Custom Clipboards

In the world of plain stationery, custom clipboards are like a breath of fresh air. Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome the extraordinary – clipboards you can customize to your heart’s content and add to your store with just a few clicks.

Custom Clipboards Print On Demand
Custom Clipboards Print On Demand Printify

Make Your Own Custom Clipboards

Limitless Customization

Let your imagination run wild. With our amazing Mockup Generator, you can easily make your own customized clipboards.


With Printify, signing up is, and forever will remain, 100% free. Anyone can design, customize, and sell high-quality products without up-front costs.

No Minimum Order

You can order as many or as few custom clipboards as you like. Just a few as gifts? Sure thing. A thousand for your store? You got it.

Why Sell Personalized Clipboards?

With the global market for office stationery and supplies, it’s clear that selling custom clipboards is an excellent way to make money.

Not only are clipboards a staple for businesses everywhere, but they’re also a must for various professions – healthcare workers, professors, teachers, coaches, public speakers, students, and many others who use them regularly.

Whether you’re stocking up on custom office supplies, searching for new products to add to your store’s collection, or want to make customized promotional products for your business, custom clipboards are an excellent choice – they’re practical, versatile, and affordable.

Our Custom Clipboards

As practical as they are timeless, our customizable clipboards – made with a strong fiberboard interior – are designed to withstand the trials of everyday life.

Whether at the office, building site, or educational institution, they’re perfect for working on the go.

If you’re searching for the best clipboards, try one of ours – whatever your customers’ preferences, you can personalize these to suit their needs. If you like, you can even add a two-sided design.

Our customizable clipboards cost $21.82 and come in one standard size – 9”×12.5”.

Key Features:


With the all-over printing technique, you get exceptional vibrant colors covering the entire clipboard.

Polished Chrome Clip

The high-quality polished chrome clip securely holds your paperwork, forms, and notes in place.

Pre-Installed Hook

The clipboard can be conveniently placed on a wall with a built-in pull-out hook.

Make Your Own Custom Clipboards Today!

A Few Clipboard Design Ideas

Although often overlooked as a symbol of office drudgery, the humble clipboard doesn’t have to be boring, dull, or standardized.

With our Mockup Generator, anyone can unlock their creativity and make unique products with whatever design they like.

Custom Clipboards - With a Logo

Personalized Clipboards With a Logo

Regarding brand identity, promotional items, such as custom clipboards with a logo, are an easy way to engage with your clients, outclass the competition, and promote and advertise your business.

Personalized Clipboards With a Heartwarming Teacher Quote

If you know a teacher who uses a clipboard, surprise them with a personalized one created just for them. 

A personalized clipboard created with Printify can be adorned with a heartwarming teacher quote and their favorite colors, making it the perfect gift.

Custom Clipboards - Teacher Quote
Custom Clipboards - For Kids

Personalized Clipboards for Kids

If you cater to an audience with children, try creating a range of clipboards with cute photos, illustrations, or text.

Whether for school or play, a customized clipboard makes learning more fun, exciting and engaging.

Personalized Clipboards for Nurses

A clipboard is useful for various professions, especially for nurses constantly on the go.

With the right design, you can transform a simple clipboard into a stunning accessory that medical professionals can carry with pride, confidence, and style.

Custom Clipboards - For Nurses

Make Your Own Personalized Clipboard Today!

How to Start Selling Your Own Custom Clipboards

With Printify, anyone can design, create, and sell high-quality clipboards.

Custom Clipboards - Start Selling
Store Card

Step 1: Create a Free Printify Account

Simply go to our registration page and sign up for Printify services – it’s a straightforward, secure, simple, and hassle-free process that costs nothing.

Step 2: Design Your Product

Whatever design you have in mind, our Mockup Generator allows you to match your vision with reality – easily add your art, text, photos, or illustrations straight to the clipboard.

Step 3: Connect Your Store

To start a print-on-demand business, you need to have a sales channel. With Printify, you have a wide variety of sales channels to choose from, so you can pick the one that best fits your business needs.

Step 4: Publish and Start Selling

When your clipboard is ready, and you’ve integrated with the sales channel of your choice, simply publish your products to your digital shop. As soon as you sell a clipboard, send it to production, and we’ll print, package, and ship it directly to your customer’s doorstep.

Why Choose Printify?

With Printify as your trusted partner, you can start your print-on-demand business without investment, inventory, or logistical worries.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, our mission remains the same – to help you make more money with less effort.

Free and Easy-To-Use Design Tools

Try out our Mockup Generatorand make your products with ease. You’re free to order as many or as few products as you like, with no minimum order quantity.

A Wide Variety of High-Quality Products

Whatever you’d like to design, the Printify Catalog has more than 800 high-quality products that can quickly be customized to your liking.

A Global Network of Print Providers

With our network of over 80 carefully-vetted print providers who have over 110 printing facilities worldwide, you don’t need to worry about printing, packaging, or delivery – we do it all for you, swiftly and efficiently.

24/7 Merchant Support

At Printify, the customer is our compass. With our professional team of merchant support agents, you’re never on your own – they’re always on standby and ready to help, 24/7.

Printify Print On Demand Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to make a single personalized clipboard for yourself or a hundred for your company’s next event, our Mockup Generator allows you to do so easily.

With this handy tool, you can add a logo and complement it with text, illustrations, photos, or anything else you like. Afterward, we’ll ship the customized clipboard directly to you or your customer.

The custom clipboards cost $21.82. However, with Printify Premium, the price is just $16.80.

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, Printify Premium is just the thing you need to skyrocket your profits. For just $29/mo, you get a discount of up to 20% on all products.

Of course, anything from our ever-growing catalog can be ordered as a sample. Although not mandatory, we highly recommend you order one of your freshly designed personalized clipboards, so you can check the quality and see whether you’re happy with the final product.

Here’s a brief tutorial explaining how sample ordering works.

Our custom clipboards are made with a strong fiberboard interior, making them perfect for those who need a hard surface to take notes on the go.

Ready to Start?

When the world seems out of control, office supplies, such as clipboards, are an easy way to bring some order to the chaos. They keep your customers’ papers neatly organized, making everyday life easier.

Whatever you’d like to sell, the Printify Catalog has something for everyone. With more than 750 customizable products to choose from, you’ll always find something new to add to your store’s collection.

Whether for school, university, or the workplace, selling everyday products with a bit of a twist is a great way to make money.

Make Your Own Custom Clipboards Today!