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Stand out from the crowd with Printify’s custom belts. Create and sell personalized belts with your designs, and let your style shine.

Design Personalized Belts Online

Easy to Customize

Creating a gorgeous new belt is easy as one-two-three. Use our Mockup Generator to apply your design, pick the belt buckle and color, and get a preview of the final product.


Our water-resistant TPU belts have all it takes for your unique designs to live on for years to come. A timeless accessory for your timeless designs.

No Minimum Order

Printify has no minimum order limits. When someone purchases your belt, it gets sent to production, and we ship it directly to the buyer once it's ready. You don't need to keep stock.

Reasons to Start Selling Custom Belts

One thing’s for sure – belts aren’t going anywhere. They’re practical, they make a great gift, and there are a lot of style benefits that belts bring to the table.

A belt is often seen as a statement piece that can tie together the entire outfit. A quality belt with a unique design helps its wearer stand out, and it displays their one-of-a-kind personality.

With your design on the belt, your customers can accentuate their waist, color-code their outfits, and simply look great wherever they go. Now’s a great time to start designing and selling your personalized belts.

Belt - Product Print On Demand

Introducing Print-On-Demand Belts

Our belts are made of durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material and are completely water-resistant, so you can be sure about their longevity.

The belts come in one size ​​(50″ x 1.35″) (127cm x 3.42cm) and feature a cut-to-size fit, making it possible to tailor them as necessary.

The UV Digital Printing Technology used in the production process ensures a high-quality print with crisp and vivid colors. It’s possible to pick between three belt buckle options: gunmetal, bronze, and black metal.

All belts are produced in the USA, and prices start at $20.60 ($15.86 with Printify Premium).

Create Your Own Custom Belt

Design Inspiration for Custom Belts

Whether you want to keep the design simple or go all out with bright colors, you can add any visual details to your belts.

Women's Custom Belts

When designing a belt, or any other print-on-demand product, think of the person you’re creating it for. Although everyone wears belts, you can target your female audience with softer colors, floral designs, and more subtle patterns. Think about how the customer will combine the belt with other pieces of apparel.

Custom Belts Print On Demand Womens Belts
Custom Belts Print On Demand Mens Belts

Men's Custom Belts

Men wear pants daily, making them the perfect target audience for personalized belts. The design possibilities are endless – you can create sci-fi-inspired belts, come up with sport-themed options, create a faux leather look, pick subtle colors or use a very bright and colorful design. As long as you have a specific customer in mind, and you’ve found a good niche to target, you’re bound to rack up sales.

Custom Belts With Logo

A belt with a logo will do great as part of a company uniform or a merch item. You can use specific brand colors for the belt and apply a logo on top. Try offering your customers the opportunity to send in the logo they’d like to see on the belt, or you can order the belts yourself, for example, for a specific event. Our bulk order service will be handy if you go for the latter.

Custom Belts Print On Demand Belts With Logo
Custom Belts Print On Demand Belts With Names

Custom Belts With Name

You can also explore typography in your belt designs. Try using personal names or adjectives, add a quote, or maybe apply a company name that would go well with their logo. Our Mockup Generator includes text functionality, so you can add it straight from the editor. Just make sure that the text you’re using is the correct size, the design doesn’t go over the sides of the belt, and isn’t too small.

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How to Start Selling Custom Belts with Printify

Create a Printify Account

Start by creating a Printify account. Registering and using our Mockup Generator is entirely free.

Design a Product

After picking a product from our catalog:

  • Upload your design.
  • Choose the color you'd like to use.
  • Get a high-quality preview of the finished product.

Integrate a Sales Channel

To start selling, connect your Printify account to the sales channel of your choice. We offer numerous integrations, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Publish and Start Selling

Publish the products in your store and start selling. Once a customer purchases something from you, Printify sends the item to production and then delivers it directly to the buyer. All you need to do is promote your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a custom belt with Printify is easy. After selecting the belt from our catalog, use the Mockup Generator to upload your design and apply it to the product. You can also pick from multiple colors and choose a belt buckle for the final product.

Check out our design guide for a more in-depth look at the creation process.

Printify supports JPG, PNG, and SVG files with a maximum size of 50 MB. The print area size for belts goes up to 7,594 x 226 pixels (150 DPI), and you can use images with a maximum resolution of 23,000 x 23,000 pixels.

Make sure that your designs meet the Intellectual Property Policy and don’t contain any illegal content.

All belts are made in the USA.

All custom belts cost $20.60. If you’re using Printify Premium, the price for one belt goes as low as $15.86.

Yes, ordering samples is possible. We encourage you to do so before listing the products in your shop to ensure everything’s up to par.

Start Selling With Printify Today

Start your print-on-demand journey by designing and selling your personalized belts. Apply your design to the product, set your profit margins, publish the product in your store, and start selling. Printify will take care of all the heavy lifting. There are no upfront costs, and you choose how much you want to take home. Create your Printify account today!

Create Your Own Custom Belt