Chapter 5

Sublimation specifics

Sublimation printing process explained

Sublimation printing vs DTG printing

The major difference is that sublimation printing allows the entire garment to be used as a print area, whereas with DTG printing, you’re limited in print area.

For example, some of our All-Over-Print products

Sublimation specifics 1
Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee
Sublimation specifics 2
Women’s Cut & Sew Casual Leggings

How it works

In sublimation, the ink moves from a solid to a gas state, without ever being in a liquid state. It’s a good printing method for polyester and hard coated products. The ink is heated along with a transfer paper that allows it to become gas and spread throughout the fibers of the garment. The image itself will only deteriorate as the substrate does, making it a durable choice.

Why do it?

Sublimation requires a Polymer based surface, so the process has its limitations, and is best for Polyester performance apparel or other hard surfaced products. You can tell which products are sublimation in the catalogue by looking for ones that say “All Over Print” or “AOP”.

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