WooCommerce connection to Printify account

Step 1

Get the latest WooCommerce plugin
Download, install and activate the latest free WooCommerce plugin for your Wordpress sites.

Go to

Step 2

Enable the REST API for WooCommerce

Enable API access for your WooCommerce installation - API access is turned off by default.

  1. From your WordPress Admin panel, open WooCommerce > Settings
  2. Go to Advanced > Legacy API tab and check the Enable the legacy REST API box
  3. Click Save changes

Note: REST API was found at WooCommerce > Settings > API prior to WooCommerce 3.4.

Step 3

Check your WordPress permalink settings

To use the WooCommerce REST API WordPress permalink settings should be set to any other than Plain.

  1. In your WordPress Admin panel, open WooCommerce > Settings
  2. Open Permalinks under Settings panel
  3. Select any other option than Plain
  4. Click Save changes

Step 4

Connect your WooCommerce store to Printify

In Printify, after you’ve selected WooCommerce as your sales channel to connect to, enter your Wordpress site link.

Live shipping rate calculation

Enable live shipping rate calculation for your customers on the checkout by downloading Printify plugin for your WooCommerce.

  1. Open WooCommerce > Settings in your WordPress Admin panel
  2. Go to Shipping > Printify Shipping tab in Settings and check Enable this shipping method and Disable WooCommerce rates
  3. Click Save changes and it's all set!

WooCommerce for Printify

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