eBay Is Now Integrated on Printify!

eBay Is Now Integrated on Printify!

Have you heard the great news? Your business opportunity just grew a million-fold. Actually, make that 180 million.

Printify Is Now Integrated With…wait for It…eBay!

That’s right, Printify is now integrated with the billion-dollar making, multi-million buyer attracting eCommerce giant that we all know as eBay. We are so excited to report that with one click of a button, your print-on-demand business opportunity just grew faster than Jack’s beanstalk!

Why eBay?

Since its inception in 1995, eBay Inc. has become one of the most popular store platforms online. It remains one of the biggest platforms to sell merchandise online. Here’s why:

  • Every year, eBay attracts more than 180 Million buyers from around the world.
  • Over 25 million people sell on eBay. 
  • Last year, eBay made over $22.6 Billion dollars worth of sales.
  • There are over 12 billion listings on eBay making it an eCommerce giant.
  • 11 million searches are conducted on eBay every hour.

When eBay began, it was more of a place to sell used or collectible items but with the rise of print-on-demand, the number of stores selling brand new items on eBay has grown tremendously. Today, 81% of eBay listings are brand new items. 

eBay is undoubtedly one of the largest eCommerce platforms we have today. 

Why You Should Get Excited For eBay

eBay Is Now Integrated on Printify! 1

With the integration of eBay, you now have the option to sell to a wider audience. The numbers show that there is a huge business opportunity waiting for you on eBay. To top it off, as an eBay merchant, you’re protected by professional policies, transaction monitoring, and a dedicated seller protection team. That is, in addition, the great service you already get with your Prinitify account.

A huge plus on eBay is that customers don’t have to find your store for you to make a sale, they just have to find your listing. Making it as easy as creating a great product and listing to make a sale. 

How to Start Selling On eBay

As always, our mission is to help you make more money with as little effort as possible. That is why we have created a number of resources to help you start selling on eBay. We have a comprehensive eBay guide that addresses all topics you need to know before getting started on eBay. If you’re new to print-on-demand, this is a great place to learn all about it and how to sell on eBay. Head over to the new Printify and eBay integration page to learn more.

We Hope You Are as Thrilled as We Are. This Is a Promising Start to Expand Your Print-On-Demand Business With Printify.

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  1. Marie
    January 28

    If I pay for shipping on Printify do I also pay Ebay. PLease explain how shipping works. Is it included in the price when I select an item to design? THank tou

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 30

      Hi Marie,
      When a customer submits an order in your connected store, your store receives the payment consisting of the product retail price (production price + profit) and the shipping fee.

      Then the order is automatically imported into Printify and sent to production according to your order approval settings. However, since Printify can’t pull funds directly from your sales channel, Printify charges your linked credit card or your Printify balance with the production price of the product and its shipping fee.

      To sum it up: your customers buy from you, and you buy from us.

      You can learn more about how to set up shipping for eBay here.

  2. Trevick Badri
    January 16

    Will ebay ship my order out to who purchases?

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 16

      Hi Trevick,
      If your eBay US store is properly connected to Printify, then yes.

  3. Timothy Bruno
    February 2

    Hi Elina,
    Thanks for being here for us.

    Erik asked a question that I also have. It is not addressed in the documentation you referenced.

    How about a timeline of what happens and what we are required to do?

    Something like:
    1. Customer orders product on eBay
    2. Customer pays for product on eBay
    3. Seller gets a notification from eBay that a purchase has occurred.
    5. eBay sends the order to Printify
    7. Printify sends the order to production

    Thanks for the help… you guys do a great job!

    1. Elina Stafecka
      February 4

      Hi Timothy, Elina here. 🙂 Yes, your sequence is right. -> Once the print provider has fulfilled the order, you will receive the tracking number and the order will be automatically shipped out.
      In case you need to make any changes in product, like, size or design, it is possible once the order syncs with Printify, but has not yet been sent to production.

  4. Jack Holland
    August 6

    Can I add the stock from my Shopify store to my eBay store without having to recreate all of the products?

  5. Haffy Ali
    July 21

    Will this suspend my eBay account if I integrate?

    1. Naomi
      February 4

      Hi there!
      New account suspension is quite common, nevertheless you can get it reactivated by simply verifying eBay your identity. Once account is reactivated you will be able to publish listings and process orders as usual.
      Here is eBay article on what actions to take if your account has been suspended.

  6. Erik L
    January 23

    My eBay store is connected to my Printify. I get sales on eBay, so what now. Is the rest of the process fully automated by Printify, or do I have to handle shipping process?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      January 24

      Hi, Erik! Thank you for your questions – you can find multiple eBay related questions & answers here – https://help.printify.com/hc/en-us/categories/4471583336593 .

      If you have some additional questions, please contact our merchant support agents – [email protected].

      Kind regards,

  7. Carlos
    October 24

    It’s not working. It’s not publishing.

    1. Anita Njoki
      December 6

      Hi Carlos, so sad to hear it’s not working for you. To help you fix any publishing issues, we prepared this help center article. We also have a detailed eBay guide with lots of information on how to sell on eBay. We believe these resources should help but please do not hesitate to contact customer support team for any further inquiries. Thank you for your patience.


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