Custom Sneakers

Step into style with our custom sneakers, crafted for durability and individuality. Explore print-on-demand sneakers to add flair to your wardrobe or kickstart your business journey with dropshipping options.

An image with a pair of custom high top sneakers with an abstract illustration design.

Create Custom Sneakers That People Will Love


All-over printing lets you cover the entire product surface in vibrant, long-lasting colors. Create head-turning shoe designs that have no equal.

Comfortable Fit

Style goes hand in hand with comfort, and our custom shoes will provide the perfect fit for anyone and any business.

Easy to Design

Designing your custom sneakers has never been easier. Use our Mockup Generator to apply your unique designs to shoes in a few easy steps.

Make Your Own Custom Sneakers

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Custom Design Sneakers With Printify

The market is set to keep growing, with all major footwear brands offering customizable shoes. Don’t miss out on this growing trend.

With Printify, you can design your own original shoes and even start sneaker dropshipping on your eCommerce store. Let your imagination run wild and get your custom style out to the world.

Explore Custom Sneakers to Design

From athletes to toddlers, a pair of custom-made sneakers is a must-have for any shoe rack. They’re stylish and fresh and will serve as the comfortable centerpiece of any outfit. The Printify catalog offers a wide selection of custom shoes for every occasion.

These 100% mesh-knit polyester shoes come in black or white and provide an all-over print for your graphic. Along with a lace-up closure, durable rubber soles, and breathable deodorant memory foam insoles to keep your feet safe and comfortable.

Our 100% polyester high-tops are available in black or white and ready for your all-over design. On top of that, a faux leather (pleather) toe cap, hi-poly deodorant memory foam insoles, and metal grommets will ensure sturdy comfort wherever you go.

These low-top shoes come in black or white combined with all your vivid colors. It’s made from 100% polyester breathable fabric and comes with a faux leather toe cap, deodorant memory foam insoles, metal grommets, and everything else you want from a shoe.

Breathable foam insoles, a faux leather toe cap, and silver color metal grommets offer both comfort and structure, which is a necessity for quality shoes. These 100% Nylon high-tops are available in black only and will take all your wildest shoe graphics.

Available in black only – a perfect choice to add to your unique graphic. Made from 100% nylon, they’re lightweight and come with a faux leather toe cap, soft foam insoles, and metal grommets for your shoelaces.

These 100% polyester high-tops are available in black or white and are also an excellent choice for your graphic. They’re durable and come with deodorant memory foam insoles, a faux leather toe cap, and silver metal grommets for shoe laces.

Made from 100% polyester and available in black or white in addition to your all-over print. They come with deodorant memory foam insoles, a pleather toe cap, and silver metal grommets for laces.

Soft foam insoles, a faux leather toe cap, and silver grommets included. These 100% Nylon sneakers are available in black only in combination with your shoe graphic.

These custom shoes are made from 100% Nylon and available in black only, which works great with your graphics. These also come with a faux leather toe cap, breathable foam insoles, and metal eyelets for shoelaces.

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Design Custom Sneakers for Yourself

There are no order minimums on your orders, so you can order one or many pairs of print-on-demand sneakers. Wear a different pair every season, gift personalized shoes to each family member, or add sneakers to your eCommerce store!

Custom Shoe Design Ideas

The best thing about sneakers is that there are no limits to when and how they can be worn, which frees you up to make custom shoe designs fit for any season and festivity. Seize the opportunity and make your sneakers!

Add Any Graphics

Unleash your creativity, and bring your unique style to your custom shoes. There are no artistic limits on your creations as long as they follow the print file requirements in our Mockup Generator. You can access it by clicking Start Designing from any product page.

A screenshot of a pair of custom sneakers with an abstract graphic design.
A screenshot of a pair of custom high top sneakers with a logo on them.

Brand It How You Want It

Why not add a logo to your custom shoes? Whether you’re looking to make a design for a specific company or organization, design custom merch for an event, or just want to wear your logo on a shoe, creating a personalized graphic with a logo can go a long way.

Use Pictures

To truly stand out in a crowd of shoes, you can add a custom picture design to a pair of shoes. Customize and wear bright colors, bold design elements, aesthetic shadows, and impressive lines. Look online for inspiration and creative ideas, and let your imagination run wild. Remember that there are no borders for your custom shoe graphics with all-over prints.

A screenshot of a pair of custom high top sneakers designed using pictures.

Make Your Own Custom Shoes

Start Sneaker Dropshipping With Printify

Take your style and put it on footwear with the help of customizable print-on-demand sneakers.

Dropshipping your unique shoes to eager shoppers online will ensure you make money from your creativity.

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Step 1

Design Your Products

After selecting your shoes in the Printify catalog, it’s time to add your design. Our Mockup Generator lets you quickly apply your visuals to the shoe and generates high-resolution product mockups, which you can also use in your product listings.

Step 2

Order Samples

Before getting your personalized sneakers out into the world, order samples of your unique design to see how everything looks in real life. Check out your footwear to ensure your buyers receive the best possible product.

Step 3

Connect a Store

When your shoes are ready, it’s time to dropship sneakers in your store. Connect your Printify account to the eCommerce platform of your choice and publish the shoes to your storefront. Printify integrates with Shopify, Etsy, Wix, and many other platforms.

Step 4

Promote Your Products and Let Us Do the Rest

As soon as you start to dropship sneakers and a customer buys them, Printify sends them to production and then handles the shipping.

All you’re left to do is spread the word about your fabulous footwear and watch those sales roll in.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Printify catalog offers a selection of customizable sneakers. Dropshipping them in your store and ordering product samples with us directly is a good way to start a business and profit from your creativity.

You can make your new shoes in a few easy steps. Find your pair in the Printify catalog, use our Mockup Generator to drag and drop, and customize your design on a template to create fantastic product mockups.

Yes, ordering samples is both possible and encouraged. Before you start selling shoes to other people, verifying that they match your standards is essential.

Designing the sneakers is free, and no upfront costs are required to start selling your footwear.

After setting up your preferred payment method, Printify will charge you for the production and shipping of the sneakers only when someone buys them from your store.

Printify can’t pull funds directly from your online store, so there will always be two transactions – one between the buyer and your store and the other between you and Printify. The margin between them is your profit.

Like most shoes, you can clean your custom sneakers with warm water and dish soap. You don’t need to soak sneakers in water.

If your sneakers have become dirty, we advise using a soft-bristled brush to clean off the stains.

Ready to Start?

Whether you’re making shoes for yourself or your sneaker dropshipping business, your shoe graphics are sure to bring joy to you and your unique style to the streets. 

Designing your shoes with Printify is free – you won’t be paying anything upfront. This frees you to make custom shoes, list them on your online store and let Printify take care of the production and shipping. It’s just that easy!

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