Chapter 5

How to Create Easy Print-On-Demand Kiss-Cut Stickers

Print on Demand Kiss Cut Stickers

A kiss cut method uses a light cut that defines the shape of the sticker without removing the rest of the background material, ensuring that any corners or outcroppings don’t get bent during storage and transportation.

See the following list for specifications on the buffer area before you make your own stickers. This will be automatically applied after upload, so there’s no need to worry about it during the design process.

Print on Demand Stickers - Sizes
  • For a 2×2 sticker – Kiss cut will be 20 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 3×3 sticker – Kiss cut will be 30 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 4×4 sticker – Kiss cut will be 40 px away from the edge of the image
  • For a 6×6 sticker – Kiss cut will be 50 px away from the edge of the image


If your design features a lot of tiny details that are far apart from each other, these will be cut out as separate objects which can cause difficulties when gluing onto a surface. Keep all the elements in the safe zone.

Stickers - Avoid Negative Spaces
Avoid Negative Spaces

Avoid a design with negative spaces in between to avoid kiss-cut limitation as the laser cannot get between the design.

White and Transparent Backgrounds Available

Kiss Cut Stickers with White Background
White Background

Kiss Cut Stickers with Transparent Background
Transparent Background

What Are the Best Designs for a Kiss Cut?

  • A clear-background kiss cut is perfect to make your design “float” over windows, car windshields, and other glass surfaces.
  • Highly artistic or experimental designs benefit from the added dimension of having direct control over the sticker shape.
  • Ideal when intended for use on specific surfaces or products—the sticker can be designed to fit seamlessly on any shape.
  • When combined with vibrant colors, an unusual shape can help draw the eye and increase visibility.

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