Custom Belts

Stand out from the crowd with Printify’s custom belts. Create and sell personalized belts with your designs, and let your style shine.

Pink custom belt with a pattern of doughnuts and ice cream.
Woman wearing a personalized belt with a colorful geometric pattern.

Wear or Sell Quality Personalized Belts

Highest Quality Print

Made from an extremely durable material that holds high-quality prints, achieving vibrant colors for any design, protected with a full waterproof coating.

No Minimum Order

Printify has no minimum order limits. Every purchase gets sent to production and fulfilled only when requested – you don't need to keep stock.

Various Integrations

Powered by top-selling online platform integrations – publish your designs with a single click and fill your eCommerce storefront with custom belt merchandise.

Start Your Business With Printify

Join the Printify network and explore a huge Catalog of print-on-demand products and order from global print fulfillment centers. Profit with full design potential and automatic eCommerce integrations.

How to Make Custom Belts in Three Steps

Printify is a one-stop shop for all your print customization needs. Explore our platform and discover how to create custom belts in just a few steps.

Black belt with a realistic and detailed floral pattern.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Start by creating a Printify account. Register for free access to our Catalog and design tools, including the Mockup Generator.

Step 2

Choose a Belt

Pick our custom belt variant from the Printify Catalog in the home page dashboard. Select a product to view its manufacturing details and available Print Providers.

Step 3

Apply Your Artwork

After picking a product from our Catalog, click the green button to start designing via the Mockup Generator:

  • Upload your design by following the file and resolution requirements.
  • Choose the color and additional features you’d like to use.
  • Get a high-quality preview of the finished product, and order a sample.

To start selling, connect your Printify account to the sales channel of your choice. We offer numerous integrations, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Design Printify Products With No Limits

Design as many custom belts as you want with zero restrictions – customize every aspect of the print area and publish brand-ready merchandise straight to your store or as a gift.

Design a Custom-Made Belt With Printify

Our custom belt comes from a tried and tested white-label brand. Printify partners with manufacturers to produce highly durable apparel products with exceptional prints that’ll rock anyone’s attention. Close the deal with a pair of custom belt designs and achieve vivid details you and your customers will love.

The personalized faux-leather belt is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is water-resistant. Expect a new belt order that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, lasting through a rough level of use without affecting the fine print detail.

The belts come in one size: ​50″ x 1.35″ (127cm x 3.42cm). They feature a manually sizable fit, making it possible to tailor them as necessary throughout the length of the leather material.

Made using UV Digital Printing Technology, ensuring a high-quality print with crisp and vivid colors. Perfect for translating rare color palettes quickly and in fine detail.

Key Features:

Custom Belt Design Ideas

Whether you want to keep the design simple with a center detail or go all out with bright colors and flowing patterns, you can add any visual details to compliment an outfit of your choice.

Man wearing a custom belt with a pattern of colorful cowboy boots.

Western Belts

Combine gun metal belt buckles with a fancy leather print and create your own rag-tag cowboy belts. Have fun with western prints inspired by animal hides or southern murals fitted neatly on a modern product.

Name Belts

Explore typography in your belt designs. Use personal names or initials, or apply a business name and logo. Our Mockup Generator includes text functionality, so you can add it straight from the editor.

Woman wearing a belt with a pattern of monogrammed “R” letters.
Man wearing a blue belt with a fish pattern.

Men's Custom Belts

Men wear pants daily, making them the perfect target audience for personalized belts. The design possibilities are endless – create media-inspired belts, and sports-themed options, pick subtle colors or use a very bright and striking design.

Women's Custom Belts

Target your female audience with softer colors, floral designs, and more subtle patterns that match well-read fashion combinations. Think of how the belt combines with defined outfits and works to create a complementary piece.

Woman wearing a black belt with a realistic and detailed floral pattern.

Why Sell Personalized Belts

One thing’s for sure – belts aren’t going anywhere. They’re practical, they make a great gift, and there are a lot of style benefits that belts bring to the table. They’re a great addition to a store site that already boasts a product statement but can use that extra buckle to round out a theme.

Non-animal leather products have continued to increase in sales revenue throughout the decade. The Americas are the leading region for cruelty-free leather products,

 with the estimated revenue for 2025 expected to reach

$49 billion.

Man wearing a pastel yellow belt with a pattern of fried eggs with smiley faces.

Why Choose Printify

Man with headphones working at his laptop in a coffee shop.

All Necessary Platform Features via Free Account

Unlock all products, design templates, and store-wide integrations with a simple sign-up. Use a free account to pursue your graphic design skills and become an eCommerce entrepreneur with zero initial investment.

Hundreds of Products With Frequent New Releases

Printify holds over 850 unique print-on-demand products that are yours to design, order, sell, and profit from at any quantity necessary. Browse, filter, and explore things that match your target demographic.

Simple Mockup Design Tool for High-Quality Prints

Simple Mockup Design Tool for High-Quality Prints Drag and drop any image through Printify’s Mockup Generator – upload files, create patterns, add text, experiment with the preview screen, and make the belt of your dreams in just a few clicks.

More Than 90 Global Printing Facilities for Fast Shipping

Receive and deliver orders through fulfillment centers worldwide with an automated production, printing, packaging, and shipping process. You don’t have to worry about any logistics.

Compatible With Bestselling eCommerce Integrations

Printify has partnered with world-renowned eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, and more. These integrations enable a seamless connection with millions of potential customers with diverse buying habits, helping bring your orders to life.

Smiling woman opening a delivery package.


Our belts are manufactured with premium faux-leather Thermo elastomer, making the belt extremely durable, cruelty-free, and good at holding a fine print canvas.

The belts are completely water-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use in any climate. They can be easily cleaned without causing stains or wear and tear.

Customize the belt buckle to match both vibrant and colorful styles or muted and sleek designs. The belt buckle comes in three distinct colors: gun metal, bronze metal, and black metal.

However, the metal belt buckles are not made to hold inks, unlike the strap, and will remain in the original base color of your choice.

Optimally, when selling a new belt, you should look for a maximum profit margin of 40%. However, since Print on Demand is less expensive, it can be easier to lower the price to attract more customers.

When considering how to set up a product price, take your business expenses and future goals into account. Check our full article on how to price products for success.

Our custom belts are manufactured wholesale by trusted eCommerce retail brands. While the belt is not handmade, it is intricately designed and measured to hold your prints for that unique and needed personal touch.

Find all sizing information and care instructions in our Catalog. Click on the personalized belt item to open the product screen and view all manufacturing details and important labels.

Check Out Other Product Ideas and Start Selling

With a simple process to design and start selling, be sure to take full advantage and add more custom accessories from our Catalog.

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