Chapter 1

Why Is Picking the Right Print on Demand Companies Crucial for Your Business?

Print On Demand Companies Picking The Right One

Print Provider Companies Are Not Built the Same.

Not all Printify print provider partners are the same. Depending on their printing techniques, in-house innovation, and technology, among other defining factors, one print provider may be entirely different from the other. 

Some print providers may also use different printer technology that requires printing methods or printing on different materials. Even when print providers use similar printers, print technology, or even be printed on the same garment, each print provider has their specific tests and post-production procedures. These things make them unique and achieve their desired color output and product.

Different Pricing and Print Areas per Print on Demand Company

Besides having differences in their production procedures and printing on different fabric options, print providers also have different print areas. This means that some print providers offer larger print areas or more print areas in general, which may include sleeve printing, product tag printing, and printing on both sides of the garment. 

Pricing is also a significant defining aspect of a print provider. You will notice that Printify’s print providers have different base prices and because they are located in different regions, their fulfillment prices vary from each other. This means that depending on where you plan to sell your products, the base price and shipping cost may be a factor to consider when choosing a print provider.

Different Fulfillment Costs per Print on Demand Company

Before selecting a print provider to work with, it is essential first to understand the options available to you. Start by familiarizing yourself with all Printify print providers on our website on the Print Provider page, and then you may want to view their websites. Another crucial step is identifying which print providers are in the locations closest to your customers, their base prices, and of course, it is wise to compare their shipping rates on the Shipping Rates page

Once you have clearly understood and identified which print providers are best suited for your business, you’ll be ready for your next step.

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