15 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts for Print-On-Demand (2024)

15 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts for Print-On-Demand (2024)

In the dynamic world of Print-on-Demand (POD), staying ahead of the curve with innovative and creative strategies, including digital marketing, is key to captivating your audience and boosting your sales.

In this article, we explore how to write ChatGPT prompts to streamline your workflow, from social media marketing to email campaigns and more.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

A screenshot of the ChatGPT chat window.

Let’s start with the basics: understanding ChatGPT prompts. ChatGPT prompts are instructions or questions directed towards ChatGPT to generate specific responses or content. 

These prompts can range from simple questions like asking for the weather forecast to more complex tasks such as writing an essay, coding a software program, or creating a business plan.

Did you know? 

AI processes instructions through natural language processing, a technology that allows computers to “understand” human languages.  

ChatGPT mainly responds to queries using information from its databases. Although version 4.0 can access the internet via Bing, its ability to generate accurate responses with information from the internet is limited. 

Creating ChatGPT prompts can generate ideas across various domains, from content creation and blog post ideas to customer service, social media captions, and even coding

For POD businesses, ChatGPT can assist in creating engaging content, answering FAQs, and generating marketing material.

Note: The best prompts aren’t just questions but can also be statements or scenarios that set a context for ChatGPT to respond to. They are a powerful tool for leveraging AI’s capabilities, allowing users to access a wide range of information, generate creative content, solve problems, and even learn new topics through the machine learning model

For instance, you can “train” AI with a customer service script, asking common questions and giving feedback to ChatGPT. You may even discover solutions you had never considered before.

ChatGPT prompts act as a bridge between your creative ideas and their execution. Its ability to understand and generate text based on these prompts means you can automate parts of your content strategy, from brainstorming ideas to creating ready-to-publish content.

How to Write Prompts for ChatGPT?

To get the best responses, make sure your prompts are clear and specific. ChatGPT uses machine learning, which means the more precisely you ask and give feedback, the better the engine’s answers will be.  

Specificity can vary, from choosing the tone of voice (professional, casual, humorous) to including different call-to-actions.

Begin by defining your objective, then structure your ChatGPT prompt to include all necessary details. Key points include:

  • Be concise yet detailed.
  • Specify the format or structure if relevant.
  • Indicate the tone or style desired.
  • Provide context for clarity.

When writing prompts for ChatGPT, consider adopting a step-by-step approach:

  • Start with a broad prompt to generate initial ideas or content pieces. Then, refine these outputs with more detailed prompts. 
  • For example, after generating a blog title, follow up with a prompt for an outline, then another for an introductory paragraph, and so on. 

This method allows for precision in content creation, ensuring the final output closely aligns with your vision.

A screenshot of public GPT's search page.


Use Custom GPTs (specialized models fine-tuned for specific tasks or domains) to write customized prompts for specific problem-solving skills.

15 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Help Your POD Workflow

Integrating AI tools into your POD business isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about leveraging AI to enhance creativity, foster deeper customer engagement, and make data-driven decisions for content and marketing strategies. 

By utilizing tailored prompts, you ensure that the content generated aligns with your brand voice, business objectives, and target market, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Let’s review some of the top ChatGPT prompts to demonstrate how to tailor them for maximum impact in your POD business.

ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are fundamental for any print-on-demand business aiming to develop a strong online presence. 

ChatGPT can assist by crafting personalized posts that connect with your audience, optimizing your content calendar for maximum user engagement, and managing customer interactions with professionalism and care. 

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic, maintain an organized content strategy, or smoothly handle customer service issues on social platforms, these prompts will make your social media marketing efforts more effective and efficient.

1. Write a Tailored Post for Social Media


					Create a post for [social media] about [topic] that generates traffic to [url]. Limit the post to [number] words.


15 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts for Print-On-Demand (2024) 1

Create a post for Instagram about eco-friendly apparel that highlights the sustainability of our materials and drives traffic to our new collection. Limit the post to 100 words and include a call-to-action for followers to check out our bio link.

A screenshot of a social media post generated by ChatGPT.

2. Create a Content Calendar

Instead of a generic request, specify themes relevant to your brand, like sustainability, fashion tips, customer stories, or product highlights. Ask ChatGPT to align these themes with upcoming holidays or events for a more strategic approach.


					Create a content calendar for [social media] with topics: [Topic 1], [Topic 2], [Topic 3], including best posting times and amount of posts per week.

