″
2XL 36″-37″ 29″

Youths' Briefs, Boxer Briefs and Boxers

Gildan also has something for the younger audience. Thanks to their product, color, and size scope, every customer – big or small – can find something for their comfort and style.

Size Waist Weight (lbs)
S 21″-23″ 38-58
M 23″-26″ 58-86
L 26″-28″ 86-114
XL 28″-30″ 115-138

Youths' T-Shirts, V-Necks and A-Shirts

Finding the right fit can be tricky when looking for kid’s activewear, but this Gildan shirt size chart will resolve your worries.

Size Chest Weight (lbs)
S 22″-26″ 38-58
M 26″-30″ 58-86
L 30″-34″ 86-114
XL 34″-36″ 115-138

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Explore detailed Gildan size charts on their website.

Best-Selling Gildan Activewear

Best-Selling Gildan Activewear

Printify’s Catalog is home to a variety of extra-soft Gildan products. If you’re looking for a change to your online inventory or personal wardrobe, consider these Gildan bestsellers.

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To Sum Up

Understanding these Gildan sizing and color charts equips shoppers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. 

By referring to these guides, you can confidently remove the guesswork and ensure the perfect fit for your Gildan apparel, enhancing comfort and customer satisfaction.

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