Printify Pop-Up Store – Make More Profit on Each Order

Printify Pop-Up Store – Make More Profit on Each Order

Printify Pop-Up Store is the quickest and simplest way to make products available for purchase as a print-on-demand merchant, content creator, influencer, company and/or non-profit. Sell custom-print products without creating a website or becoming a marketplace expert.

In just a click, generate a unique pop-up store page under a URL. Share and promote your pop-up store page link as a direct purchase gateway and start earning profit from custom merch sales immediately.

Start an online business with Printify and our trusted network of global Print Providers. Set up your merchandise risk-free with no initial costs or inventory. Experiment with designs and mockups while Printify handles fulfillment – production, shipping, and merchant support.

What is Printify Pop-Up Store?

Printify Pop-Up Store is a quick-launch eCommerce storefront that offers online merchants or businesses a way to sell products without any digital retail or marketing experience. Running a Printify Pop-Up Store is as easy as adding products, sharing links, and receiving sales.

Pop-up stores are great for a new brand idea or merchandising strategy. They require little-to-no maintenance – share with fans, friends, and family through a simple link.

Test out Printify’s free online mockup tools and master a working product design scheme. Use an online pop-up shop to develop catalogs of themed products to see your designs come to life.

Land initial sales without being backed up by hours of work and platform fees. We deliver all your pop-up shop products directly to customers and handle all merchant support.

“We want to help entrepreneurs launch their POD businesses fast. We created Printify Pop-Up thinking about how we can make it easy and simple for them, without much hassle or cost.” Printify CEO James Berdigans

Create Pop-Up Store Products With Printify

Create Pop-Up Store Products With Printify

Printify is a product fulfillment platform for eCommerce retailers and small business storefronts. We combine free online product design tools and a streamlined print-on-demand business model to offer merchants an easy way to order and make sales with custom merchandise.

Launch a pop-up store through Printify and order or sell wholesale white-label products with your prints and designs. Our platform offers an extensive Catalog of custom printables, from t-shirts and hoodies to home decor and custom wall decals to keep customers coming.

Develop hundreds of product templates and add them as your own pop-up store merchandise. Learn how to start a pop-up shop without any back-end development and go from product designs to sales in just a few minutes through five simple steps:

  1. Create custom products

Explore the Printify Catalog and use the Mockup Generator to upload unique designs on any of our custom print-on-demand product templates.

  1. Set your own profit margin

Set a competitive retail price that works for you and your customers. Cover any overhead expenses and generate passive income with your own eCommerce business.

  1. Publish to your pop-up store

Save and publish your products by launching a pop-up store with a simple click and easy customization. No need to connect to any external eCommerce integrations.

  1. Sell with zero initial investment

Share your unique store link to customers via social media and online business accounts. Land sales from loyal fans without spending any cash up-front.

  1. Get paid from sales instantly

Since all product sales are made on-demand, the customer covers production costs, and you immediately gain a profit from your set retail markup.

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Explore Printify Pop-Up Store Features

Printify Pop-Up Store is a ready-made sales channel for emerging brands and eCommerce newcomers. Design custom-printed while-label brand products and add them to your unique pop-up store page all in one place. Test out the print-on-demand system without any costs to enter.

  • Quick to launchyou won’t need to learn a new content management system.
  • Shareable linkadvertise your product catalog right after your designs are published.
  • Simple interfacecustomize a single store page without any plugins or add-ons.
  • Entirely zero costcreate free product designs and sell with zero payment fees.
  • Integrated analyticswe offer Google Analytics and Facebook (Meta) tracking services.

Explore your way into a handy all-in-one retail location. Personalize your pop-up store with custom descriptions and brand imagery. Drive merchandise sales for anticipated events, the holiday shopping season, or even long-term merch catalogs. 

Customization is your road to brand awareness. Attract new customers with a fully-fledged product design portfolio, all through a compact and virtual pop-up shop. Printify Pop-Up Store offers the following branding and design interface features:

  • Unique store name URL under a custom Printify domain
  • Options to add brand visuals like logos and descriptions
  • Area for convenient links to your other social media accounts
  • Personalized store page themes and color customization

Start your eCommerce journey with immediate results right at your fingertips – develop your pop-up shop ideas as a small business, online merchant, content creator, or graphic designer.