3. Generate a Response for Dealing With Negative Feedback or Angry Customers


					Write a response to an unhappy client's comment on [social media] to defuse the situation.


15 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts for Print-On-Demand (2024) 1

Generate a compassionate and solution-focused response to a customer who received a late shipment, emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction and outlining the steps we’re taking to prevent future delays.

A screenshot of a response to negative feedback generated by ChatGPT.
ChatGPT as a tool for customer service agents

ChatGPT Prompts for Content Marketing

Elevate your content marketing strategy with SEO-friendly, engaging content to captivate and retain your target audience. ChatGPT can guide you through identifying critical keywords, structuring your content for search engines, and crafting compelling headlines that drive clicks. 

Generating a list of FAQs that add value to your audience and structuring blog posts for readability and SEO will empower you to create content that ranks well and genuinely connects with your readers.

4. Ask for SEO Advice

					List 10 keywords related to [your topic/niche] and generate 5 popular FAQs. Cluster the keywords based on semantic relevance.
SEO advice generated by ChatGPT.

After receiving your keyword list and FAQs, use ChatGPT to draft an introductory paragraph for each FAQ that incorporates your keywords naturally, enhancing your content’s SEO without sacrificing readability.

5. Generate SEO-Friendly Headings

Go beyond a single title. Ask for several variations to A/B test which one attracts more clicks and engagement, providing data to refine your content strategy further:

					Write an SEO-friendly and high CTR title for a blog post on [topic] up to 60 words. Provide two variations of it.

6. Create Content Structures

					Provide a blog structure for [theme/topic], including [input what to include], aiming for 1,000 to 1,500 words.

You can refine your prompts further by requesting a detailed outline or step-by-step guide with suggested subheadings, a list of key points for each section, and where to incorporate multimedia elements like images or videos for a more engaging reader experience.

ChatGPT Prompts for Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective strategies for nurturing leads and converting them into loyal customers. Writing ChatGPT prompts can assist you in creating attention-grabbing subject lines, composing compelling emails that drive clicks, automating follow-up emails, and crafting key messages, heartfelt apologies, or requests for feedback that resonate with your recipients.

These prompts will help you tailor your email marketing efforts to speak directly to your audience’s needs and interests, fostering stronger relationships and driving engagement with your brand.

7. Create Stunning Subject Lines

					Generate an eye-catching email headline of 40 words about [topic].

Experiment with subject line variations: Instead of one, ask for multiple subject lines for A/B testing to determine which performs better regarding open rates.

A screenshot of two email subject lines generated by ChatGPT.

8. Generate Emails When Contacting Clients

Personalize the email body prompt by specifying your targeted segment, such as existing customers:

					Write an email body to attract [audience] to click on [url], consisting of 5 paragraphs, 150 words total.

You also can alter the prompt by including a personal touch, like acknowledging their last purchase.

9. Apologize for Something or Answer to a Customer Complaint

					Write an email apologizing to a client for [input reason].

10. Ask for Feedback or Reviews

					Create an email requesting feedback for [input reason], appealing to [target audience].

ChatGPT Prompts for UI/UX

Creating an intuitive and engaging user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is vital for any online platform, including POD businesses aiming for customer acquisition. It directly impacts first impressions, user retention, customer acquisition, reduces friction, and maintains a competitive advantage.

ChatGPT can assist in developing UI checklists to ensure your designs are comprehensive and user-friendly, as well as structuring your website for optimal navigation, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. 

Whether you’re refining a landing page or overhauling your site’s homepage, these prompts offer guidance on making your online presence as effective and appealing as possible.

11. Generate UI Checklists

Request a comprehensive checklist that includes mobile responsiveness, accessibility features, and conversion optimization elements, ensuring your landing page meets all modern web standards.

					Write a UI checklist for a newsletter registration landing page, including mobile responsiveness, accessibility features, and conversion optimization elements.
A UI checklist generated by ChatGPT.

12. Optimize Your Website Structure

					Create a structure for a homepage that optimizes for great CTR results for [input website type].

Ask ChatGPT for Coding Advice

ChatGPT can provide valuable advice and examples for POD businesses looking to enhance their online platforms with custom coding solutions. Whether you’re looking to implement a new feature like a horizontal div element slider or require assistance fetching data for a webpage, these prompts cater to both specific projects and broader programming challenges. 

Leveraging ChatGPT for coding advice can help streamline your development process, ensuring your website looks great and functions flawlessly.

