Attention Canada: Print Geek Is Here, and We Are Not Sorry

Attention Canada: Print Geek Is Here, and We Are Not Sorry

In the quest to keep you all in the business of successful print on demand, the Printify team continues to work towards broadening your print provider horizons. We aim to make it easier and more efficient for you and many online entrepreneurs around the world, make money online. That is why we continue to partner with a great variety of print providers. And for our Canadians sellers out there, the horizon just got broader.

Introducing Print Geek

Print Geek was founded with a desire to serve the Canadian community and world at large with print-on-demand. Print Geek believes in the power of vision and resilience; the president of Print Geek co-founded this vision in a small garage and has seen it flourish into a large company. Today, Print Geek continues to pursue strategic partnerships with e-commerce enterprises to better provide as well as expand its services.​

In their own words: Print Geek envisions an industry with seamless printing, unmatched quality control, yet most of all – care for those who we serve. We bring that vision to a reality every day.

Every decision at Print Geek is inspired by its mission to provide the highest standard of products and services to both their Canadian clients and customers. With years of expertise and experience, Print Geek is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader in this rapidly changing industry, and work hard to stay relevant in the evolving market. This is achieved through technology and automation, which is a core belief of Print Geek.

Products You Can Print With Print Geek

Proudly Canadian

As the world changes, the rise in manufacturing localization has begun to grow. The many benefits of working with a local manufacturer vary from speed to cost to quality. Localization ensures fast turn around time, made-to-order products, reducing waste, while eliminating shipping time and overhead costs.

Print Geek Inc. specializes in made to order fulfillment manufacturing for online marketplaces and promotional product companies and has done so from the beginning. Print Geek is Canada’s leader in print on demand (POD) fulfillment, focusing on both direct to garment (DTG) and digital printing.

They are located on the outskirts of Toronto, which is a strategically great location as it allows them to serve more than 60% of Canada’s population with just a few day shipping. Print Geek generally takes about 1-2 days to ship to East Canada & 3-4 days to West Canada.

5 Reasons to Love Print Geek

1. Printing Experience

Print Geek has over 5 years of DTG, high volume print-on-demand production and fulfillment experience with Kornit and Brother printers.

2. Strategically Located

Print Geek is strategically located in Toronto, Canada. Close to vendors, shipping providers, and a vast amount of Canadian customers.

3. Advanced Technology

Print Geek is continuously updating its technology to reduce costs and increase production speeds and thus saving you money.

4. 4-Stage Quality Control

Print Geek’s 4 stage quality control process ensures that every product is 100% up to their highest standards.

5. Fast Shipping Times

Print Geek responds to the insatiable need for fast shipping. With Print Geek, you get as fast as 1-3 day shipping times, throughout Canada.

Committed to Making a Difference

Print Geek values its commitment to the environment. The products selected at our company were chosen with an environmental lens. The Kornit Digital Printers use a complete waterless process, which eliminates water pollution and toxicity. Neo Pigment Inks utilized are completely biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-toxic. Print Geek is proud to be a part of the digital printing movement, leading the world into a less toxic place.

We are proud to welcome Print Geek to Printify. We hope you enjoy their services on the Printify platform as we continue to make your eCommerce business a success.

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  1. mutiat
    April 6

    please what is your origin post code

    1. Florence Kingsley
      April 11

      Hi there!
      It is 19801. Just in case you are using Etsy, please see more information here.

  2. Shannon
    September 19

    How long does it does it take Print Geek to ship to the USA?

    1. Martha Simmons
      September 19

      Hi Shannon,
      About 3-7 business days.

  3. Joslyn
    May 22

    I would prefer my items to be listed in Canadian funds. When do you anticipate that this will happen?

    1. Martha Simmons
      May 24

      Hi Joslyn,
      You can use any currency within your sales platform, however, Printify is only able to charge you in USD. At the moment, there is no information that this will be changed, but we will forward your feedback to our specialized team for consideration.
      If you decide to set up your store in any other currency and your bank account is set in any other currency other than USD, charges will be processed in accordance with the exchange rates provided by your bank.

  4. Tanisha
    July 13

    “Attention Canada: Print Geek is here, and we are not sorry”… Defiance speak – Really? Who in Printify approved this thinking this was a good idea? SMH.

  5. Christy
    May 14

    what is their current shipping time to US addresses?

  6. Matt
    February 27

    Are the prices listed on the site for Print Geek CAD or USD?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      February 28

      Hi Matt, all prices are in USD. 🙂


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