Time for a Comeback

Analyze, adapt, overcome – that has been Printify’s motto for the past year. With your feedback and business needs in mind, we’ve made big strides in improving our infrastructure, order flow, pricing, and shipping so that you can make the absolute most out of the Holidays. 

Plus, to help you experience what we consider to be some of the best pricing in the market, we invite you to get your free Premium Subscription.

Your Holiday present - Printify Premium

Your Holiday Present (Offer Has Expired)

Get back in the game and hit the ground running with a free Printify Premium Subscription (up to 20% discount on all our products).

*Place any type of order by November 17, 2021 (11:59 PM UTC +0), and get FREE Printify Premium until March 1st, 2022. More details (FAQ) at the bottom of the page. Terms & Conditions apply.

Printify’s mission is simple

Printify’s Mission Is Simple – To Help Merchants Like You Earn More Money, With Less Effort.

In short, we obsess over your success and to turn the above statement into a reality, we analyzed your feedback & pain points. Here are all the latest actions we have taken in order to ensure a smooth Holiday season:

Locked lowest prices and covered price increases

As the main driving force of progress in any business is profitability, we try our best to ensure the most competitive product pricing for our merchants. Printify has locked & secured the lowest prices for our top-selling categories while also absorbing the price increases of most of the biggest blank producers such as Gildan and Bella // Canvas.

Enforcing accountability for underperforming products

Consistency is the single most important thing not only for our reputation as a POD platform, but also for ensuring that you can build a healthy business with no obstructions. To ensure this, we proceeded with implementing strict measures for underperforming products – products with low quality scores are removed from our platform entirely.

Improvements in both pricing and shipping speed

To help you deliver excellent service to your customers and of course in order to maximize your profit margins, we’ve improved our shipping speed and pricing across the board.

Secured Stock by biggest print providers

Our biggest Print Providers have purchased stock for Q4 according to our SKU and Volume projections for this quarter. Meanwhile, other Print Providers are also going through the same process and are making reservations for Q4.

Stock Availability Real-Time Updates

Having the right data at the right time means better decisions and a smoother operation. That’s why our stock availability in our catalog now reflects the actual levels of stock and is frequently updated.

More Print Providers with Christmas Ornaments

We hear you loud & clear – to better prepare for this Holiday season we’ve secured more Print Providers with Christmas ornaments in their catalogs.

Out-of-Stock Order Prevention & Replacement

Taking this a step further, we’ve implemented new updates which allow you to see product stock availability when creating a manual order. The stock status is now visible when making manual orders so you can now make more informed choices and avoid sending out-of-stock items to production.

Additionally, in case you have an order with “on hold” status due to out-of-stock variants, you are now able to easily replace the out-of-stock variants with alternative, in-stock variants via the ‘Edit Order’ option.

Enhanced Order Routing with Wider Coverage

Order Routing enables seamless, automated replacement of out-of-stock orders with in-stock alternatives from the next available Print Provider.

For this Holiday season and beyond, we have significantly increased the number of substitute products available for order routing and we now provide a wider coverage of products, by multiple Print Providers. Additionally, we’ve improved our algorithm for even better replacement results.

And we didn’t stop there. For the full, in-depth rundown of all the new updates, please head to our Holiday Guide.

Bigger Collection, More Products, Higher Profits

Beyond making sure our infrastructure is fully prepared for this Holiday season, we’ve made sure to give you more selling power in your hands by adding more products which span over more categories. 

With more than 140+ new additions, we’re sitting on one of the biggest online blank catalogs with more than 400+ products total. Products that are all available at your fingertips.

Top New Performers

Printify grows its catalog bigger each month so that you can sell more, to more people, with less effort. Find below some of our top-ranking bestsellers that have already been making a killing for our merchants.

  1. Canvas Tote Bag from USD 10.60
  2. Die-Cut Stickers from USD 3.51
  3. Enamel Camping Mug from USD 9.93
  4. Beefy-T® Short-Sleeve T-Shirt from USD 12.69
  5. Accent Coffee Mug, 11oz from USD 5.75
Bigger collection, more products, higher profits

Our Top 5 Best Performers

From USD 10.60

From USD 3.51

From USD 9.93

Top 5 Christmas Products

You spoke loud & clear. Printify listened. We’re proud to inform you that we have more Christmas products than any other year. So get ready to ramp up your seasonal sales.

These items sold like hotcakes last year and we’ve added even more for this season.

So grab them for your store and join the Holiday fever!

  1. Wooden Christmas Ornaments from USD 6.79
  2. Ceramic Ornaments from USD 3.95
  3. Wrapping Paper from USD 5.90
  4. Pajama Pants from USD 29.37
  5. Scented Candles from USD 32.84
Top 5 Christmas Products

Here’s Our Top 5 Christmas Products

From USD 3.95

From USD 5.90

From USD 29.37

From USD 32.84

Time for a comeback 9

Printify Thrives With You, Thanks to You

This year has brought amazing growth for everyone here at Printify. After securing $45 million in funding, we plan to focus all our efforts on improving our Merchants’ experience – your experience – to the absolute best we can. 

After all, you are the driving force behind our success and we owe you a huge thank you. So, thank you for sticking with us and rest assured that together, we will go farther than ever before.

Printify Premium FAQs

Printify Premium is a paid subscription plan giving subscribers up to a 20% discount on all products, enabling an increase in profit margins and the option to offer more competitive prices.

Time for a comeback 10

No, this offer is only valid for one Printify account, attached to one email address that’s used to access the special offer.

Your free Printify Premium is activated automatically after any type of order (sample, manual, sales channel) has been placed and successfully paid for by November 17, 2021 (11:59 PM UTC +0). One order is all that’s required.

This Premium plan will remain active until the end of the year: March 1, 2022 (11:59 PM UTC +0). Afterwards, you can continue enjoying Printify Premium for USD 29/month.

A pop-up notification will appear confirming your account has been switched to the free Printify Premium plan when you log into your account. Premium plan prices will be applied automatically throughout the catalog.

How Does Your Store Look a Year From Now?

Maybe you’re still on the edge about getting back in. Hey, we get it. On the other hand what if you had that extra cash to put back into your business and watch it grow with less stress?

Don’t miss out. Next year you’ll be happy you tried. We’ve made sure of it.