13. Edit Visual Parts of Your Website

					Create a horizontal div element slider with 5 div elements: Image, Heading, Text.

Pro Tip

After generating a basic code snippet, ask for best practices on implementing responsive design or optimizing load times. This ensures that the technical aspects of your site align with your POD business goals.

14. Ask for Advice When You Don’t Know Something

					Create an HTML webpage that fetches data from a MySQL database and displays it.
A code snippet generated by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompts for Conducting Market Research

ChatGPT can conduct research through two main avenues:

  • Firstly, drawing upon a vast internal database that includes a wide range of information up to its last training cut-off in April 2023. This database encompasses historical data, trends, industry analyses, competitor insights, and consumer behavior across numerous sectors. 

By analyzing this data, ChatGPT can provide comprehensive overviews, identify patterns, and offer insights into various markets. This approach is useful for understanding foundational market dynamics, historical performance, and long-standing industry players, but it might not capture the latest market shifts or emerging trends post-April 2023. 

15. Prompt Template for Accessing the Internal Database (Historical Data up to April 2023):

					Could you provide an overview of [Industry/Market] trends up to April 2023? I'm interested in understanding historical market dynamics, key players, consumer behavior, and any notable shifts or innovations that have occurred. Additionally, insights into challenges and opportunities within the [Industry/Market] during this period would be valuable.
  • Secondly, ChatGPT can access Bing for real-time web searches, gathering the most current information available on the internet, including recent news articles, industry blogs, market research summaries, and public reports. 

Through this method, ChatGPT can provide updates on the latest trends, breaking news, and current market sentiments, capturing the pulse of the market, understanding immediate consumer reactions, and analyzing the impact of recent events on various industries.

[Bonus] Prompt Template for Performing Real-Time Searches via Bing (Current Data)

					Can you perform market research on the current state of [Industry/Market]? I'm looking for the latest trends, news, and analyses, including consumer preferences, technological advancements, and how recent events might be affecting the [Industry/Market]. Please include any new market entrants, regulatory changes, or economic factors that are currently influencing the market.
ChatGPT version selection screenshot.
ChatGPT versions

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT in POD

ChatGPT’s role in Print-On-Demand (POD) businesses goes beyond basic content creation, offering a multifaceted tool that can significantly enhance various aspects of the operation. 

For instance, ChatGPT can automate the generation of engaging and SEO-optimized product descriptions, helping your items stand out in a crowded online marketplace. Imagine having unique descriptions for each t-shirt design that highlight key features and appeal directly to your target audience, all without spending hours brainstorming and writing.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can craft personalized email marketing campaigns and social media posts that resonate with your customers, promoting your latest products or special offers.

Example:  Create a series of posts for a new line of eco-friendly tote bags, each tailored to different segments of your audience, thereby increasing engagement and potential sales.

On the customer service front, ChatGPT can instantly generate responses to common inquiries, such as questions about shipping times or return policies. This not only improves customer experience by providing quick and relevant answers but also frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Additionally, ChatGPT can assist in brainstorming sessions for new product ideas or design themes based on trending topics or customer feedback, ensuring your POD products remain fresh and in demand.

In addition to these benefits, ChatGPT can offer technical and coding assistance. Whether you’re looking to write Python code, set up Google Tag Manager, enhance your site’s loading speed, improve its SEO, or make it more user-friendly, ChatGPT can guide you through the necessary steps, even if you have limited coding knowledge, and generate code snippets for you.

Example: Use ChatGPT to generate more efficient CSS for quicker page loading or provide JavaScript for interactive elements that engage visitors.

In essence, ChatGPT acts as a versatile assistant that helps POD businesses streamline their operations, from content creation and marketing to customer service and product development, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growth and innovation.

A screenshot of top ChatGPT productivity apps.
Pick a ChatGPT productivity app, from risk management and career development to human resources and project management.

Pro Tip

Whether you're a business owner, a member of a sales team, a data scientist, or a game developer, check out the "by ChatGPT" section, which offers content generated by the current AI model, such as quick insights into data science, data analysis, code snippets, enhancing productivity and problem-solving.

To Summarize

Crafting prompts and integrating ChatGPT into your POD workflow offer a competitive edge, streamlining processes, enhancing quality, boosting customer engagement, and optimizing for growth.

By crafting strategic, detailed, and specific prompts, you can unlock the full potential of this AI tool in marketing, content creation, and customer service, ensuring your business thrives and stands out in the competitive digital marketplace.

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