Personalized Business Card Holders

Network in style with our personalized business card holders. These sleek, pocket-sized holders will come in handy when you want to represent your brand like a pro!

Create and Sell Custom Card Holders Online

Sleek Design

Our business card holder comes in a gorgeous glossy finish and is the opposite of bulky – it fits in a pocket like a charm.

No Order Minimum

How many do you want? That's your business entirely. Order just one or ten dozens – it's up to you.

Velvet Interior

Made of high-quality metal construction with a velvet-like inside that will protect your cards day in and day out.

Why Design and Sell Personalized Business Card Holders?

Even in this digital day and age, nothing beats the power of a good business card. The business card represents the brand. And not only does it convey important contact information, but it is often also the first exposure to the overall image of the business. Selling personalized business card holders online lets you show off the brand in style. Made of high-quality polished metal with a luxurious glossy finish, our card holders are designed with a snap closure and velvet inside to protect the business cards from wear and tear. The cover is fully customizable with your logo, text, image, or artwork for a unique card case that will get you and your business remembered. 

Why design and sell personalized business card holders
Why design and sell personalized business card holders
Business card holders make for great personalized gifts
Business card holders make for great personalized gifts

Business Card Holders Make for Great Personalized Gifts

Business card holders are essential if you are a marketer, a graphic designer, or an entrepreneur. With our card holder, you can hold 20 business cards to hand out to let people know about your business. Also, a card holder doubles as an organizer – if you don’t have your own business card, store the cards of the businesses you love, plus keep them away from damage.

Even if you do not need a business card holder for yourself, you can get them as personalized gifts for others. Choose from a simple card holder design that works for all kinds of businesses to a design that showcases the unique traits of the person receiving the holder. Personalized gifts come in many shapes and sizes and this time, they come in sleek 3.5 x 2.0 inches.

Ideas for Business Card Holder Designs

Business card holders are not necessarily supposed to be bland and unexciting. Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching designs, and it’s so easy and fun: opt for marble or watercolor patterns, logos, geometric patterns, names, or even pictures of cute animals. Go for a more personal approach and offer your customers a fully personalized experience by adding their first and last names to the design as a cherry on the top. 

Business Card Holder for Men

In the case of card cases, there usually is a clear distinction between masculine and feminine card holder designs. While women typically opt for delicate watercolor or marble designs, men often prefer their card cases minimalistic and simple, yet masculine. Think sleek black front, camo, or geometric patterns, or their business logo. Of course, let’s not forget our more playful male audience – they love geometric animal shapes like cats and deer and wolves, for example.

Business card holder for men
Business card holder for men
Business card holder for women
Business card holder for women

Business Card Holder for Women

When researching what women prefer regarding their personalized business card holders, the results vary: from distinctly feminine designs like marble, watercolor, or floral patterns to animal prints to initials in beautiful lettering. Let your creativity shine and add a whole line of business card holders for women to your online store!

Create Your Personalized Business Card Holders

Create Personalized Business Card Holders With Our Free Mockup Generator

Design stunning card holders in mere minutes. Our easy-to-use free Mockup Generator will take you through the process step by step. Because our personalized card holders are custom printed, you can get as creative as you like: wild and bold colors or minimalist approach – it’s up to you. 

Create personalized business card holders with our free merch maker
Create personalized business card holders with our free merch maker

How to Get Started Selling Custom Business Card Holders?

When you have a Printify account, you get access to our easy-to-use free merch maker that is made to navigate with ease even if you have zero designing background. When we talk about customizing or designing online, we often think of complex software that costs a lot of money and takes years of experience to use correctly. With the Printify free merch maker, you can start designing your custom card holders with just a few clicks – if you can drag & drop, you can design with Printify!

Step 1

To start designing, select the product you wish to design, in this case – the custom business card holder. Upload your designs, artwork or photos from your computer or phone, or select one from your Printify account library. Don't forget to check whether your designs meet the requirements for a high-quality print. Every product on the mockup generator has the size requirements indicated at the bottom right of the user panel. Once it's done, apply your selected design to the printing area. If you want, you can use our text tool with beautiful, pre-selected fonts. Then, preview your final custom card holders to check the placement and sizing of your designs; adjust if necessary.

Step 2

Once you're done designing your personalized business card holders, it's time to add them to your online store – it's so easy to do from the Printify interface. No matter which platform you choose for your business – eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix – we got you covered, for our integrations are smooth as butter. And then... then you simply wait for a sale to move to the production and fulfillment processes. After this point, you need not do anything since we work hand in hand with our print providers, who will produce, package, and ship your brand new custom card holders straight to your customers.

FAQ About Personalized Business Card Holders

Creating personalized card holders with Printify is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your designs out in the world. Our metallic card cases start from $11.88 however by becoming a Printify Premium subscriber, you can save up to 20% on each product.

One of the many great things about Printify is that we will never tell you how to do your business, thus we have no order minimum (or maximum for that matter). That means you can place your order with us only when you get a sale, be it one business card holder or two dozen of ’em. No more unsold stock, no more wasted money – no minimum policy is a win-win for everyone!

Absolutely, all our products can be ordered as a sample with your design. In fact we encourage you to order a sample of your product before you start sending it out to customers. As with any custom product, you should always check that your product matches or exceeds your expectations. By the way, with the Printify Premium subscription, your first payment goes directly to your Printify wallet and you can use these funds to order your first sample! Here is more info on ordering samples.

Like any custom printed goods, our card holder needs to be taken care of according to the care instructions in order to get the most out of it. In this case, simply wipe the dust or any dirt off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

We are always working with new print providers to get you the best quality and price. Currently, we are working with a print provider from the US, which means each and every business card holder is made and printed in the good old U, S, and A. However, this list is always growing as we add new exciting print providers.

Ready to Start?

Design Your Own Personalized Business Card Holders

Custom card cases are easy to design and sell – it’s a great niche for anyone looking to increase their side income through dropshipping. Printify now offers more than 300 different blank products for you to design and sell. Start your print-on-demand business journey today!

Choose Your Product

Browse through our catalog and select the business card holder (and other awesome blank products). Under each product, you will see all available sizes, care instructions, price, production, and shipping times.

Customize It

Play around with our super easy-to-use free merch maker. Drag & drop your artwork straight to the card holder, play around to place it just the way you want it, and check out the mockup to see what it will look like once it's produced.

Get It Printed

With your design uploaded and aligned, it's time to start selling. Publish the product to your online store and wait for people to see it. When your first order comes in, simply send your card case for production.

Create Your Personalized Business Card Holders