Pop-Up Store for Merchants

Pop-Up Store for Merchants

Starting a pop-up store is your best place to learn eCommerce market dynamics from start to finish. Test out your marketing expertise and product development skills without getting lost in the weeds of complicated website builders and third-party fees.

Create a pop-up store with the domain to experiment with designs and potential customer demographic trends. Find your best-suited market niche through a practical approach – share your store link straight to your audience and see what products perform best.

Printify Pop-Up Store is your simple alternative to expensive online sales channels.

Selling on eCommerce marketplaces can be relatively easy, but you’re often sidetracked by extensive marketplace listing and payment processing fees. Marketplaces promote tough competition, and getting to the front page often requires investing in additional marketing efforts.

Choosing a subscription-based eCommerce website host can cause undue stress to your wallet and set unprecedented deadlines. Why learn complicated content management systems, SEO strategies, and analytics tools when you only want to practice selling?

When developing an eCommerce business plan, finding yourself at a financial loss before ever making a sale can be daunting. With Printify Pop-Up Store, you can try time and time again without ever running out of capital and always finding new strategies to learn and develop.

Pop-Up Store for Creators

Pop-Up Store for Creators

Create your own pop-up store without losing hours of work as a content creator or influencer – monetize your audience with zero investment. Selling custom merchandise is the best way to keep your creative passion alive without partnering with advertisers that clutter your content.

Give your fans a chance to finance your work while offering value in return. Instead of creating patron sites and asking for support with nothing in return, create your own merch line that grants free advertising and customer loyalty for new projects or content milestones.

Creating dynamic content with both entertainment and sales in mind makes your brand look more professional. All you need to do is translate your existing content with our free Mockup Generator into recognizable designs your audience already knows and loves.

Pop-up stores can be permanent retail spaces where you can experiment with a new and crazy niche, customize your brand imagery, and interact with your most loyal audience members. Use merch for passive marketing and allow fans to share visuals via social media to expand your reach.

Pop-Up Store for Designers

Pop-Up Store for Designers

Creating your own graphics is an art form that has become more profitable due to emerging technology. With a simple Adobe subscription or a free alternative, you can design custom logos, illustrations, or even touch-up photos and sell them directly to your audience.

Our mockup software will translate your uploads into high-resolution prints. Monitor all necessary graphic requirements and use our mockup preview tool to develop stellar prints. Ensure your work stays consistent and looks professional with our free in-browser tool.

Use Printify’s integrated tools to fit and fill images, use directional scaling, apply images to the entire size of the print area and snap everything to place. Explore unique features for custom text, print layering, image enhancement, and enjoy a free graphics library for additional assets.

Translate any of your images onto a physical medium to immediately increase the final sales value of your artwork. Physical products can have a much higher profit margin than digital, and with print-on-demand, you’ll hardly see any difference when selling them.

How Does It Work? (How Do Virtual Pop-Up Shops Make Money?)

Virtual pop-up stores are single-page web domains with a purchasing gateway for customers. Pop-up stores act similarly to our other partnered sales channel integrations but are hosted directly through the Printify platform and published without processing to a new website.

Merchants use pop-up stores to develop new product releases and produce interactive advertising for their branding and visuals. Pop-up stores are shared via a link through social media accounts or marketed through online advertising services to drive more customers.

Launch a pop-up shop and start a print-on-demand business for free with Printify.

Printify Pop-Up Store is a sales channel that operates using an integrated and fully automated dropshipping business model. Launch your print-on-demand store with Printify to sell white-label products from high-quality wholesale brands and worldwide Print Providers.

With one of the most competitive and extensive product varieties for any customer demographic and target audience, Printify lets you make easy sales for free with quality print merchandise and a personalized storefront. Your designs add value to customers and encourage purchases.

Design high-quality pop-up store products with your own custom graphics.

Publish custom print-on-demand designs with our integrated mockup software. Upload your graphics on ready-made product templates and add them to your pop-up store, all on the same page. Manage everything from the comfort of your home while we take care of the rest.

Printify’s automated fulfillment system tracks your orders through an integrated logistics network spanning multiple continents. We partner with a diverse selection of worldwide Print Providers that utilize professional-grade techniques for durable high-resolution prints.

Publish custom merchandise with full control of the entire design process.

Select base colors, styles, and material compositions that meet your product needs. Browse a range of unique apparel fits and accessories that match any customer demographic and market niche. Add your designs to select print areas in the front, back, and sides or a full wrap-around.

