Hassle-Free Company Apparel Stores for Employees

Customized style meets convenience – create a company apparel store for employees in minutes.

Hassle-Free Company Apparel Stores for Employees

Create a Custom Online Company Store With Ease


​​Effortlessly launch your company store for free – it's an affordable way to publish your designs with zero overhead.

Large Variety of Products

Choose from over 900 high-quality promotional products to design, present, and gift, catering to diverse styles and preferences.

Ready in Minutes

Set up your online company store quickly and easily with a simple, user-friendly process that saves time and effort.

Make Print-On-Demand T-Shirts With Printify

Start creating shirts online with your own artwork. Simply pick and apply your design to a blank t-shirt.

How to Create Your Company Apparel Store for Employees in a Few Clicks

With Printify, creating company stores is super convenient. With just a few quick steps, you’ll have an online store that brilliantly highlights your brand. Pop into our Pop-Up Store and make your brand pop!

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Step 1

Sign Up

Begin by creating a free Printify account. It’s a straightforward process that kickstarts your journey to just what you want – an amazing online store for custom-design goodies.

Step 2

Select a Product

Explore the Catalog on our site and choose the perfect blanks for designs that reflect your company’s style. Offer items from branded tees to custom jackets at unbeatable prices and quality.

Step 3

Design It

Let your creative juices flow, and customize the products you love with your company’s logo or any unique design in our Mockup Generator.

Step 4

Set up a Pop-up Store and Publish Your Products

Easily set up your pop-up store. This awesome feature lets you quickly get your company store live and ready for happy faces.

Step 5

Share While We Do the Rest

Share your online store link with your employees. While you focus on design, we handle everything else, from printing and packaging to shipping to your employees.

Choose Products for Your Online Company Store That Fit

We’ve got you covered when picking the right products for your online company store. Whether it’s branded apparel with logos for team events or products for your clients, our selection is here to impress.

From comfy tees to practical totes, each item is ready to be customized with your unique logo or design. There’s something for everyone in your company, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Browse, select, personalize, and ship – it’s that simple.

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Why Create Your Own Online Company Store

Creating company stores is a strategic move to elevate brands, reward employees, and engage your clients in a unique way.

Choose Products for Your Online Company Store That Fit
Boost Brand Visibility

Boost Brand Visibility

Elevate your brand presence with a custom online company store, turning every piece of clothing into a showcase of your identity.

Seamless Access for Every Employee

Seamless Access for Every Employee

Perfect for businesses with multiple locations, it simplifies getting company swag for everyone, especially remote employees.

Streamline Store Management

Streamline Store Management

Efficiently manage and distribute a wide range of branded apparel and promotional products, all from one online store.

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Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Access quantity discounts and special offers for bulk orders unique to your company apparel store.

Engage Buiness Partners Directly

Engage Buiness Partners Directly

Your online company store serves as a direct channel for engaging clients and business partners, deepening relationships, and fostering brand loyalty.

More Than 2 Million Merchants Trust Printify

Join over two million successful entrepreneurs who have opened their online stores to reach their audience near and far with our help.

Planning a Big Order? Purchase in Bulk

Benefit from our large-order discounts on shipping for orders of over 60 products from the same Print Provider. Ideal for company events, employee rewards, or stocking up on company merchandise, our bulk order process is here for your convenience. 

Tap below for personalized assistance and to optimize the value of your order.

Planning a Big Order? Purchase in Bulk

Why Choose Printify

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

​​Unparalleled Product Range

With more than 900 high-quality products, Printify is home to an unmatched variety of apparel, accessories, and more for your business.

User-Friendly Customization

Easily add your logo and designs to custom products using our Mockup Generator, which is perfect for creating unique products and company swag for your team.

Global Print Provider Network

Offering worldwide shipping, our Print Providers guarantee unbeatable service, so your custom items are printed, shipped, and delivered straight to your clients or remote employees.

Excellent Merchant Support

Our dedicated Customer Support Team is available 24/7 to ensure the experience of managing online company stores is seamless and successful.

Risk-Free Business Model

Enjoy the freedom of creating, and shipping products without financial risk as you start your journey by launching your online company stores with no upfront costs.

Ready to Create Apparel for Your Small Business?


Creating a company apparel store is a streamlined way for employees to choose and obtain their gorgeous company merchandise. What’s so special about the Printify Pop-up Store?

  • Easy store setup. Quickly establish a pop-up store for employees and clients to conveniently choose merch by size and style.
  • Payment options. Employees typically use store discounts or gift cards the company provides, eliminating the need to pay from their own pockets.

Gift certificates and discounts allow flexibility. If the order of your employee exceeds the gift value, they pay the difference; if less, the company is charged only for the spent amount. This format ensures a hassle-free experience for selecting and obtaining company-branded apparel.

Definitely! We encourage ordering samples to assess the quality of prints and materials, which is crucial for matching your standards and guaranteeing employee satisfaction. Samples are not only useful for quality checks but also serve as practical means for promotional products and marketing.

Yes, the Mockup Generator is completely free and loaded with features. Access a free graphics library, an AI image generator, and a text editor, and add up to ten layers of designs to. Additionally, we have a Shutterstock integration, providing a vast range of creative options for your company apparel and swag.

With Printify, we never tell companies how to handle their business, so there’s no minimum or maximum order limit. Whether you’re creating merch for a special event or a couple of custom tees with logos as gifts for your team members, you can do so without any additional charges.

To ensure the highest quality prints, follow our design guide – use high-resolution designs and avoid small details to prevent any blurriness. Our Mockup Generator shows print file requirements, and while we offer an image enhancer, the initial quality of your artwork plays a crucial role. 

Proper attention to bleed and safe areas in your design is essential for comprehensive and professional-looking results. For more insights, visit our Help Center.

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