Your final design will be sent to a print fulfillment center closest to the customer’s address, limiting shipping costs and delivery estimates. The Print Provider will apply your graphics via one of the following printing methods of your choice:

  • Direct to Garment (DGT) printing
  • Direct to Film (DTF) printing
  • All-over printing (AOP) or sublimation

How Does It Work? (How Do Virtual Pop-Up Shops Make Money?)

What Are the Main Advantages of Printify Pop-Up Store

Printify Pop-Up Store is one of the most innovative ways to introduce new products that build brand awareness and offer experiential marketing in just a few minutes of launch. It can drive initial engagement, especially through your existing followers, at zero cost of your own.

Customers find more value in pop-up stores due to unique and exclusive product releases, impulse purchases, the wish to support their favorite creators, or they’re simply attracted to a more personalized shopping experience.

Launching a pop-up store with Printify is the simplest way to make your product available. New merchants can expect to notice the following advantages:

  • Boost in revenue. Receive sales immediately to cover your business expenses without investing in any eCommerce platforms or software.
  • Low startup costs. Launch your product catalog with zero fees through a free Printify account. Make sales without paying a single dime.
  • Experimental flexibility. Try out new designs and see what sells best before you commit to long-term merchandising.
  • Brand recognition. Create a loyal customer base and establish your brand identity by sharing your unique link to social media or your own website.

Pop-up stores are brand ambassadors – temporary storefronts that generate interest for event-specific concessions or new brand directions. Successful pop-up stores target customers with experimental designs or themed listings and can act as a more dynamic venue than a regular store.

Consider creating a Printify Pop-Up Store even if your eCommerce project has a more long-term development strategy. Pop-up stores can act as intermediary sales channels that bring valuable insights for operating a larger eCommerce business in the future:

  • Define a target audience
    Use the shareable pop-up store link to target a specific market segment you’re already familiar with and define the products your audience will likely buy.
  • Develop brand imagery
    Create print-on-demand products and customize your pop-up store to experiment with your visual branding, color schemes, logos, and graphics to make them memorable and professional.
  • Analyze sales estimates
    See how large of an audience you can cultivate with an initial store release before growing your eCommerce presence and settling on a budget. You can continue expanding your sales and growing your store through marketing and paid advertising.
  • Reflect market reach
    Research how your pop-up shop compares to competitors and which channels are more cost-effective for your unique catalog – try to bring in the broadest audience possible.
  • Receive customer testimonials
    Reflect on how you can improve your store from actual customer suggestions and how your business model can best meet their needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Pop-Up Shop?

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Pop-Up Shop

Design from a list of custom printables and launch your pop-up store for free. The customer fully compensates for all production and shipping costs when making a purchase. We fulfill all products on-demand, nothing goes to waste, and you don’t need to store any inventory.

Make money by adding a higher margin to your final retail markup and setting up a competitive and profitable product price that’s attractive to your customers. The original base product costs cover manufacturing and print fulfillment, leaving the added markup as your profit.

Printify Pop-Up Stores have no minimum order restrictions or platform listing and hosting fees, contrary to third-party sales channels. There’s no cost to Printify – make sales and track your orders while our team handles all merchant support issues throughout the entire process.

Combined, print-on-demand and the Pop-Up Store feature will let you sell unique and competitively priced products with your designs at zero initial costs, storage space, and virtually no setup.

Create Your Own Virtual Pop-Up Store

1. Create a Printify Account for Free

Register a new print-on-demand business through a free sign-up and start exploring our full product Catalog from a variety of custom brands, worldwide Print Providers, and, best of all, free access to the Pop-Up Store eCommerce sales channel.

2. Select a Product and Apply Your Design

Filter through the Catalog to find the best custom blank-label products suited for your target demographic. Choose between fits, colors, styles, and merchant-rated Print Providers. Make a selection and click to start designing on the product page. 

You’ll be redirected to our in-browser Mockup Generator design tool where you can apply your designs instantly. Upload any image from your device, drag and drop it onto the print area, review your final results, and click to save on your profile.

3. Launch a Pop-up Store and Publish

Set up a Pop-Up Store sales channel directly from the Printify platform, customize your storefront, receive a shareable link, and start publishing your finished products to fill up the catalog. Set your own price, product photos, and descriptions while we take care of the entire ordering process and merchant support.

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  1. Olivia
    January 24

    Are there any limitations in Pop-up stores, for example: number of products that can be listed?
    Also, can Pop-Up store now be used in European countries, for example – Ukraine?
    Thanks in advance, foe your answer 😉

    1. Ariel Summers
      February 7

      Hi Olivia,
      There is no limit on listings in your Pop-Up Store and you can open a Pop-Up Store if you are located in Ukraine. Here is a list of countries where Pop-Up Store currently can’t be opened. Good luck! 😊

  2. Kiruthika
    January 12

    Is it possible to provide personalized products to my customers through pop up store?

    1. Ariel Summers
      February 8

      Hey there,
      Yes, it is. Please see this article for more guidance.

  3. Louise
    December 2

    I understand our Pop Up stores will be indexed on Google, but how long does it take? My store has been live for 3 weeks and nothing yet. I have no orders, no traffic and no hope. lol.
    I know it will take time to be visible to any google searcher, but how long are we talking? I’m a total newbie and don’t have the budget to advertise much, just on IG and FB. No luck though.

    1. Ariel Summers
      February 8

      Hi Louise,
      Here is an article on how to set up marketing for your Pop-Up Store. Also, feel free to check out our blog for more marketing tips. Hope it helps! 😊

  4. AJ
    September 30

    Thanks for a detailed article.
    Pop-up is still available to US residents only or its reach has been extended?

    1. Ariel Summers
      October 3

      Hi AJ,
      The pop up store is currently available only to merchants based in the United States. We will let our users know if anything changes.

  5. Shelby
    September 10

    Hi is it possible to make “categories” for different product groups?? Right now my store is really randomly organized.

    1. Martha Simmons
      September 11

      Hi Shelby,
      Unfortunately, for Pop-Up stores, this currently isn’t possible. However, our team is working on further improvements, so we will share your request with them, so it can be considered.

  6. Al
    September 5

    After uploading an image in jpg, will the final screen image file name stay the same, or does it get converted to webp? Many ecommerce sites like Shopify and Wix convert them, and the resulting file name becomes a long string of letter and numbers. But I know Google does use the actual text file names for images when indexing in Google Images, which makes the webp format useless for Google Images. That’s why I’m not using Shopify or Wix, or any website builder that converts like that.

    1. Martha Simmons
      September 7

      Hi there,
      The name becomes a long string of letters and numbers on our side because it becomes a link. As for the file format – if you upload it as PNG, for example, it stays as PNG.

  7. Richard
    August 9

    Hola soy de Venezuela y me gustaria daber si esta disponible para nuestro país?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      August 10

      Hi there Richard,
      Yes, you can use our platform from Venezuela as well 🙂

  8. Simon
    August 9

    Shame that you have to be a US resident to actually use it. Might be a good idea to include info like that in this post.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      August 10

      Hi there Simon!
      That might change in the future, so bear with us 🙂

  9. Ian
    July 24

    I am definitely going to try this. But a question though: since it’s up to us to drive traffic to our store, say starting a Facebook business page for our pop up store, do SEO work in the same effective way as it would on Etsy and Google?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      July 28

      Hi Ian,
      All of the pop-up stores are indexed on Google, which means that anyone should be able to find the store link on Google.
      But remember that:
      – It might take time for Google to crawl your store and make it visible to any google searcher
      – You have to target specific keywords that your potential customers are looking for in order to appear in the search results.

  10. Ren
    July 14

    Hi. I’d like to know when this service (pop up store) will be available for Canadian residents. If you don’t have a precise date, please just give me a rough idea so that I decide if I go do business with another company or if I just have to hang on for a while until I can finally go forward with my Printify plans…

    1. Martha Simmons
      July 17

      Hi Ren,
      We indeed don’t have a specific date yet, however, our team is working on it, so we hope that we will be able to offer it perhaps within a year or so.

  11. Ana
    July 13

    Hi, may I use the Printify Popup Store from Europe?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      July 14

      Hi there Ana,
      Currently it is only available for merchants in the US. However, the team is working on this, so it might change in the future. 🙂

  12. Arieanna
    June 21

    Great article and helpful. Thank you!

    1. Martha Simmons
      June 21

      Hi Arieanna,
      Glad you enjoyed this!

  13. Stuart
    June 11

    Shame you forgot to mention that this option is only available to US residents. In other words, the 96% of us living in other countries can’t use it!!!


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